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  2. Gaia74

    What are you?

    a accident
  3. I keep waiting to play this but it's only one map missing (MAP30? one of the secret levels hopefully?) so I'm probably going to cave in after going through the Plutonia projects again (PL2, PRCP 1 and 2 [which I haven't played yet]) I've already played Revilution a year and five months ago.
  4. icgya MAP15 - UV-Fast in 5:06. icgya15f_506.zip
  5. Let me assure you you are as close to killing the first Archvile in TNT2 as any single soul was thirteen years ago.
  6. ViolentBeetle

    Share Your Sprites!

    They react weird to being shot mid-attack, which isn't a problem for the lost souls themselves, but it is a problem for someone ground-based.
  7. Gregor


    I think, the reason people are still interested in Veddge's identity and keep digging is because Veddge's disappearance after releasing MyHouse made it seem like his vanishing was part of an ARG experience, like the story hadn't ended yet and there was more to uncover. The reason why this didn't happen with House of Leaves was probably because Mark Z. Danielewski didn't just disappear from the face of the earth after publishing the book. He gave interviews, continued to write - it made it pretty clear to everybody where the story ended and reality began. Veddge on the other hand just vanished like a ghost - which is of course very much in line with the story of Steve Nelson, who the creator of the mod went to great lengths to identify themselves as to members of the forum. It makes sense that people feel like there's more to uncover then and that Veddge is still in character by going so thoroughly off the grit ever since the release of his masterpiece. I also like to remind everybody here that this very DW thread was leading the investigation into the identity of Veddge back in April, going through all the usual suspects on the forum, checking people off the list one by one and without anybody having a problem with it UNTIL Veddge sent a DM to NotJabba asking him to back off. That's when the search was called off and only then. And again, even there the author made sure not reach out through the Veddge account, so as not to spoil the illusion that Steve Nelson had stopped existing the same day MyHouse was released on March 3rd. What I'm trying to say is that whoever created this mod put a lot of effort into constructing and supporting the meta story line between the account name Veddge and the protagonist of the journal, Steve Nelson. They are meant to appear as one and the same person - very much like in an Alternate Reality Game. So I can completely understand why so many people would think MyHouse is an ARG and, consequently, are trying to solve all it's mysteries, including the identity of its mysterious, ghost-like author.
  8. Lila Feuer

    I tried TempleOS...

    It makes me so sad what had happened to him, he was truly a unique and gifted person but the yin to his yang was being afflicted with a terrible illness.
  9. Catpho

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom 2 In Spain Only

    MAP20 - “¡Te Tengo Ahora!” by Tarnsman Really love the greeting, where Doomguy is a caged animal taking all kinds of abuse while doing an elaborate switch dance sequence. By sheer force of contrast to the resolute small scale but elaborate torment of the previous levels, "Gotcha (esp)" gives the climax to Madrid via a slaughter-lite monster herding map. Simple compared to any actual slaughter or slaughter-adjacent mapset, but not ineffective, as I think the two main infighting exercises are great & relaxing tests of reading group dynamic patterns and footwork. Ironically, the most bastard encounter in the map does not involve slaughter, being the blind drop into a total exposure monster prison, where rev rockets and hitscan cook up a nasty crossfire while the"prison bars" (read: force barriers) conveniently gate movement. MAP21 - “Estado Transcendente” by Tarnsman There's maps in D2ISO that are basically serious besides the jokey coat of paint that defines their flavor (04, 11, 15, 19), or ones that mix an outlandish hook with serious mapping (03, 13, 14, 17, 18). Then there's levels like "Estado Transcendente": an all around jokemap that somehow feels just a little bit bigger than its punchline. Here, joke and substance are inseparable. "Estado" starts out promising a customary slot 21 berserk trouble, perhaps the first interpretation of the spanish title, before violently jump cutting to a ludicrous slaughtermap, signaled by the map's motif of overkill powerup refills. In fact, overkill is a good way to describe the map's combat content — at first glance the situations look even more unfair and overwhelming compared to the gotcha (esp) of 20. Actually fighting reveals the balance to be skewed wildly at the player's direction, showered with a comical amount of help and rendering every fight a massively one-sided massacre. So, once again, a state of "Transcendente". The joke is really fun on paper, but the true punchline of the level is that the joke works because the massacre is well timed and well staged. It's legit a fun map to play, with the encounters, curb stomp battles they may be, being nicely varied in composition and rhythm, and never lasting long enough to wear the joke out. The flavor of the actual gameplay is really bubbly and airheaded, but its commitment to make sure this utterly ridiculous map idea goes down with the efficiency of a serious map makes it a fantastic piece of whimsy in a whimsical megawad.
  10. act

    I tried TempleOS...

    I know it's uncalled for to comment this, but uh, I may or may not be currently be experiencing the side effects due to the consumption of a certain species in the genus Hymenogastraceae and it makes me very happy to see so many people brought together by what some call "The Work of a Genius Madman." Warms my heart, really.
  11. Mr. Freeze

    I tried TempleOS...

    ok but this shit slaps
  12. Today
  13. CrazedCleric

    [Community Project] VANITY

    Definitely pre-alpha, but I'm picking up what you're putting down here. I like the small bit of parkour in the slime room and the megasphere secret felt nice to stumble upon. The chaingunner ambush got me good. The color game is on point but some more detailing would be nice. The regular door at the start could be better telegraphed. There are a couple errors to note (besides visual bugs): First, you appear to be using switch line specials (S1/SR) for your doors. These don't work unless you specify a line and sector tag, though you should be using door specials (D1/DR) for doors. If you test in GZDoom, the engine will fix this on the fly and make the doors function as normal (even on strict compat). Be sure to give your map a once-over in prBoom or similar to make sure all the triggers work. Second, I noticed you can get stuck behind the starting area's crate container (pictured below): PS: The midi choice be rockin'
  14. Sirius104x

    Best map pack(s) since Eviternity?

    I will definitely need to find the time to try out a lot of these recommendations people posted here, over the next months. A lot of them seem like they would be fantastic. Of the ones mentioned, I happened to play Overboard somewhat recently and liked it. It was short, fun, very different level style and theme from the norm. Id recommend it although I wouldn't say it was map of the year or anything. I also tried Dust Devil which was a short one (2 maps) but again very interesting visually and different. It uses all of the new tricks ZDoom has to offer and very well. Such as angled surfaces, layer-over-layer geometry (enemies on balconies above you etc), special effects like dust/fog in an area, light sources such as TVs casting light onto the floor in front of them, vertical bouncing pads, swimming underwater or under slime. Very cool stuff. This was more like playing Duke 3D engine compared to Doom. I'd recommend it just to see what Doom is capable of these days if you're making maps that require advanced source ports. Also I've played Ashes 2063 and Afterglow about a year ago. I didn't realize these were simply Doom mods. I thought they were an entire game/project all on their own, and free for some reason. These I would say are a project on another level compared to simply map packs or mods for Doom. These could be honestly retail games if they chose to sell them. It's really like its own entirely created game with the world they created. If these two are part of the Cacowards or considered applicable as winning map packs, at least one of them should be the winner of its year. Seriously. For example Afterglow came out in 2021. I just didn't think of these as Doom map packs, I thought of them as entire games on their own hence why it didn't occur to me to mention them here. Oh and look, I just looked it up and Afterglow indeed did win a 2021 Cacoward. Well there's my answer at least for best wad of 2021 being that. And 2018 when the original came out could be mod of the year for 2018 in my book.
  15. Congrats Zari and thank for contributing to this project with your first map ever! I had a lot of fun playing that one, and was blown away by some of the other submissions! A huge set comprised of an eclectic bunch of maps. From the insides of castles to outdoor forests, from golden temple boss fights to broody, darker maps: I kept being happily surprised by the variety in this set, as well as laughing out loud at some of the absolutely bonkers fights in a handful of the maps!
  16. icgya MAP14 - UV-Fast in 1:03. icgya14f_103.zip
  17. Caffeine Freak

    I tried TempleOS...

    Yeah, Terry Davis is one example of just how badly mental illness can screw you over, no matter how much of a genius you may be. But you don't have to listen to him very long to know he had an extremely unique mind. Yep, prepare for a fascinatingly tragic tale if you choose to watch this. Also relevant is Fireship's (great as per usual) synopsis of TempleOS. Great quote from Terry himself:
  18. Hmm, not 1:1 what you're looking for but you may be interested in Dissident: Frostland Escape where you're being hunted be soviet coded goons, though it's less horror and more survival (more The Long Dark then This War of Mine). It's not out yet though.
  19. Zulk RS

    If you went inside the last doom mod you played how screwed are you

    You know what. I feel like if anyone in this thread wanted to get a close approximation of how screwed we'd actually be if we were in the wad last played, it would be loading said wad up with Hideous Destructor.
  20. Biodegradable

    I tried TempleOS...

    Before his schizophrenica truly engulfed his mind, that's all Terry Davis really wanted anyone to be able to do with his software: to have fun programming stuff. I'm sure he would've been glad to hear it.
  21. Lila Feuer

    What are you playing now?

    Got past MAP08: Metal, ducked in an alcove after getting the blursphere so I wouldn't somehow still get destroyed by hitscanners and just hightailed it to the big ugly room with all the caged imps. By far the hardest start of this TNT run so far. In other news just started my second playthrough of Plutonia 2 but through my newfound love Nugget Doom to obtain juicy screenshots.
  22. 4shockblast

    Perdition's Gate demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 30 Tyson in 6:26. Hey, hey, another full Tyson table. 😎 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi2T0nuL_qM pg30t626.zip
  23. Kinetic

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    when mhrz gets 48, I'll at least have the demo where I turn on the lights, I think he plays with a non-zero gamma
  24. Can't wait to go hard on Heretic releases, I've somehow beaten the original game a gorillion times but played very little PWADs. Full game replacements or damn near full are a rare sight indeed, shots look great.
  25. This is an instance of me getting an idea for something that I'm not particularly interested (certainly not motivated) to work on, but I thought the idea itself was cool enough to share. And hey, who knows what the future may hold, so why not write it down. The basic idea I had in mind was that this would be a horror game that forgoes the common trope of there being a supernatural or sci-fi element to create monsters and drive the scares. No, the game would be designed to feel like a mostly plausible scenario. You're just some random civilian with minimal knowledge of firearms and no combat training, and for some reason or another, there is a bunch of armed soldiers in the building trying to kill you. Yeah I haven't really thought too much on what the context of this would be... I don't know if they're hunting you specifically or just anyone in the area, I also don't know if this would be a real government entity or some private entity. So for now I'll just call them the "Goon Squad". Anyway, the structure I had in mind was that it would be laid out somewhat like a classic Resident Evil game, where you'd have to traverse back and fourth through an interconnected structure solving puzzles and trying to survive. And the gameplay would be a first person shooter with very light milsim elements. And I do mean light, like mainly stuff related to bullets being wasted if you reload to early, having to hold still and wait for a second while you bandage yourself, that sort of thing. Just enough to make you feel sufficiently de-powered. Furthermore, I think the thing about this concept that intrigues me the most is that the people you're fighting aren't just mindless zombies. The Goon Squad would (hopefully) be fairly intelligent and act like a coordinated group of soldiers. Meaning they'd scan areas looking for movement, they'd radio in backup if you're spotted, and even if they don't get the opportunity... if you get in a fight with them and the bullets start flying, people are gonna know. If you fire off a shot and kill a soldier, everyone in your quarter of the building is going to be like "What the fuck was that?" and immediately run to your position. So if you're forced to get in a gunfight, you will likely have to either try and hide somewhere, get the hell outta dodge, or maybe try and find a vantage point where you can pick off anyone who comes in. Although if you do that last thing too much, then when new members of the Goon Squad are sent in, they'll start throwing flashbangs into a room before investigating. And maybe as you get closer towards the end of the game, we can slowly give the player a certain degree of empowerment. Like reloading is a little faster, your character is able to keep the gun more steady while aiming down the sights, maybe you found a silencer for your pistol, that sort of thing. I should also mention that aesthetically, we'd still be going for a distinctly "horror" atmosphere. Not using sci-fi monsters or ghosts or whatever doesn't prevent us from using some creepy lighting and chilling sound designs. Also I do like the idea of giving the Goon Squad that "illuminated gas mask" look, sort of like the HECU have in Half-Life, and the Helgast troops in the Killzone series. I can definitely get down with the idea of giving them uniforms that have a subtle alien look to them, just as long as they clearly behave like human soldiers. I suppose the one major issue I see with this idea is just that it would be too difficult, and I can see two possible ways to remedy that- 1: You make actually encountering a soldier a rare occurrence for a large chunk of the game. So the soldiers would usually just be in a group of 2 or 3, and there'd only ever be like 4 or 5 groups in the building at any given time. Or 2: Widen the map up significantly so you can give soldiers a wide birth. You would have to stealth through areas in a manner closer to something like Far Cry. Now maybe a game like this does exist and I'm just not aware of it, but I don't think I've ever seen a game come close to this. I mean already, the idea of a game structured like Resident Evil but with exclusively human enemies is not something I've ever heard of, let alone one where the AI is designed to respond in a way actual soldiers would. The only game I've heard of that seems to even be in the ball park conceptually is... This War of Mine...? Which is a 2D survival game. But from what I understand, that's mainly meant to be a commentary on what being in a warzone does to civilians and their families... and with the premise I just outlined, you definitely could go in that direction thematically, but that's not really what made me think this was such a cool concept. I mostly just like the idea of creating horror simply by being outnumbered and outgunned, all while using enemies that aren't something we'd typically call "creepy". Let me know if you've heard of a game that's done something like this, I definitely think this idea has potential and it'd be really cool if someone's already done it.
  26. Captain red pants

    I tried TempleOS...

    It's a fascinating bit of internet lore
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