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  2. Bridgeburner56

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    ammo = some please ... now
  3. Yandere_Doomer

    I have returned

    I am back on doomworld! The reason for my absence was... I just played too much doom, and the demons got upset and they kidnapped me. Haha, no. The real reason is that I fucked up and got grounded, heh. And the yandere crap is a big part in it, so please call me Deathclaw886.
  4. Hello Dunn, just seeing how you are doing.  I am back doomworld!


  5. Decay

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    Bad tics bully for @Maribo but Map01 Pacifist in 0:26.06. Wouldn't post a "by-tics" demo but I never want to play this map ever again. gd01p026.zip
  6. doomjoshuaboy

    [Zandronum] Down Under: Dwango 5 Deathmatch Event

    we did it guys 15 players came and lasted like an hour and 30 mins. So thanks everyone for coming by.
  7. Peeking his head out from a sector
  8. Nefelibeta

    Doom Streams

    Nice stream. Hopefully I didn't cause a mental breakdown. lol
  9. N2Roficial

    Post a picture...that you took

    Is that all you got? Morocha and Bishop
  10. Now we're just waiting for Final Doom From Memory (FDFM).
  11. N2Roficial

    FreeDoom on the Nintendo GBA

    Looks really nice!! I love freedoom 1 and 2
  12. TJG1289

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SKULLTIVERSE

    GZDoom/Blind/UV/Continuous/Saves Map 17 - Marble Madness - WeirdSandwich 100% kills and secrets Time: 14:13 Deaths: 5 Marble Madness, aka "Haha, Fuck You In Particular". This is basically Tricks and Traps but actually tricky and trapy. As rd said above, this is a giant troll of a level, but each troll has a uniqueness that doesn't repeat or overstay its welcome. The cybie closet appearing 3 times was a good one, since I was expecting to have to take it out sometime later when I first encountered it, then nearly pooped my pants when a wall opened up in the maze and the same cybie from before was now facing me. I was expecting it the final time, but it still got me. In fact, all 5 of my deaths were cybie-related. First 2 were from the final encounter with the initial cybie, and the last 3 were from the 2nd one with the added pinkies. Very good usage of cybies in this map. The map's troll nature will make you think everything is going to screw you over. It does, but its level of screwing you over is different. Doing platforming over lava I thought was going to produce a giant fight, but instead the yellow skull platform just lowered, allowing for a quick hotfoot through the lava to a lift. Similarly, there's a empty room behind one of the key doors, that has a path on the floor in a slightly different color. I followed it, only for the floor to lower into lava, but revealing a lift on the other side anyway. Not really bad. Honestly, most of the trolls are pretty mild, but the actual encounters can be tricky. There's the one just before finally dealing with the initial cybie that's a 3 wave party. Each wave adds an archie to the party. First 2 are one opposite ledges, while the third is on ground floor. Add the other monsters into the mix, and it's tough to not get blasted. A nice touch to this is the pillars in the room also get skinnier with each wave, making it harder to avoid archie blasts. Very clever! This is a really enjoyable level, mainly due to its mischievous nature. The Master Levels MIDI pack pick is very fitting for this troll of a level, but it does get old quickly.
  13. N2Roficial

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I miss terminator 2
  14. I am back everyone! I fucked up and did something I really should not have. So I got off the internet. My internet is still having issues but you'll see more of me. Also, please refer to me as Deathclaw886 from here on out, I can't change my name yet.

    I am ashamed and cringe at my weird yandere phase.

  15. Spacebulb

    Doom v1.1 Registered CD version

    very nice, thanks for the info - good to know - but i'm not thinking i'll ever find one, i'd be happy with a floppy set in box, thanks again for your input - this forum is really a great resource and very helpful and friendly people on here, thanks again!
  16. mhrz

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    refuse E1M1 UV-Speed in 2:23 refu-223.zip
  17. Today
  18. BiZ

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Lunatic MAP01 UV-Fast in 3:10 MAP02 UV-Fast in 4:32 MAP03 UV-Fast in 9:28 MAP04 UV-Fast in 9:27 MAP05 UV-Fast in 5:28 lu01f310.zip lu02f432.zip lu03f928.zip lu04f927.zip lu05f528.zip Table fill for this awesome wad.
  19. BaileyTW

    Random Image Thread

  20. The BMFG

    Random Image Thread

  21. Jark

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Greetings folks once more, I'm afraid to say I lost my oomph as it were with this map, I have something which with wad compressor could be finished within the limit certainly and what I have is currently about 50%-60% of a map. No music track was chosen however, I did find a name pretty immediately which is: Rigged. As you can probably deduce this is an oil rig map involving entering a rig and fighting atop it (via silent teleports), this was aimed to be Map10 (Free Theme) as it would be thematically appropriate to blow up the rig and die in the process as a death exit - please note this mechanism is not implemented and doesn't have to be a death exit. I realise of course I cannot submit an unfinished product, I do so in case someone decides they can do a splendid job which I could not finish. Perhaps even an extra secret map 33? Please do not feel obligated to do the above just because I mentioned it or that little effort has been made on this map already, I'm absolutely fine with the map being scrapped if needs be. Download for incomplete map, Rigged (use project resources with): RIGGED004.zip Screenshot:
  22. I'd like to join, time to make trash in .wad form.
  23. Bdubzzz

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    ksutra Map 09 UV-Respawn in 2:31. ks09r231.zip
  24. mhrz

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    This run was missed :p wadpak4 E1M5 NM-Speed in 2:11 wp415n211.zip
  25. Agent Slacker

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Go on and save yourself, take it out on me
  26. lokbustam257

    NaNoWADMo 2021 - The month-long mapping challenge! (starts October 1)

    sign me up, I've got some ideas
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