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  2. Silhouette 03

    Large red X in texture set

    Understandable. I'll send you a DM. Thanks for taking the time to help me, and please don't feel the need to rush. I still have lots of time before the deadline for the map submission :)
  3. It seems like nearly every music video I look at on Youtube, if I make the mistake of veering south of the equator, down below into ye old comments section, there's usually a couple predictable kinds of comments: 1) The Fanboy -- OMG ____ is such a great group! Best thing ever! (Wow, fans are watching this video, who'd have thought that?! I would've guessed haters would flock to music they dislike). 2) The Nostalgic Old Timer -- Hey! I was there! Yep, back in 1606 I was there for the original live performance of Macbeth, killer set list that night. and finally, the kind that makes me cringe every time 3) The "I'm a Kid and I Still Think This is Good," and, by corollary, the "Still Good XYZ Years Later!" In the case of the former, shut the fuck up okay, nobody thinks you're special, you just look like a jackass. You have a taste in music. That is all that matters. Nobody gives a fuck what age you are. In the case of the latter, what were you expecting? Music doesn't depreciate in value over time, the way automobiles, computers, or basic decency in American politics do. It's still going to be the same exact song 100 years from now; 10,000 years from now; a quintillion years from now, provided we can still listen to music then. So why on earth would you expect people's opinion of a masterpiece to be different today? Is there going to be a date on the calendar when we collectively wake up from artistic slumber and suddenly all think Stairway to Heaven is hot garbage? Music just gets more exposure over time, and if anything, it is a lot easier now to find more obscure, underrated bands and works that never got radio airplay or topped charts in their day, and people may rate those works more highly now. The great irony of course, is if a song really did become super dated and forgotten...you wouldn't be there commenting about it in the first place. --------------------- My mini-rant over. Are there any kinds of predictable comment-tropes you find online that make you cringe? Share below.
  4. Kappes Buur

    Large red X in texture set

    It's now early morning here (2:30 am), I will be up again, after some sleep, in a few hours. As I mentioned, I don't mind which method you want to use, either public post or private message. Whatever you feel more comfortable with.
  5. Hi! Anyone knows how to fix the linedef issues in maps 20 and 23? I can't play them, the game doesn't allow me to do so (Skulltag). Any file I can download? Thanks! Awesome wad so far.
  6. retrogamer97

    Mods with explosive hitscan weapons?

    Anyone knows a mod or 2 where the player has an explosive hitscan weapon? Im looking for a reference.
  7. retrogamer97

    Help with Decorate

    I fixed it, thank you so much.
  8. roadworx

    Have the past few years been the best ever for WADS?

    oh yeah, definitely. with the obvious exception of 2021, the size of the community as well as the volume of incredibly high-quality content hasn't really been matched before. i feel that, rn, we're in a sort of peak of community output; however, that doesn't mean that there will be a decline. while all peaks do inevitably go back down, these past few years have been more of a statistical anomaly due to the pandemic than natural growth, and thus it will be more of a correction than a genuine decline. eventually, community output will transition back to a level that, while almost certainly higher than it was pre-covid, is more representative of how it typically is at the current size of the community, and return to the natural peaks and valleys of community activity
  9. IcarusOfDaggers

    NU-EASYSHIT - A WAD remake of troll maps

    I agree here. Let us not. As for the map, since it's oxy troll level, on the list. Your maps have a reputation for difficult and I'm a noob, so down the line. That said, I love the screenshots
  10. Thanks. Any mods that mess with the monster behaviour are liable to break things, because i use monsters to trigger a lot of stuff. Brutal doom appears to break this map because there are imps outside the map who are normally prevented from activating a trigger by a gap in the floor, and brutal doom allows them to cross this gap it seems.
  11. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Death Exit - Map02, 03, and 04 Live!

    Nice set so far. I recorded my playthrough of map 04. I missed the RL secret :(
  12. Fans of Electric Wizard be advised, I'll be using the midi rendition of Dunwich from the album Witchcult Today for level 4 :D
  13. Sonikkumania

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Still on 4th and final level of my mod and mapset 8) still have to work around secret area, add some teleportations.. Lots to do but it's glad to see progress (Y) Screencaps from level 4:
  14. BUMP! Still on 4th and final level of my mod and mapset 8) still have to work around secret area, add some teleportations.. Lots to do but it's glad to see progress (Y) Screencaps from level 4:
  15. Guest_129432

    Cubic Center of Controlled Chaos

    oh ok
  16. Oh wow. This is what bumped the thread? The items that are on offer in Eternal are in no way “MicroTransactions” Go and take a look at Roblox and Fortnite and COD and FIFA and…….
  17. Geqoph

    Halloween themed monsters

    I'm looking for any mods that give monsters costumes, make them into zombies, or anything halloween related. Either i suck at google searching, or there aren't any. Thanks.
  18. Eurisko

    The 7:17 theory….

    I have seen this mentioned throughout a few “Doom Tuber” channels. It’s regarding the end message in TAG 2. Which is this: Some are stating the 7:17 is a hidden clue to the release date of the next Doom game as 7+17 is 24…..as in 2024. I honestly think folks are seeing things that are not there, and this theory is utter pish as that EXACT Corrax entry was used in Doom (2016). Curious to see what anyone else’s take on this is.
  19. I already stumbled on Alain.wad, I really like to name your map with your real name. Month 12 Day 16 I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I died/stopped. [1] GAK1.WAD by GAK (1995) Pure garbage stuff where randomly textured rooms are linked with large featureless tunnels filled with harmless nukage. Gaz contains some cheesy sounds and I like the one when doomguy takes damage. It's a feminine voice who says "Internal damage" as if the doomguy wears a hi-tech suit as Gordon Freeman does. [2] TiC's WAD Reviews #1-#20 by The Innocent Crew (1995) It's an unique file I got during month 03 day 01. I played some of wads they reviewed but from what I read, their comments tend to be too laconic and the lack of screenshots don't help imagining how the wads could look like. [3] THEME17 for DCK v1.3 -- DCK.TS file by Ian Merrithew (1995) Totaly useless. [4] I See You by Doug Carrigan (1995) A sewers-themed deathmatch map I already visited during Month 9 day 31, I don't want to see you anymore. [5] Hit it! Shoot it! Saw it! FRAG IT! by Michiel Rutting (1995) A monotextured brown base which doesn't look so bad thanks to some incorporated architecture elements. You can recognize the triangular staircase from Doom map 01 for instance. I also like the curvy ones located indoors. You can explore nukage-filled canals in the lower parts of the map because liquid doesn't deal damage. [6] RunDown.WAD by Stewart Presley (1994) A strangely to not say uglily built mansion populated by 29 monsters and haunted by lots of lost souls. The authors used strange materials : the outdoor walls are made of brown rocks , while the indoors have crampy wooden corridors and rooms made of bricks. It's not the kind of house I want to live in. About the gameplay, I strongly advice you to enter in the building as soon as possible because most of the supplies are stored inside. If you try to kill the enemies located at outdoors first, you're likely to waste your ammo and not be able to defeat the teleporting lost souls. Not a sensational map , but I always enjoy "myhouse" kind of wads. Also, Rundown is both designed for deathmatch and singleplayer mode. Grade : C (From a singleplayer perspective) [7] DETHMZE2.WAD BY Brian Jackey (1994) It's quite impressing how 90's mappers managed to write a story on a bland map which consists of a flat maze made of bricks. Despite being designed for deathmatch, DETHMZE2 can be played in singleplayer mode. Indeed, your mission is to penetrate a huge mazy dungeon populated by demons and a cyber which guards the blue key. He's stuck in its room and therefore he can't chase you. It's disappointing, it could have been a good cat and mouse scenario. This map doesn't pose any problem if you keep your ammo for the cyberdemon, otherwise you'll have to bypass him and it's easier said than done. Grade : C- I stop here for today.
  20. retrogamer97

    Help with Decorate

    Im sorry thats an old comment I probably should have deleted long ago.
  21. xScavengerWolfx

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Hope a video is fine to show off my up coming Doom 1 i'm working on called Abandon. The video will explain it more and it's more of a sneak peek of what to come. There is no time limit when it will be fully done but i will make a playable demo soon. But with that said here's a sneak peek at my first ever attempt at a Doom 1 mapping called Abandon. Note: At the time i spelled it wrong since google spelled it Adbandon and not Abandon so please don't point that out, i already know of the mistake....I'm too lazy to fix it lol.
  22. Today
  23. Kan3

    Help with Decorate

    Well, I think you just need to add the WRF_ALLOWRELOAD flag to A_WeaponReady, so that it will automatically go to the Reload state when you press R (or whatever you use) and of course swap the frames between your current AltFire state and Reload state. What you mean with this though? And what's with this instead?
  24. He looks so ashamed.
  25. Kinsie

    Most influential ZDoom maps?

    I feel like Shadows of the Nightmare Realm may have been the start of the current dynamic-coloured-lighting-centric trend you see in a lot of modern GZDoom maps like those of the Hellforge folks. There might be earlier, though.
  26. Hitman

    So, how old are you ?

    28 years old
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