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  2. Jaws In Space

    TNT 2: Devilution (Clean thread, new updates)

    After spending about 10 minutes in GZDoomBuilder using the Find & Replace mode. I can say that the texture SLADRIP1 appears a grand total of 9 times across maps 8, 11, 19, & 20. Of those 9 instances the sawblade portion appears 0 times.
  3. CorzaX24

    [WIP] Portals of Doom

    Update 0.1 - The entire map has seen some details added and some areas have had slight layout modifications. - New weapons have been implemented (overriding all of the default Doom ones). - Some new monsters have been added (Previously they were the default Doom monsters). Still more to be added. - A couple new areas have had the basic layout created. - Some bugs/glitches have been fixed. - Some texture alignments have been corrected. On a side note, when this goes to an official WIP (Because I have to finalize my 'story' on which the game is based upon first), I will provide more detailed examples of the above and future updates through images and a short demo playthrough. Below are some examples of the details/changes throughout the map. Thanks, CorzaX24
  4. Cloud

    Basic Crispy Doom questions

    crispy is compatible wid my cfg in choc rite? what file do i move from choc and where do i put it in crispy? can i just set the mouse speeds etc, in the crispy setup menu the same as i had it in choc too? thanks awesome ports
  5. GrumpyCat

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Splendid! I think there is a way to save several seconds on map30. It's possible to take yellow key in one go. First, av jump on the button that lowers the key pillar from this position: Then press button and rocket jump back to the key.
  6. Dimon12321

    Freedoom 0.12.0 is released!

    Oh, thank you for answering me! I posted an issue on github back in 2015, so I was wondering what has changed so far.
  7. Today
  8. Edward850

    Doom Eternal Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Trailer

    You can draw more conclusions than that. Seed came up with another, that's at least two conclusions thus far, that's more than one. Also, given you seem to be weirdly insistent on your mind set (an especially weird one given you haven't even stated why they'd release the game censored), are you prepared to Toxx yourself on your conclusion?
  9. Nevander

    Doom Eternal Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Trailer

    Well, given the fact that we know the censored version has green blood, it's the only conclusion to draw without a source proving otherwise.
  10. Is there a way to export a map to UDMF format and still have line specials(doors opening, elevators, crushers)function as normal?
  11. jazzmaster9

    How about a top ten worst FPS?

    Aside from Daikatana this sounds more like top Over hyped games, since non of these can be considered as objectively Bad Especially Bioshock Infinite. EDIT: whoops didnt realize this thread is old, but my point still stands tho
  12. Cloud

    Basic Crispy Doom questions

    curious whats the point of building it yourself when you can jus dl it yourself? advantages? i didnt see that i thought i needed to build it; the way things were organised or described on the webpages are very clearly not specific enuf or simple, maybe even misleading and i didnt know that. whats an IWAD? i assume put doom.wad in the crispy folder, then -file doom2.wad (in target when you right click, or cmd prompt). where do u put doom2.wad? thanks
  13. If I wanted to try making maps or weapons in Build, would it be similar to Doom? Do you also create maps by making sectors and changing ceiling/floor heights? In general, how much more complex is Build and would someone with relatively OK knowledge of Doom modding get into Build easy?
  14. I remember that error, is a problem of the code, you can send us the code to take a look and help you? :P
  15. Gaia74

    Adding Custom Weapon

    you used slade 3 to add the weapon to the map wad?, if not, it is as if the weapon did not exist I would also delete the line //Pump-Action Shotgun This is correct, use this in the name actor: actor PumpActionShotgun : Shotgun 15000 if it does not work despite everything I think it would be very useful if you could send the wad :P
  16. Doomsdλy1993

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Thank you very much! I was a bit worried about this map being too small so I improve that if you want. For some reason there is a problem in software renders where the sky turns into a hall of mirrors also in your first run the shotguns got crushed by the door. :) Thanks anyway!
  17. Doomkid

    Doom Eternal Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Trailer

    lol I’m with Gez on the throwback shotgun, it’s not a throwback to any gun I’m familiar with. This looks like great content overall though, I’m really looking forward to using classic sounds and switching the Doom64 blood between green and red would be a neat touch!
  18. Gaia74

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    x2 i want that mech!
  19. Chezza

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I will forever associate this dragonball pic with someone who wants to boost their post count.
  20. Bucket

    Postal 4: No Regerts

    Good trailer ruined by angsty butt rock. Maybe get Mark Mothersbaugh to do the soundtrack.
  21. Szuran

    Is Doom 3 the most underrated entry?

    D3 is still very much alive in memory, has new re-released, and is remembered as a technical masterpiece, so is it underrated? I'd say it's getting more appreciated with time, and to the point of being overrated. It's because the only area in which it is not praised is gameplay, and frankly, what's there to praise? Yes, it's a long game that took tons of effort to make, it's brilliant tech-wise, but that doesn't make it fun. Weapons are weak, levels are repetitive and usually with no room to explore, combat situations are nothing really special because they don't mix enemies, that's curious about it. You don't have a zombieguy, a pinky and two cacos in one room, it's always: now you fight up to 3 zombieguys, now one revenant, now one imp... The fact these are series of small encounters instead of big and complex situations makes the game feel boring, you don't have to find new ways of winning, simply choose one of the tactics that worked 100x before. Anyway, Doom 3 isn't underrated, surprisingly. It's seen exactly as what it is - a stunningly beautiful slightly-above-mediocre game.
  22. Necron 99

    Dehacked Doom 64 v1.1

    I really like this! Especially since this is mostly vanilla compatible. Couple things I noticed though, the pistol has no muzzle flash, and the shotguns both have muzzle flashes that seem to be offset too low on the gun. Other than that, seems to be going great so far!
  23. Szuran

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I used to work in a Salvation Army Care Home for a year with the average age of residents being 93. I have crazy stories from there, what people with dementia can do. Still, it was the only job I did that meant something and it was quite satisfying. Now I am very aware that 100% of the people who I assisted are dead, including that one super cool 101 y.o. man who took the effort to learn how to thank me in my native language when I as leaving. Good times. Full of diaper changing, but cool.
  24. Pegg

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    They only seem good if you have the apathy of a serial killer. Which is a really bad trait so time to tell eugenics the bad news!
  25. RonnieJamesDiner

    Haiku poetry

    Now I wait for Spring, November was a falsehood, My Eternal grief.
  26. Edward850

    Doom Eternal Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Trailer

    Jumping on other people about drawing unsourced conclusions when you yourself are drawing unsourced conclusions is a really odd thing to do, no?
  27. rampancy

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    the eugenics thing reminds me of the custom mutated mosquitos which were released in south america to combat disease. sounded like a great idea until it turned out to be just as much, if not more of a problem. point is, we do not have the knowledge to play god successfully, and trying to figure it out could very well kill us. maybe this makes me a luddite but id posit theres nothing wrong with a little humility.
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