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  2. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong board for this topic; if so, then I politely request for a mod to move it to the appropriate board. Thanks. As a fan of Doom's legacy, there have been various ports to various game consoles for quite some time, and most of these console ports have unique and/or exclusive content. Out of curiosity, would there happen to be Vanilla-compatible versions of most of the levels that were released for the console versions of Doom? If not outright vanilla-compatible versions, are there at least limit-removing versions? Most of the time, total conversions that include these maps as well as other data that cannot be used on plain vanilla or limit-removing source ports and are also most of the time in UDMF format, thus not allowing for use on source ports such as PrBoom+ and Chocolate/Crispy Doom. The levels themselves are vanilla compatible, excluding the console-specific features of course, such as colored lighting in the Sony PlayStation version, yet these features are not part of my goal/scope; just the levels themselves are, in playable form for vanilla-compatible/limit-removing source ports. This includes most of, but not limited to: The scaled-down console versions of levels from the PC version present in most of the console versions (Atari Jaguar, Sega 32X, 3DO, Sony PlayStation/Sega Saturn, Game Boy Advance) The levels Tower of Babel and Hell Keep exclusive to the Atari Jaguar, 3DO, and Game Boy Advance ports. The exclusive levels present in both the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn ports (Twilight Descends, Redemption Denied, Club Doom, etc.) as well as the scaled-down console versions of levels from the PC version that are unique to these ports (such as Hangar, originally E1M1, with a chaingunner and pain elemental present in the level). The two exclusive levels from Xbox Doom, E1M10: Sewers and MAP33: Betray. (Could already be vanilla-compatible as-is; have not verified yet) The eight multiplayer deathmatch levels exclusive to the Game Boy Advance port. DM1 is one of the eight for an example. The No Rest for the Living expansion episode present on modern console ports (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Doom 3 BFG Edition Classic Doom, etc.) (Could already be vanilla-compatible as-is; have not verified yet) If the levels themselves are not allowed to be redistributed into WADs (I don't see why not, as the levels themselves are already apart of some mods/total conversions, listed below), then what would be the path to go down to manually convert each level into vanilla/limit-removing format? There could be a tremendous amount to cover, but I am willing to put in the work for the sake of vanilla/limit-removing compatibility. I know of some WADs by various authors that have the level data inside them that can be refactored into vanilla/compatible/limit-removing formatted levels. Some of these WADs may already be compatible, but I have yet to test all of these personally. Below is a list of what I know: Console Doom by Kaiser - Contains a majority of the scaled-down console versions of levels from the PC version present from the Sony PlayStation/Sega Saturn ports, as well as some Doom 64 levels. Even has the console-exclusive sound effects and an accompanying music WAD to go with it as well. Jaguar Doom Conversion by Dragonsbrethren - Vanilla-compatible total conversion that contains the Atari Jaguar versions of levels; the link to the WAD is dead, but I have it saved and can redistribute if necessary. GBA Doom TC by GFD - Total conversion of the Game Boy Advance port of Doom for ZDoom-based source ports; includes the scaled-down console versions of the levels as well as the eight exclusive multiplayer deathmatch levels, but all levels are in UDMF format. GBA Deathmatch Levels by MP2E - Contains the eight exclusive multiplayer deathmatch levels from the Game Boy Advance port, but the levels are labelled for Doom 2. Claims to be vanilla-compatible, but I have yet to verify personally. A user posted a review exclaiming an "unknown thing" error for the fourth level. 32X Doom TC for GZDoom by CoTeCiO - Total conversion of the Sega 32X port of Doom for GZDoom; contains the appropriate Sega 32X "episode" of levels. If there are any more that I possibly missed, please post below and I'll update the list. Also, if anyone wants to collaborate in an attempt to make vanilla-compatible/limit-removing versions of all of these levels, I would be more than willing to put in the effort necessary to make this happen. Hopefully as time goes on, I am wanting to turn this topic from a question topic into a resource topic for others to reference to for vanilla-compatible/limit-removing versions of the console version levels. This topic may seem a bit redundant, but most of my Doom gaming experience is as plain as it can get, with limit-removing and vanilla-compatible source ports being my preferred way to play Doom (Crispy Doom is an excellent blend of both).
  3. OpenGL is wrong choice for vanilla experience. Sure, you can disable filter for textures and sprites, but everything will still look dead and flat without fake contrast. Also OpenGL have poor pixel lightning. Doom was created and designed on Software Renderer so looks BEST on it. Anyway GLBoom+ would be best GL Doom vanilla-like port. My advice: play with Chocolate Doom first, to see and feel what is real vanilla Doom. Then i recommend Eternity Engine or PrBoom+ (it's not that hard to fall in love with Software Renderer :))
  4. Jimmy


    I reached out to him on Twitter, as I'm interested in moderating the remaining WADs, although getting an actual hold of Joel I've found to be pretty much impossible at this point - I'm not sure why, maybe I've just been unlucky, cos I know he's usually active on there and on Discord. I guess I'll keep trying. I wonder why his mod team disappeared? Lost faith in humanity after sifting through too many Terrywads? (I realise they're probably reading this thread so I don't wanna speculate - but I do hope they weren't manually playing every single submission without looking at it in-editor first. Saves a whole lot of work, and potential nasty surprises.) EDIT: From what I'm reading in this thread, @Anthropophagus89 was more or less the only one doing all the moderating of the submissions? Geez, I hope he had some help. And maybe a therapist on speed-dial. I notice he's not posted here in a while. Folks in this thread didn't exactly treat him nice, either. That's a little disappointing. This whole situation needs correcting ASAP and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm willing to help out. EDIT 2: I don't think I can find Anthro on Twitch. There's a blank account under the name "Anthropophagus99" but I don't wanna presume these are the same person. I uh, hope everything's okay...
  5. Sonic games and Sonic in general pretty much died for me after the Megadrive/Genesis.
  6. That's also true... If you want a hint for the super secret:
  7. Pretty sure they're just pranking us.
  8. Dark Pulse

    Secret Exit Switch in Doom E3M6

    My guess is that they wound up changing something in the code that causes the engine to draw it differently compared to Vanilla. Does this happen in Chocolate Doom as well? If not, then I'd say my hunch is probably correct. I just checked it in GZDoom (a fairly recent SVN build of it), and it's drawn properly. EDIT: GZDoom Builder Bugfix also shows it at the correct position. PPS: Hi, peach freak. You may remember me. :)
  9. Doom Marine

    Doom Rendering Pixels Taller than Wide

    I tested pixelratio using MAPINFO, and it has no effect in PrBoom+. Does PrBoom+ support pixel ratio changes?
  10. Doomkid

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    I’m with Antares, where’s the love for the Deathmatch wads, eh?! A potentially great list RUINED once again due to deathmatch being ignored! (I’m kidding this was actually a wonderful list. I would love to see one for DM. I don’t think justice could be done with any fewer than 20 maps though!)

    Do you find the second difficulty in Doom 1, Doom 2 games quite unnecessary?

    Kind of seems like a good question as to whether skill 1 or skill 2 is more "unnecessary". 1 does some extra stuff like make you take less damage and get more supplies from pickups, whereas 2 is just the thing placement flags. I always felt skill 1 was the more unnecessary of the two, but I suppose the idea of a "training wheels" mode has some degree of merit.
  12. Empyre

    What are you listening to?

    This is sublime:
  13. Doomkid

    Secret Exit Switch in Doom E3M6

    I hope someone figures this out, I love little Doom engine mysteries like this
  14. Do you, uh, want a better username, maybe?
  15. Today
  16. Doomkid

    Teaser pic of "Sonic" movie pretty dang weird

    I fucking hate all these creepy uncanny valley 3D remakes of shit that was designed to be 2D. 2D animation is so much more inspired and so rare these days. This Sanic abomination is particularly bad, but the new “3D realistic so kool” Pokémon and Disney shit coming at us just seems like shlock as well. Inferior versions of existing masterpieces, or in the case of the Pokémon movie, the absolutely bizarre decision to give Pikachu the voice and attitude of Deadpool (literally all of my wat)
  17. I don't feel any difference between 1st and 2nd difficulty when I play Doom 1, Doom 2 games. Same for Heretic, Hexen games. I find the 2nd difficulty "quite unnecessary" in the games.
  18. Death Egg

    Teaser pic of "Sonic" movie pretty dang weird

    When you're a Sonic fan you sign up for shit like this. Honestly I can't wait, I've been hoping for a super shitty movie to happen for years and it's finally here.
  19. On amazon I bought it. And now I see what looks like identical system except it comes with win 10 pro and a bundle (headphones mainly). Am I missing something or...? Here is what I ordered: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BBJKCYG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Here is what I found after I ordered (same day) and seems to have free headphones and win 10 pro: https://www.amazon.com/MSI-GS65-Stealth-Thin-054-Gaming/dp/B07JWD1JK6/ref=sr_1_20?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1544752041&sr=1-20&keywords=msi+gs65 The processor also seems to be faster (2.6ghz vs 2.2ghz). If someone with an eye for detail can compare the two and see if I'm missing something? Is there some deficiency with the second link that I'm not detecting? The prices are identical. But the second link seems to be flat-out better.
  20. On amazon I bought it. And now I see what looks like identical system except it comes with win 10 pro has a 2.6ghz instead of 2.2ghz processor and a bundle (headphones mainly). Am I missing something or...? Here is what I ordered: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BBJKCYG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Here is what I found after I ordered (same day) and seems to have free headphones, faster processor and win 10 pro: https://www.amazon.com/MSI-GS65-Stealth-Thin-054-Gaming/dp/B07JWD1JK6/ref=sr_1_20?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1544752041&sr=1-20&keywords=msi+gs65
  21. I prefered Sonic more when he was 2d sprite, thanks.
  22. This looks god awful.
  23. Thank you for replies :)
  24. Linguica

    Top 25 Cacoward Snubs

    I was actually making an oblique joke that I was snubbed for one of the Top 100 Most Memorable Maps on the grounds that they should have included my level to appease me as the webmaster. I suppose this is probably much more obscure than I was giving it credit for.
  25. FrancisT18

    Top 25 Cacoward Snubs

    AOD was included in 1996. https://www.doomworld.com/10years/bestwads/1996.php
  26. jamondemarnatural

    Top 25 Cacoward Snubs

    Damn, Alt is some fine playing wad!
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