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  4. Decided to download TrenchBroom and have another go at Quake mapping! I am having a most annoying problem with compiling the lightning however. When I use the lights compiled the I see the fallowing error inside the text file afterward and the map itself is fullbright:


    ---- light / TyrUtils v0.15 ----
    running with 4 threads
    ************ ERROR ************
    Error opening C:\Users\Sveinn\Desktop\TrenchBroom-Win32-v2.0.0-RC4-Release\compiled maps\prefabs: No such file or directory


    Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Anyone have a solution to this? I don't want my Quake maps to be fullbright :/

    1. 38_ViTa_38

      Try using a path without spaces.

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