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  2. fabian

    Crispy Doom 5.3 (Update: August 12, 2018)

    Thanks Brad, I guess I'll have to do the same then. Understandingly, the MSYS2 maintainers weren't too fond of disabling or degrading the WASAPI backend in SDL2 and instead suggested the same: https://github.com/Alexpux/MINGW-packages/issues/4223#issuecomment-413765500
  3. Hello ZDaemon Sessions Team Deathmatch People, This weekend it's time to play part II of 3in1_zdmiano. That means 26 maps in total, merges ZDM_13.wad, ZDM_14.wad and MianoDM.wad. Instead of BFG we use double damage, so don't miss the fun! Settings: Game Mode: TDM IWAD: doom2.wad (or freedoom) PWADs: 3in1_zdmiano zds_addon_63a zvox8 zdsskins_team_v2 Wad url: Maps: 01-26 DMFLAGS: 134239428 / 1073872896 / 0 Players: 14 + 26 spectator slots Timelimit: 6 Skill: 4 // Nightmare! Fraglimit: no Teamscorelimit: no Date: Saturday 18th August 2018 Time: 19:30 BST
  4. redrage

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    @DooM_RO Sorry perhaps I should have been clearer. I -highly doubt- they are "just" going to increase the enemy types. As other people have pointed out, designing a new monster is not as cheap as it once was, each monster will have a specific goal, a role in the dance. Everything is tied together. This is essentially why I linked that video. They mention specific scenario "rules", such as not mixing certain monster types or setting maxes on specific types. Creating more, different combat scenario's can be done by adding more enemy types that are more widely compatible with other types which is what they've told us. I am certain there are more subtle changes they plan to implement to alleviate this issue which are less simple to explain than "we added more monster types". Don't forget they also added location based damage which actually effects monster behavior. In addition to that they buffed melee, making it an actual part of combat where you can jab monsters to interrupt attacks/stun them shortly. All in all it sounds like you will have many more tools during combat (offhand item use, dash, meathook, new melee, AOE stun in the form of the flamethrower), more enemies to fight and more locations to fight them in. They even mention how they plan to improve arena's, since while they cant remove them, they realize it makes encounters feel boxed in and samey. I mean, its not proof or anything, but to me it seems like they are tackling the issue's of D'16 pretty much head on. :)
  5. Myst won't be if we take Doom PWADs into account. There are monsterless puzzle maps like "The Given" that are sorta similar to Myst.
  6. Then there‘s also this https://youtu.be/iEI1H1klJk8 @seqfault That‘s amazing!
  7. Cell

    Share Your Jokes

    More Hungarian ones, this time a bit on the NSFW side: Little Stevie plays in the kindergarten yard. Peeking over the fence he notices two dogs on the other side of the street, one climbing the other's back. He asks the teacher: - Miss, what do those two doggies do? The teacher tries to respond in a child-appropriate content: - You know Stevie, the dog on top broke his front legs so the other helps him to the hospital... Stevie remarks: - How practical, in the meantime they're also having sex! The poor man already has five children and works hard to feed all those mouths. Not so long after a sixth child is born, and in his helplessness he decides to see the little forest elf for his wise advice. He makes all his complaints and the elf suggests: - Rasp a carrot and then eat it, repeat every day! So the poor man does what the elf said, nine months later the seventh child is born. He runs about the elf again. - Rasp and eat radish as well! The poor man makes his routine include all the carrot and radish-related tasks, and still, the eighth child arrives just another nine months later. - Add rasped beetroot to your salad as well! - the elf advises thirdly. He does so, vegetables make all his day and night - and the ninth child sees the light of the day. He has completely run out of ideas and confronts the elf about it. The elf wrinkles his forehead suspecting something. - Say, poor man, do you regularly have sex with your woman? - Yes, I do. The little forest elf grabs his head and yells: - OH NOOO, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO!!
  8. DooM_RO

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    @redrage I've already seen that. I do hope they fix it but just increasing the enemy types might not cut it.
  9. NuMetalManiak

    Levity In Doom Games

    See? Lost souls are the best monsters ever. Also when they infight.
  10. ResidentEvilGod

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    Definitely waiting for Romero to play. By far the most relaxing Doom track imo.
  11. I watch a wide variety of YouTube channels that do review type things but this pretty much sums every every NC video I've attempted to sit through over the years. The "Angry Review" humor he does just never landed with me in contrast to people like AVGN and the actual substantive aspects of his reviews fail hard in comparison to channels like IHE or Cinema for Cynics or whatever else. The sketch bits are cringe in it's purest goddamn form, as they are in 99.99% of YouTube videos regardless of who makes them. The Doom movie is kinda crappy but I'd easily rather watch it than a lone NC video, at least it doesn't make my skin crawl with laughably awful attempts at humor and "acting". Its strange that some YouTubers who I find genuinely hilarious like AVGN and TJ Kirk sucked his dick so hard (creatively speaking) because their delivery is so much better and more genuine, thus getting the kind of laughs NC is clearly striving for. Obviously it lands with a lot of people, but he's always just annoyed me. A couple of my friends really like him, maybe that's why I have so much crap to spew about him. There's my one time rambling response to any threads about Nostalgia Critic for all time. EDIT: I just watched this for 30 seconds and it fucking sealed the deal
  12. elend

    Disenchantment Season 01

    Oh yes, I wanted to see this. The Simpsons died for me a looong time ago and Futurama ended too early. Even though that's better than running it into the ground like The Simpsons. So, I will watch this asap and hope it's at least in the middle of The Simpsons and Futurama qualitywise.
  13. Today
  14. redrage

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    @DooM_RO I think you will love watching this (I sure did): GDC 2018 Embracing Push Forward Combat in Doom Warning: it might spoil your perception of being a bad-ass slightly if you learn the underlying mechanics of encounters and AI. They are aware of the criticisms of 2016 having explicitly acknowledged them and have constantly emphasized that gameplay and good mechanics come first in DE so I have a good amount of faith they will tackle the weak points of D'16 wherever possible. However, its not going to be nearly as "simple" as designing unique scenarios through level design with really basic AI.
  15. It's definitely not chess - the enemies are basically pawns with specific movements and means of attack, you have to calculate various factors to make the most effective kills and I'm sure there are other parallels to be drawn. I get the choice of a Dora game, it's pretty much opposite tonally and where Doom is fun and full of action, I can wager a Dora game would be neither. I'm interested to hear elaboration on Myst as an answer, that could be interesting. I'm struggling to think of an answer here, personally. Some important key factors would be slow movement, bad music, no killing or violent combat whatsoever. I can think of plenty of games that have the first two down-pat but even most shitty games feature some kind of fighting or killing, even in a G rated sense. lol I love thinking about pointless things like this, very amusing, curios to see what others will pick
  16. Dwaze

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I leaned that the mancubus' three attack sequence is always the same. 1st shot: one fireball goes towards you, while the second goes to your right. 2nd shot: one fireball towards you and one to the left. 3rd shot: one fireball to left and one to the right. How could I miss that one wow.
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  18. xvertigox

    Disenchantment Season 01

    The Matt Groening show, Disenchantment, has just dropped on Netflix with it's first 10 episodes. It features writers, producers and voice actors from both The Simpsons and Futurama so I have exceedingly high hopes for it. Check the wiki page for more info or view the trailer below.
  19. Agent6

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I like what happened with the levels in D64 for Doom II in general, quite a few liberties have been taken here and there though:
  20. I've talked about this at length with a friend of mine. It's Myst.
  21. Copy the text of the link, not its address.
  22. Mad work for Naza and nice to see that list for a much better comprehension of who did better or worse than the rest.
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