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  2. Grimosaur

    Video Game missions that make you angry/or ragequit

    This crap. I tried playing through Ninja Gaiden about a year ago on my 3DS and got to this level and just couldn't get past. The game actually is a lot of fun up to this point, but then it just turns into cheap deaths when constantly getting knocked off the platforms by some random bird that comes and hits you in the middle of a jump. I'll beat it some day...
  3. Myst.Haruko

    AC-Special - Ready for Playtesting

    Did you remove sounds from menu, I can't hear it :\ Nice palette and visuals. I'm not fan of op plasma chaingunner, it's more annoying than it's counterpart. He just snipes you and you're fried chicken if you have slower reaction. Cacodemon's blood doesn't match palette, it looks a bit inconsistent. Anyway, good job on map ;)
  4. RockstarRaccoon

    GZDoom dynamic lighting

    I've found that Spotlights are really good for cheating on stuff like this, especially if you've been specular-mapping textures. I just pulled a trick in Membrane by putting a spotlight under the door and using ACS to operate the door and the spotlight at once. I'll probably modify the code at some point to do some fading effects while it's happening, so the light doesn't just click on and off. You should look into doing something like that.
  5. Grimosaur

    Post your Gamer Throne®

    Messiest desk in the thread, checking in. Disclaimer: My Mum got me that minion as a joke. I know how terrifying it is, It's even been in an Ashens video. Also, the hole in my desk is from me repeatedly resting my elbow in that exact spot everytime I go on my computer until it eventually just gave way, it's not from me punching it in a rage or anything. This picture definitely has 'cursed image' potential.
  6. YukiRaven

    [Release] Umbra of Fate

    @Gez Yeah, I did see that. It's tempted me to possibly make a v1.1 to address some of the most common issues.
  7. Gez

    [Release] Umbra of Fate

    You've probably seen this, but just in case: TL;DW: he liked everything except the boss fights.
  8. Gez

    PC Doom sound effects VS PSX Doom sound effects

    For me, the new soundscape works great in Doom 64 since it complements a total visual redesign; but PSX Doom is in an awkward position of having largely unchanged PC graphics but different sounds and music. Likewise, although there's a mod for it, I wouldn't play Doom 64 with PC sounds either.
  9. Oh hey, look at that, angsty 14 year old me made an account here, and now I get to use it over 10 years later.  Thanks past me!

  10. R4L

    Models not working

    Your problem is that you loop the spawn of the vending machine in Decorate. It should stop after: Actor Vending 236{ +SOLID states { spawn: VEND A -1 stop } } Summon Vending in game works after.
  11. Dark Pulse

    Console Doom Ports

    Quasar confirmed that American McGee did at least the Jaguar edits and any of its new maps.
  12. generalx88

    [Release] Umbra of Fate

    o.k thanks it was just an optional thing i had in mind
  13. Doom 1, E2M8. A simple map, but it contains a very nasty surprise the first time you get that far, and if you limped your way there, you're quite boned. I've also got a soft spot for E2M3 and E2M6. Doom 2... couldn't care less really. Only a handful of maps stuck out to me.
  14. Memfis

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That's crazy. So much quality and variety in one sitting?
  15. The same basic sort of level-to-level structure of the previous games, but with less lockdowns (preferably they should only be for boss fights), and more branching paths, open environments, and clever secrets to find.
  16. I don't seem to have gotten the doc, can you send it via PM? And you're right about how similar the security possessed looks. On that subject, he really should get a new name; "Possessed Riot Control", "Possessed Legionary", etc.- something to make it clear he's a shield using close-up enemy.
  17. - The Prowler and Harvester worked into NPC demons instead of being only player-controlled and multiplayer exclusive - A "Cyber Hell Knight" that has the melee attacks and durability like its "normal" variant, but can also throw projectiles like the classic or DOOM 3 incarnations - A 500 ft tall Icon of Sin
  18. Dark Pulse

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod where you have to do a menial job (like flipping burgers) so that you can save up enough to build a PC, download the shareware version of Doom from an FTP server, troubleshoot why it doesn't work (IRQs, DMAs, and all), and deal with working around the common issues that plagued early-90s PCs. If you can bring up E1M1 in-game (naturally, via the Doom-in-Doom method), you win.
  19. CasualScrub

    Opinion: Beautiful Doom is underrated and Brutal Doom is boring

    Lol, probably should have worded that better. I guess I figure people know I'm referring to the creator.
  20. Grain of Salt

    Opinion: Beautiful Doom is underrated and Brutal Doom is boring

    Brutal doom is a pretty cool guy
  21. Dark Pulse

    PC Doom sound effects VS PSX Doom sound effects

    While I'm not one to speak on it as if I know all the answers, in my opinion, that was a great decision to go in. After all, while the 3D0 could have that redbook audio quality, the PS1/N64 definitely had the most advanced sound chips of their day. I even remember poking around with the formats dumped from my disc, and trying to figure out how it ticked. Aubrey's sound design literally helped define not one, but two entire Doom games. It's hard for me to Imagine Doom 64 without them, and I didn't even own an N64. Hell, it was so good, it led me to buy the albums he released for them. Twice. :)
  22. Tindrone

    Models not working

    Not to be impatient but I would like to get an answer sometime soon
  23. Today

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    Updated sheet and WADs here: http://ettingrinder.youfailit.net/hhex-resource.html
  25. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Random Image Thread

    Lawl Ah, yes, here's the God I know.
  26. chemo

    What would you like to see in the Collector's Edition?

    A wearable Doomguy helmet, definitely.
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