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  2. Pokemanic33

    Controller Doomers - how's it going?

    Ayyy, it's rare to find someone who recognizes the character let alone is familiar with the series. Green jacket is definitely my favorite series but I also love the Pilot Film, plus it's just a good facial expression/pose. Funnily enough the Pilot Film also has my favorite color scheme: red jacket, black shirt, white tie and pants in a soft palette (as opposed to the more common vivid red/navy blue/white colors, which I find to be much worse). Shit, we got off topic. You may now continue talking about playing Doom with a controller
  3. Lucky_Edie

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Do it safe, then do it fast if you want to after.
  4. PsychoGoatee

    Controller Doomers - how's it going?

    Right on, Doom on everything as they say. And I love the Lupin avatar! Funnily enough, earlier today somebody gave me props for a Lupin avatar I have on discord. Mine was Green Jacket for the record.
  5. Pokemanic33

    Controller Doomers - how's it going?

    Never played on a controller but I had Prboom+ on my 3DS and it played like a dream. Movement and turning on the circlepad, strafe on L and R, weapon switch on ZL and ZR, and everything else on the face buttons. I've been meaning to try that out in a PC source port with a real controller.
  6. PsychoGoatee

    Controller Doomers - how's it going?

    I've been getting used to Doom on a controller recently, feels pretty good in gzDoom. I'm gaming on my couch for a few reasons lately, some keyboard and desk ergonomic (rsi) issues last year etc. Plus reading how they've been adding mods like Back to Saturn X to the console versions inspired me a bit. If people are playing Doom maps on Switch, I'm sure I can get used to a controller. Though tough to top the godlike accuracy and quickness of mouse. So anybody been Dooming on a controller, any tips, settings, etc? Have you managed some of the tougher recent user maps? I do tend to lower the difficulty or use some custom difficulty level tweaks (cheats) to make up for my lumbering controller Doomguy. But still, fun to be getting back into it.
  7. Yep, you're just 20 pixels shy of being the right width! (Older ports will flip out if the size isn't exact, but ZDoom based ports will handle it fine)
  8. Today
  9. Wily

    weird RAZE shit

    and it kinda looks like it
  10. Wily

    weird RAZE shit

    well, this happened when i tried to run Duke Nukem after playing Blood: when i showed someone this in a discord call, they said that this looks like a video game took LSD and Crack
  11. You should make your own review thread like Endless or Not Jabba. You really have a lot of great feedback, and I always love reading your posts!

  12. Guess Guitardz didn't like my posts that much. Or, my comic article didn't make him happy enough. ;(


    Well, it doesn't really matter. I still have all of you guys!

  13. LiT_gam3r

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    This is over October 1st, correct? This was originally going to end September 21st, iirc. But, I think it changed because it wouldn't be finished in time. Good thing, though, because a lot of good stuff could happen in 9 days.
  14. GarrettChan

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Good job. I was trying to study the maps, but I'm way too slow... and I so wanted a better time for pl01... I guess the good side is I have somebody to copy now. Also, want to do a d2all, but judging from my ability, I basically just want it done instead of being quick.
  15. Juka

    Grindhouse - 1 map, Boom format, OTEX, possible WIP

    Just finished it and it left me wanting more, I stopped every now and then just to appreciate the structures, hoping to learn a thing or two about the way you mapped, it was really inspiring. There really isn't much to point out except that the traps could be a little harder (except the revenant in the sewers one, that's pretty good already), but that's my personal preference. If you decide to make more, I'll play them for sure!
  16. I'm not sure why a lot of people are saying that the port has a weird stick movement. I haven't noticed anything, and this topic has only been brought up recently, and the game's been around for a year. I'm not saying people are wrong, I'm just wondering what has happened to it.
  17. Telemassacre


    I made this wad. Why? All enemy health and missile damage are effectively doubled, but your weapons do less damage, give less ammo, and use up more ammo! The pickups give half as many as they usually would, and both the maximum health and armour values are both capped at 100%. Play any wad with it, and prepare to die more times to a zombieman than you would like to. Hardoom.zip Oh, and there is an opposite. All enemy health and missile damage are effectively halved, but your weapons do more damage, give more ammo, and use up less ammo! The pickups give twice as many as they usually would, and both the maximum health and armour values are both capped at 400%! Play any wad with it, and prepare to kill more Cyberdemons than you can handle! EZDoom.zip
  18. Argenteo

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    The Beginning of the End Part 1 - E2M6 Bonus - Emil Brundage
  19. LiT_gam3r

    Mystery DOOM Coins - assistance needed

    The main thing that makes me question it is sloppiness. With the first coin, the main thing is that Doomguys helmet looks like a gas mask. The second one looks like it has strange dents in it, which makes me think it wasn't mass produced. and the Eternal one has a dent on the end of the "M," all the demons look strange, and that one at the bottom is placed at such a weird angle, that it just looks like it doesn't belong. The listings that you shared are all from Florida, too. With quick research, I learned Dunedin Florida is the next town over from Clearwater, and is only a 9 minute drive. I think these coins might have been produced, but only in a local area.
  20. Deathclaw886

    My first wad!

    i see. its okay though, ill try to make my maps better. i enjoy constructive criticism
  21. I'm hearing it as i write this, pretty good indeed. I like the atmosphere it creates. For certain it fits more on a game with much more movement and things flashing on screen like Touhou... or maybe i'm just to fixated to vanilla booming that i can't imagine this sounding in the back. But if you are making a map where an Imp is escaping an UAC Installation, where there is almost no fight, just running and dodging hazzards and incoming attacks, then yes, this song is spot on! It got a really urgency and escape feel.
  22. Thanks so much for the review, Terminus! I’ll ask darkmaster if he minds adding a handful of extra supplies. I enjoyed the map, but I can definitely picture it being divisive. I’m always seeking more opinions so this is very helpful. I’m glad you had a good time with the wad overall!
  23. P41R47

    Wavy Textures?

    Its not done in DoomBuilder, its just a ANIMDEFs config lump inside the wad or pk3 create a .txt, put it inside the wad or pk3 with slade and name it ANIMDEFS Then select on the text language option: ZDoom AnimDefs Then use the following code inside: warp2 flat (name flat) warp texture (name texture) You must do that for every texture/flat you want to make it warp. there are different warp wave animations, but you can use whatever you like most. warp2 is for water type warp is for just making them move
  24. Vile

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Plutonia Episode 1 UV Max in 27:14 ple1-2714.zip
  25. Icon of Sin is dead, on earth there are still demons to kill.


  26. galileo31dos01

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    As a passionate for metal combined with marble green and blood, this setting is really photogenic to me. I hope you can contemplate the beauty of the colours as much as I do. [Ezekiel, MAP04]
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