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DM Help - Last updated July 4th, 1999

Now that you know what deathmatching is, would you like to know the steps to take to learn how to deathmatch in Doom over the internet? If so continue on to our DM Help Section, with all the detailed info you need to get playing on the net quickly!

What's Needed

What is it you need to get into Doom deathmatching over the net? You don't really need much, or anything unreasonable. Here's a quick list:

-A copy of Doom, Ultimate Doom, or Doom2. If you don't have this yet, you can order it from iD Software for a very low price.

-You'll obviously need to learn how to play Doom. Play single player a couple times and get a feel for the game if you haven't allready. If you would like detailed written documents about Doom, click here for a list of different Doom FAQ's.

-An internet connection, which most likely you obviously have. Your connection should at least have a modem running at 28.8k for optimal performance.

-A decently fast computer. A Pentium would be best for internet play, but a 486 is usable (I don't know about playable though).

-You MUST have the latest version of Doom, Ultimate Doom, or Doom2. Click here for info on wether you have the latest version and upgrade patches just in case you don't have the latest one.

-You need a Source port that supports internet play. More info on source ports can be found here.


If you would like to know Doom to it's fullest extent, I suggest you read the
Official Doom and Doom2 FAQ. If you would like links to other FAQ's, you can find them on Doomworld's FAQ page.

Upgrading Doom

If you want to play Doom over the net with everyone else, you should upgrade your version of Doom or Doom2 to their latest versions. Both Doom and Doom2's latest versions are 1.9, and you can easily check by running Doom or Doom2 and looking at the top bar for a number. If it's anything below 1.9, you need to upgrade.

If you have Ultimate Doom, it is allready version 1.9 and you will not need to upgrade.

If you need to upgrade, you can go to our Upgrades Page and get the patch you need to upgrade to v1.9.

Doom Ports

What is a Doom port you ask? Well, ever since the Doom souce code was released, many people began to improve many aspects of Doom that they thought lacked. Many ports have been made. Some take away Doom's bugs and errors almost completely, while others implement GLDoom features. There are also some deathmatch specific ports as well. If you would like to try a deathmatch port, you can go to our
Source Ports Page and download some. If you would like to try other ports, you can go to the DoomWorld Source Ports Page.

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