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Welcome to the skins section of the page. A skin is a unique way of identifing yourself in a deathmatch game. The
Legacy and ZDoom ports both have the same structure for skins, but ZDoom's seems more reliable for different reasons. All information I give you will mainly be ZDoom skins, but just about all of it applies to Legacy skins as well.

How to Use a Skin

Using a skin is very easy. If you know how to play an add-on level, then it should be easy as pie to play with a skin. Since a skin comes in a .wad file like levels do, you only need to put a skin in your wad directory. If your skin file is called mike.wad, you would use this to play with it:

zdoom -file mike.wad

After doing that, you go into the play options, were you can then select your skin from there. Easy as that!

There are a couple problems though. If you play multiplayer with skins, your opponents must have the skin/s files and they must add it in as well if they want to see your cool new skin in action. If you organize yourself, you should be able to put in and play skins without a problem. If someone has a skins selected and you don't have it, they will appear as the normal Doom player.

ZDoom has added a very cool feature. If you make a \skins subdirectory in your ZDoom directory, any skin you put in there will be automatically loaded when you launch ZDoom. Very cool indeed!

How to Make a Skin

Are you interested in making a skin? Making skins are relatively easy, but does require some Doom editing experience. If you would like to learn how to make a skin, you can read the
Official Doom Legacy Skin Specs. Doom Legacy skins are 100% compatible with ZDoom skins, so the skins specs are accurate no matter which you chose.

Obtaining Skins

Are you too lazy to make your own skin and want to use someone elses? Don't worry, you're with the other 95% of the people in the community;) Your absolute best source for Doom skins is the
The Skin Connection, which probably has every released Doom skin on the net. With almost 100 skins, there's no doubt you'll find a skin that best suits you.

Submit a Skin

Would you like me to let everyone know about your cool new skin? Would you like me to send your skin to other people that archive skins? If so email
me and I'll get everything set up for you.


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