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April 8, 2000

Hello again! (Finally) If you've sent a story in the past couple months, I didn't get it. (I hope that means that there was a problem, and not that I'm unloved. :( ) Anyways, I just thought that I'd mention that I was still here. Real Life(tm) can be a bitch though.

Also, for the nice...person that sent me the oh so wonerful e-mail about Kid Rock today, I'd just like to say, "Please lay off the sugar before getting online. SHEESH!"

Anyways, Korn rocks in concert! :) Although, it does not rock to total your car about fifteen minutes after the concert when you weren't even drinking. ;) And as an FYI on the newest ass kicking CD's to become part of the collection...Slipknot, Live, Static-X, the new Chili Peppers, 3 Doors Down, and Rob Zombie, among others! :)

That's all I have! Just thought you might like to know that I still live!
--UsYr Illus

January 28, 2000

Hello once again! Can you believe it? Two updates in one week! We have another story for your viewing pleasure! This one's from Violent Ed, and while it's not really deathmatch related, it is about Doom, so it can't be bad! :) That's all the news I have right now. Check back for more, and send in a story of your own! :)
--UsYr Illus

January 23, 2000

Hello again! No, I didn't fall into a vacuum once 1/1/00 rolled around, although I did have to be on call. Anyways, I'm finally updating because there's actually another story posted. Okay, so this one sat for a bit before I realized it was there. I apologize for that. :/ Anyways, go read it, then send in one of your own!

While we're on the subject of DM, I've been beating up on the zCajun bots quite a bit recently, and started using the logfile option of zDoom. I have way too much fun with really weird things! :) Anyways, I fed the log into a little ranking program that I whipped up a year ago for non-GibStats compliant logs for Q2, and was rather surprised! :) It's amazing how fast you can rack up frags in an 8 player DM game!

And if you haven't, go get Fragging Fanatical already! It is definitely worth the money!

That's it for now! Except that Kid Rock is kick-ass in concert. :) Happy fragging!

--UsYr Illus

December 9, 1999

Hello there again! It's amazing what you can find when your computer works! We have a brand-spanking-new story for your viewing pleasure! Go on and check it out! :) It's also amazing what can happen in a month in the land of RL(tm). But you all don't want to hear about that! :) I will say that the new Korn CD, Issues, kicks major ass, and that S&M from Metallica is WAY cool. that I've spouted about my CD's for the update..I'll let you get to reading the story! :) --UsYr Illus

November 7, 1999

Hello out there! It's been almost a month, and it's time for another update. I hope my e-mail's not missed this time. Hehe..not much going on around new stories to sad. :( Nothing too much else to motherboard got fried, so I had to go and commandeer a new one. Unfortunately, it decided to take my first hard drive with it, so I had to reinstall everything. On the bright side, I finally bought the new NIN, and the new Coal Chamber CD...both selections completely rock. I was totally blown away by The Fragile..and Coal Chamber completely rocks. If you haven't checked out either it now! :> Anyways..that's all to report for now..rock on! --UsYr Illus

October 9, 1999

Okay, now that I've updated again, maybe I'll remember to send in an e-mail about it! :> I know that there are people out there that still deathmatch, so let's hear about it! :> Not much else to report right now, except that RL keeps trying to kick my ass. :> Rock on! --UsYr Illus

September 1, 1999

Hello out there! No, I'm not reaching out from beyond the grave! Hehe..I'm reaching out from beyond my keyboard, for a change. Hehe..okay, I know I've been out of touch for awhile. I'm sorry! :> Unfortunately, I have not received any new stories..:( That makes me very sad, but I guess I deserve it for not updating..hehe..the reasons for that are many, and you probably don't want to hear about them..lots of RL, and lots of changes to my RL. Anyways...I'm still here! :> And you may even get something productive out of me! Hehe..on a side note, Detroit Rock City is a kick ass movie! Hehe..just had to say that..:> Okay, I guess I'll stop rambling for now...hehe.. --UsYr Illus

May 16, 1999

Hi! I'm back again! Sorry I've been away for so long again! I've been looking for a new job! :> Haven't found one yet, tho. But on the positive side, there's another new story for your reading pleasure! Go check it out, and then send in your own! :> --UsYr Illus

April 7, 1999

Hello! I'm finally back! I bet you all thought that I was dead! :) Lots of RL(tm) getting in the way. I hope that I can keep that from happening again! We've got some new stories for you all to check out! :) I apologize for taking so long to get these online. :) Let's see some more! ROCK! --UsYr Illus

December 22, 1998

Hello there! Merry Christmas to all, and a belated Happy 5th to DOOM! Just think, if there was no DOOM, you wouldn't be reading this now! :) I got to play zDoom across the 'net last night for the first time! It was a blast! I was pleased to see that I wasn't quite as rusty as I thought I would be! :) I'll be doing more of that, I'm sure! In other news, I haven't had any new stories come in lately, so I'll figure out something to change on the page! Don't forget to send us your stories, and when you're done, check out our sister site The CTF Experience!:) --UsYr Illus

December 4, 1998

Hello again! I hope that you all had a good Thanksgiving! :) We have a new story up for your pleasure! This one from Dale Harris, a member of TeamTNT! Go check it out, then send one of your own! I'm hoping to keep the updates coming in a little more often than this in the future, so keep checking back! I may have some surprises for you! :) --UsYr Illus

November 23, 1998

Welcome back again! I'm sure that you've noticed a few things, like our new home here on DoomWorld! Thanks to the Doomworld & Telefragged crews for that! :) Also, the LinkExchange banners are gone now! :) No new stories recently, but that's okay! :) I still hope you enjoy the site! --UsYr Illus

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