project news

March 11, 2004

Blah: After a retarded long time I thought I'd post a little tid bit that Doom Connector now supports FreeDM as an IWAD, adn that Timmie from the ZDOOMGL project is hosting a file download. Thanks a million Timmie! Also Raider from teh ZDaemon project is hosting the file for use with the fabulous GetWad program. Thanks agian to all those that have been helping out with this project. Hopefully the next update will be ready in the near future, it'll include TWO 32 player maps as well as a variety of smaller FFA maps and possibly some new tourney maps. THANKS EVERYBODY!

January 11, 2004

Micro-Iwad: Got bored today and decided to see just how small an Iwad could get and still function. The answer for a smallish DM map is 1.3mb or 600kb zipped. I actually could've made it a little smaller but not a whole lot. It only works with Legacy as all other ports get mad if there is only two maps in the Iwad. Not meant to be anything but a curiousity but it is fully functional. You can grab it from the Downloads page.

January 09, 2004

Work progresses: What has been happening lately? Glad you asked:
- Divided the Iwad into seperate component wads (gfx, sounds, maps, etc...) this makes it easier to work on the individual bits and also makes it easier to test as I don't have to merge it all into a single wad to play it. This will also make easier for the user to install upgrade patches as the Iwad will be distributed with everything needed to automate patching. If they so desire they will also be able to explode the Iwad into it's component parts.
- New maps are in the works, mostly 4 player and 8 player FFA maps. These take a fair bit longer to make and tweek than 1v1 maps so don't expect them right away. :-)
- The new sounds for the player should be finished soon.

December 29, 2003

fdm is born: I was hoping to release version 0.4 before Christmas but heh, yeah that didn't happen. Oh well atleast it's out before NewYears. The first release includes fifteen 1 on 1 maps made by myself and Hellbent (aka Grotug). Please note that this Iwad is NOT playable with single player maps or with co-op maps with monsters. All the monster sounds and sprites as well as all the music has been replaced with space saving null lumps. Sure there are downsides to this but from my perspective it makes a lot of sense. There's already a FreeDoom Iwad, so keeping anything in that isn't essential to DM is a waste of bandwidth and redundant. With everything removed the FDM Iwad is half as large at 8.9 megabytes ( 3.2mb compressed ) which should make downloaders happy. Granted the file size will increase as the last 17 maps as well as a few skins and other goodies are added but it shouldn't increase too much. Check the various sections for more information and downloads. I'd very much appreciate some feedback, mail me at .
EDIT: You can also grab a 3 player DM recorded using Legacy 1.41b from here and to make it easier to play back I've put up a very simple playback utility available from the downloads page.