Statue WinDoom 2.001
...was windoom 1.11
...was Doom 4 Windows 1.11
...which was windoom 0.94
Main Features:
Keep Score -- Play DOOM like a quarter eater!
Hi-Res -- screen modes up to 1024x768.
Front End 1.11 -- Don't have to type command line.

Console and CD Music (from original windoom port).
The mother of all doom sites:
The father of the mother of all doom sites: TeleFragged
The GOD and Kindly Uncle and special best friend of all doom sites: id Software, Inc.
September 17th, 2001 News - One day of Un-Dead
I'm gonna make a faq document because in 11 days since killing this thing I got another 100+ emails about it. It's gonna be plain text and when I upload it you will get it here and here only: F.A.Q.
The uploads are complete so you can download everything correctly below.

September 6th, 2001 News
The spooky quiet has befallen this thing. That means there's never any time for doom anymore and I'm posting finality here. (That is if my ftp account is still working.) Here's the deal: windoom version 2.001 and its the final last no more updates windoom I'm gonna do. It compiles and runs flawlessly (hahaha) on everything from a 486-66 running w95 up to a 1.4GHz running wMe. The last compile was done with Visual C++ 6.0 with maybe service pack 3.
Check the link below for the files or email me if you can't find them:
wd2001.exe 245K is the last executables and help only file
wds2001.exe 1.2 MB is the last source release
There's no last installer or any of that, I'm too lazy, just download the old ones and then put wd2001 over them.
Undocumented Help Info
There is a fix that I never documented for that box that pops up usually at intermission and kills the music. A rare bug developed having to do with MCI devices and MS and cheap sound cards. About four people besides me owned a sound card that bad and experienced the problem. Anyhooo, after you have run the program once there is a file called midilist.txt created that contains a numeric reference and text description of the MIDI devices available on your computer. Add the command line -mididev # (for example -mididev 1) to try other MCI devices until you find one that works. The one that worked on mine sounded worse, but no more dead music and popup boxes that you can't read.

OK ftp won't let me in right now. I'll try again tonite or just email me for the downloads until they magically appear.

Good Night.

Old News

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Help File
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View the help file for these programs. Program requirements and setup notes are here and should be read before downloading and installing! News about updates or revisions are also included in the help file.
Right Here
Sep.17.2001 Last known good download directory.
232,281 bytes
Download the program executables (version 1.11) and help files only. Make a directory/folder (c:\windoom) and uncompress there. Create shortcuts if you like them.
250,036 bytes
Download the Last Version (2.001) program executables and help files only (contains the midi fix). Make a directory/folder (c:\windoom) and uncompress there. Create shortcuts if you like them.
2,840,461 bytes
(v1.11) Download easy-fied installation program. Save and uncompress in a temporary folder. Next click Start...Run...(browse)setup.exe to start installation. Creates a group and icons in the start menu and can be uninstalled from Control Panel.
710,119 bytes
Download MSVBVM50.DLL self-extractor - required by the Front End program. If you receive an error about this file then download to your windows\system directory and run there to extract. Or, you can use the installer (windooms) above.
Hall of Fame?
View some scores. I am posting my Doom ][ scores here as I get 'em. If you have scores for Doom (shareware), Final Doom, etc etc besides Doom ][ that you'd like up here with your name- send 'em in email to
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Source code for WinDoom (Doom4Win) version 1.11. (Visual C++ 5.0).
41,105 bytes
Source code for Front End Version 1.11 (Visual Basic 5.0 Professional).
1,142,441 bytes
Source code for WinDoom (Doom4Win) version 2.001 and Front End version 1.11. (Visual C++ 6.0). Download to a directory (c:\doomsrc) and extract with -d (directory) option (wds2001 -d). You can also open with winzip and extract it that way.
B. Lewis
Got a high speed CPU and some nifty 3D card? glDoom is just what yer looking for. Thanks Bruce. Sad news, glDoom was discontinued way back. I don't think I have current info on Mr. Lewis anymore.

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