User name: ChexWarrior
Password: *******
Access Granted
MOTD: Welcome to the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals Mainframe.

# personnel
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The Chex Warrior The Sidekick
Chex Warrior Chex Buddy
This brave warrior's quest to stop the onslaught of the Flemoids began when he was called upon to free the Bazoik Nutritional Development Center from their grip. He now fights them wherever they may appear. His approach to battle is one of caution and strategy. He prefers to outthink the enemy when possible.
Chex Warrior's trusted sidekick is about to have his first taste of battle on the front lines of the Flem Wars. He has trained diligently, and is expert in using all of the weapons and technology that Chex Warrior has devised. He is brash and gung-ho, never standing still or waiting for the enemy to attack first.

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