Team Eternity
The Eternity Engine

The Eternity Engine is Team Eternity's flagship product. It is a highly featured DOOM source port based on SMMU, currently available for Windows and Linux. It features full support for all versions of DOOM, DOOM II, and Final DOOM, and is currently adding Heretic support. New editing and gameplay features abound, but Eternity still features almost 100% DOOM compatibility, including highly accurate demo playback - most DOOM v1.9 demos will stay in sync.

Downloads Downloads

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find a FAQ addressing common or confusing issues with the Eternity Engine. This FAQ is geared toward the Win32 version of the Engine, but contains some information which is pertinent to all versions. You can also read the programmer's changelog, which contains up-to-the-minute news on bug fixes and features being added (warning - the changelog is highly technical!).

Console The Console

Eternity features a robust console with hundreds of variables and commands, scripting ability, and flexible input language facilities. This information will help you wade through the jungle of features.

GFS GFS - Game File Script

GFS is a new way to add lots of files to Eternity in a clean and safe manner, and is designed primarily for distribution with multiple-file modifications.

  Editing Reference

Eternity includes all the features of its great-grandparent port BOOM, as well as virtually all those of MBF and SMMU as well. And on top of all this, it adds much, much more. In this guide, you will find a growing collection of information on editing features from DOOM and all these ports, including linedef, sector, and thing types, new lumps, data formats, and more. This information is regularly updated with every release of the engine.

MapInfo MapInfo

MapInfo allows nearly complete customization of level-specific game engine behaviors. Eternity supports both global MapInfo lumps and the insertion of MapInfo into the level header.

Small Small Scripting Engine

Small is Eternity's powerful new scripting language, designed by ITB CompuPhase and used in many other games and commercial-quality applications.

EDF EDF - Eternity Definition Files

EDF is a powerful new data specification language for the Eternity Engine that allows dynamic definition of sprites, thing types, frames, and other previously internal data, while maintaining backward compatibility with DeHackEd.

ExtraData ExtraData

ExtraData is the end-all, be-all extension to the DOOM map format which allows a virtually infinite number of data fields accepting values in any format to be attached to normal map entities via a text script.

BEX DeHackEd / BOOM Extensions

DeHackEd has been the base standard for DOOM executable patching since its inception, and continues to be a solid and established basis for run-time data patching in modern source ports. Here you can learn the basics, view some examples, and find out what new features Eternity has added.

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