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13 files

  1. DWANGO 20th Anniversary Edition

    31 maps created between 1994 and 1998 by the Dooming community of yesteryear, and a map by myself. There's a nice mix of duel maps and all-out FFA maps which seem to have been lost in time, and I thought it was appropriate for Dwango's 20th anniversary to bring them back to the surface! All of these WADs give consent for distribution - check DWANGO20_DOCS for more information. Map01 was created in the spirit of DWANGO and can also be found in DK_DM_2.wad, but this version is better :)


       (16 reviews)


  2. BUCKET DM 2

    BUCKETDM2 is the sequel to the "popular" DM megawad, BUCKETDM. 32 small-to-medium levels guaranteed* to provide hours** of competitive enjoyment***. This installment includes redesigns of many previous maps, as well as brand new creations. Also included are 35 new music tracks!


       (6 reviews)



    Deathmatch level for Doom2! Very addicting and excellent layout! This WAD is guarenteed to make you a Doom2 Deathmatch Junkie! :)



       (13 reviews)


  4. Berenice

    Deathmatch maps.


       (13 reviews)


  5. BeeJay's DooM 2 Deathmatch Party

    18 Deathmatch Maps from BeeJay :)


       (18 reviews)


  6. DEMONS BattleField


       (10 reviews)


  7. r's Mega

    32 wads that r wanted me to include in my next mega.


       (17 reviews)


  8. E X E C U T I O N

    Welcome to EXECUTION, 18 high-speed deathmatch levels all designed with head-to-head gameplay in mind. As well as quality gameplay, these levels feature new textures, flats, ambience and graphics to make these levels look, feel and sound just as great as they play, which some deathmatch levels don't have.


       (37 reviews)



    In case you couldn't tell, this is a dedication to Ola Bjorling's uber cool Overload.

    It currently features 8 high paced frag filled levels in the style of Overload and all new textures (mostly "inspired" by the original Overload textures). The textures don't look quite so awesome as the originals, but we're not allowed to use them. Oh yeah, some textures are inspired by some of Ola's Darkening E1 textures too. So ph33r.


       (8 reviews)


  10. Overload Deathmatches

    16 rather small and quite high-paced deathmatch levels that I (Ola) originally started making for myself and some friends to play since everything else what too big or just plain ugly. (And we're too lazy to look for good levels :-) Later I introduced Nicklas and Tobias to DOOM editing and they started making maps for this project too. Martin Friberg teamed up quite soon to help us.

    There are a few new textures in there, all being commercial quality and no fucking MS Paint CRAP.

    Any switches you find have to do with the exit. There are no switches to reveal weapons or other goodies.


       (6 reviews)


  11. Gothic DeathMatch II

    Thirty-two extremely detailed maps built for DeathMatch play only. Excellent weapons balance and playflow. Realistic design and lighting effects. Supports both DeathMatch and AltDeath. Custom graphics, music, and sound. Beautiful architecture.


       (46 reviews)



    These wads form a deathmatch package specially designed for four players deathmatch network games. IPXMATCH is a compilation of numerous resources from numerous people which are listed in the "credits" section of this file. IPXMATCH contains 40 new deathmatch sounds, 35 new musics, many new graphics, 32 new levels, new presentation demos, new sprites and other things which I forget. After IPXMATCH is installed, it occupies about 20 MB of the C: hard drive space but does not require any more pwads to be played! This way, more memory is left to improve the gameplay! IPXMATCH was created with the idea of providing many diverse deathmatch situations which would allow infinite hours of cool and intense deathmatching.


       (11 reviews)


  13. Gothic DeathMatches

    32 Extremely detailed maps, made for DeathMatch play ONLY! Several artists reached within their hearts to make this a reality. DOOM2 just NEVER looked this good...


       (49 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Gaia74 · Posted
      Even though I do not like the idea of aliens being the doom demons, I love this wad, is beatiful because uses the things I love, the space bases and exploration of the universe   the second and third episode, they are really masterpieces because you see the amount of work of the creator and you really see his dedication   also some maps are ruins something that really valued since I am a lover of history so it was fascinating   Although I got stuck on some maps since the switches were too hidden, I managed to get through   I think the only thing I find bad is that their palette destroys a few mods, but if you do not care about the colors, then this is a wad that I recommend!   and also the end, it's something that really, you say what?   but they are details and if you like the pretty and funny maps I recommend it   5/5 Gaia74
    • By Paul977 · Posted
      Very good tech-base and, later on, cave/temple and again tech visuals, made in a classic polished style. Tough level on UV, particularly the initial stage until you reach the big room holding the rocket launcher. From there health and ammo are more abundant, so the difficulty decrease, but later on there are surprises encounters that can catch you out of guard very easly, including the really interesting ending area.
    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      Done with these settings: - GLBoom+ complevel 9.
      - Ultra-Violence.
      - Continuous combined with pistol start mindset. Pistol starts in maps 05, 10, 11.
      - Saves every 5-10 minutes or so.   A partially cool map collection from various people. It revolves around the same old story about a newer demon invasion, in this case they corrupted an underground base and spread all around the territory, turning every nook into hell. The maps sort of follow that narrative through the visual design, that at least from the second map and beyond, since the first level is simply an introduction. There are plenty of hellish neat-looking techbases to explore either on surface or underground, including one level in a Quake style with dark rusted metal textures. In combination, some maps present an Inferno-ish look with marble/red/rocky structures and lots of flesh to step on. I dig the latest two in particular, with exclusively clean visuals and great usage of fireblu for portals. The deep blue sky fits in about every single map, giving each an extra touch of spookiness. Well, and a subtle TNT vibe, or maybe that was because of some of the music selections. I really liked the midis in map 10 and 11, too bad there is no information in the text file about them.    As far as authors styles, it's a varied compilation ranging from traditional easygoing combat to series of lethal encounters, and some peculiar setups involving environmental hazards. I would say, gameplay-wise, the further I got into, the better it turned, mainly because the first half seemed to show the more experimental side of the wad, where the pace is kind of a rollercoaster, and some choices felt tacked on. I mean, the opening map is already questionable, just a dull switch hunt on a quasi-deserted island, not to mention the copious invisible barriers. Printz's map 04 is perhaps the largest and weirdest one. It has a lot of gimmicky ideas, including an outdoors fight where the player's affected by wind, which I wasn't very sold on, aside from slow and unclear progression. On the other side, Craigs' and Stewboy's are peacefully linear and simple to comprehend, and the two by Death Destiny and Butts are as wild and engaging as hitscan-centric maps go, without ever turning into annoyance, unless that's not your thing. The second half of the wad is the section I found more of my taste, aside from having mixed emotions about the last level. The seventh map was a nice short appetizer, and I enjoyed a lot the entries by Icecreamsoldier and Dutch Devil, with an ultimate hitscan hell touch and secrets research. While the increase in difficulty is gradual throughout the wad, the pinnacle might come as a slap in the face to people not used to that particular style in the last two D-D maps, like myself for example. The final map is about tight setpieces involving at least one archvile after the other, while you run around naked (no armor) carrying your SSG. Sometimes there was an escape, and other times things easily went real bad in less than a second. I would suggest to take it on a lower skill assuming you urge a security pickup. His second to last map was actually more cramped, close to unforgiving with the bumpy architecture, but somehow I sorted it out with calm and joy. Guess that makes me a "Doom god"?. I'll pass.    Secret-wise, I had issues to find any in map 04, one of them wasn't even hinted at all. In map 10 I wasn't able to trigger one of them, probably due to the sector being too small. Other than those, well, depending on your gameplay styles, you might be able to ease up the majority of the mapset if you commit yourself to explore every nook, not that I'm really in favor of the whole idea to be fairly honest, but the design of the status bar misled me. I would suggest to take a good look to map 05 via iddt, just to check some hidden stuff that are out of reach for reasons unknown... Anyway, favourite maps are 06, 08, 09 and 10. The others varied from fun to dull and everything in between.   Overall, Dark Resolution 2008 was, weird, but nonetheless very interesting, save for a few cases. If you're looking for mapsets with varied content, or a die-hard fan of the double barreled, this could be a good place to stop by. My rate is 6/10.
    • By Gaia74 · Posted
      i played this in tardgold, beatiful wad
    • By BaraKornel · Posted
      It's great fun. I killed the Cyberdemon first try, 1% Health.