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The files in this directory are designed for one or more of the so-called "Source Ports", which are modifications of the DOOM source code that was released by id Software in December 1997. You will need to look through the text files to see which port a wad was made for. Some will work on more than one, and some are very specific not only to which port but to which version or modification of that port. If you have any questions or problems with these files, contact the authors. Their email addresses should be in the matching .txt file.

1 file

  1. _1-tower

    A medium sized, medieval themed and detailed duel map with two areas separated by a tower, with a main focus on the SSG per usual. No jumping or crouching. My first try at making a duel map.


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  • File Reviews

    • By LouigiVerona · Posted
      I love SkillSaw's work and this is a magnificent wad, but I am writing this review to mark it for folks like me, who would love the level design, but wouldn't connect with the gameplay. Which is fine, no wad is made for every player.   What didn't work for me in this megawad - as far as I checked it out, playing several levels from different packs - was gameplay geared towards maneuverability and making it without strong weapons and much ammo.   To me Doom is a shooter. When faced with a lot of strong enemies, I would like to be able to get them down with a double shotgun or a rocket launcher. These levels are more about running around quickly with a gun, a berserk pack and a shotgun with only a few shells. In he middle of the level you typically get a chaingun.   And that just turns the game into a platformer for me, which is fine, just not my kind of gameplay.   The design and music are top notch. Even the menu is eye candy. I wanted to adore this project, but I just cannot connect with it.   I will, however, keep it on my hard drive and return to it from time to time. Will update this review if I ever get it.
    • By Phalgrin · Posted
      Played this first from the Master Levels CD, good memories.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A small and frantic map for deathmatch that unluckily doesn't got me too much into it. Single player placement is a joke. The only interesting thing i can think are: Why a Batman Forever map, over the fact that shares the music with a Dwango compilation (maybe Dwango 5) by U2, used as well in other doom maps of the time? That's the only piece of correlations between these two franchises i can think of, actually. The second thing that i was thinking is: you known that exist another deathmatch map based upon batman years before the more well known Batman total conversion by ACE Team? Isn't this crazy?
    • By Philnemba · Posted
      Fun short Hexen hub from a guy who also contribute to Hexen's official Death Kings of the Dark Citadel expansion 😈