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349 files

  1. Malice Texture Pack for Doom 2

    Most of the textures from the excellent commerical Quake 1 TC, Malice.


       (4 reviews)


  2. MP5 submachine gun

    This is the MP5 submachine gun


       (3 reviews)


  3. Simple Mirrored Monsters

    This is a mod that provides mirrored death animations for Doom and several other IWADs.

    It also provides colorized blood for Doom, Freedoom, Hacx, and several Doom megawads.

    It makes no changes to gameplay at all in the IWADs or megawads that the included files are compatible with.

    Usage is simple: Load only one of these files, and load it after whatever WADs you want to use.

    Files other than the one for Doom can be found in the "extras" folder.

    For Doom or Doom megawads use the "Doom" file, unless a specific file is provided for that WAD.

    Hacx, Heretic, Hexen and Strife have their own files for mirrored death animations as well.

    If a WAD includes custom monsters it will not work as intended unless a compatible version of one of these files is used with it.

    This is a list of the included files:

    (IWAD) Doom: smm4doom.pk3 (IWAD) Freedoom: smm4frdm.pk3 (IWAD) Hacx: smm4hacx.pk3 (IWAD) Heretic: smm4hrtc.pk3 (IWAD) Hexen: smm4hxen.pk3 (IWAD) Strife: smm4strf.pk3 (Mod) Ancient Aliens: smm4aans.pk3 (Mod) Bloodstain: smm4blds.pk3 (Mod) Elf Gets Pissed: smm4efgp.pk3 (Mod) Resurgence: smm4rsrg.pk3 (Mod) Scythe 2: smm4scy2.pk3 (Mod) Strange Aeons: smm4stas.pk3 (Mod) Valiant: (also Sawdust) smm4valt.pk3

    Death animations and corpses have a chance of being flipped horizontally, or "mirrored".

    This allows for visual variety after clearing out a horde of monsters.

    Additionally, in Hexen "Poison Mushrooms" can flip after bursting, and in Strife both wooden and explosive barrels can flip when destroyed.

    Hexen's "Ice" deaths can flip, as can Strife's "Fire" and "Disintegration" deaths.

    All monsters can "flip", with a few exceptions:

    In Doom: Pain Elementals (to prevent changes to release of Lost Souls; the monster and its death animation are too symmetrical to need flipping, anyway)

    In Heretic: D'Sparil (final boss; mirroring unnecessary, potential to break scripting)

    In Hexen: All bosses

    In Strife: All bosses, the Inquisitor (the Inquisitor drops an arm when destroyed, this is done using a "Restricted Function" and cannot be mirrored; to flip the corpse would only highlight this, so it isn't flipped either)

    In Elf Gets Pissed: The Annabis

    In Strange Aeons: All bosses, and others (the "Starspawn", the "Spidergods" and Leng Spiderlings, due to issues with using "A_SetScale" on them; A_SetScale is used in DECORATE to change their visible sprite size in-game, using it to "flip" them must also reset their "size" so they cannot be shown as the correct size AND be mirrored, sadly)

    As for "colorized" blood:

    In Doom: Cacodemons have blue blood, Hell Knights and Barons have green blood, Spectres have matching "fuzzy" red blood, and Lost Souls don't bleed.

    In Freedoom: "Cacodemons" bleed red, Worms bleed yellow, "Spectres" bleed "fuzzy" yellow, "Knights" have tan blood to match their color-scheme while "Barons" have white, both Lost Souls and Pain Elementals do not bleed.

    In Hacx: Thorn Things have green blood.

    In Ancient Aliens: "Stealth Alien Troopers" have purple blood.

    In Valiant: Cacodemons bleed blue, Spectres have fuzzy blood, and Lost Souls have no blood, but all other monsters bleed red.

    (Note: Crushed corpses will automatically match their new blood colors, but that is actually a feature of the ZDoom engine, not this mod.)

    As for other mods, these are not intended for use with mods like Brutal Doom, Beautiful Doom, etc.

    Those mods provide more extensive alternatives to the functions of this mod, which is intended only to provide a light enhancement to the game.

    This mod is fully compatible with Revenant100's "Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project" and "Heretic Minor Sprite Fixing Project":

    Load the files for either of those, then a megawad if desired, then this mod's matched file. (if you also want to use NightFright's "gzd_brightmaps.pk3" put it after the sprite fix)

    A suggested loading order:

    D1SPFX18.WAD or D2SPFX18.WAD or HRSPFX10.WAD D1DEHFIX.DEH or D2DEHFIX.DEH gzd_brightmaps.pk3 "Optional megawad of your choosing" "A matching file from this mod" "Only with Heretic sprite fix: HRWIDE10.WAD"


    Also included in the "bonus" folder is an alternative to the main versions of this mod:

    "Simple Colored Blood" which only includes the changes to blood colors in Doom, Freedoom, Hacx, Ancient Aliens, and Valiant.

    To use these, just load one of them instead of their "main version" counterparts.

    File list:

    (IWAD) Doom: scb4doom.pk3 (IWAD) Freedoom: scb4frdm.pk3 (IWAD) Hacx: scb4hacx.pk3 (Mod) Ancient Aliens: scb4aans.pk3 (Mod) Valiant: (also Sawdust) scb4valt.pk3


       (10 reviews)


  4. Fallen

    Doom/Doom2 replacement for Hexen's Death Wyvern.


       (1 review)


  5. IK Texture Pack for Doom 2

    152 textures & 59 flats converted to Doom 2. I've also been friendly enough to insert an ANIMDEFS lump which gives a 'quake swirl' animation to the two slime textures under Zdoom.


       (2 reviews)


  6. Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project v1.9

    A comprehensive collection of minor sprite fixes for Doom 2 comprised of restored missing monster angle rotations, art corrections, and adjusted sprite offsets. Also includes a separate Doom 1/ Ultimate Doom-compatible version and optional minor DeHackEd patch fixes. These files are compatible with any custom Doom 2 or 1 add-ons, including demo compatibility, as long as you load the following WAD or DEH files with the lowest priority.

    D2SPFX18.WAD - Doom 2 sprite fixes D1SPFX18.WAD - Doom 1-compatible sprite fixes D2DEHFIX.DEH - doom2.exe v1.9 DeHackEd fixes D1DEHFIX.DEH - doom.exe v1.9 DeHackEd fixes


       (20 reviews)


  7. Grasstex - Doom textures with grass tops

    Texture pack of outdoor Doom textures with added grass tops and/or grass bottoms, variously sloped grass tops on each texture, independent top and bottom grass patch that can be used as a texture.

    The pack comes in 3 variants - vanilla, Boom, Zdoom - that slightly differ, depending on vanilla / Boom engine limitations of texture height. Vanilla has only 128-units tall textures, Boom has some 128-tall and some 255-tall textures, and ZDoom provides 4096 tall versions of the textures + some shorter ones too. The textures with sloped grass tops are intended to be used on ZDoom's sloped floors.


       (3 reviews)


  8. Bugs Bunny Status Bar Face

    The Bugs Bunny Status Bar Face is Here!

    As the first piece of the LUNYDOOM.WAD in development, BUGSFACE.WAD lets you see that Wascally Wabbit get mangled in battle.


       (1 review)


  9. The Kerberos Complex Texture Pack

    This is a texture pack that was used for some techbase levels of Struggle, and The Kerberos Complex for Doomworld Mega Project 2017. It features 129 patches and 38 flats, designed for a techbase with four color themes; blue, green, red, and yellow. There are other textures that can be used for conventional doom levels, like brick walls and concrete walls, tiled floor and concrete ceiling.

    This zip also includes a custom palette that changes the hue of blue colors, as a separated wad file. The palette was intended to use for The Kerberos Complex, but it was deleted in order to participate to the community project.

    Feel free to use these textures for your levels if you want, and feel free to edit them out for your own taste. Please notice me if there's an issue with textures. Thanks, and have fun.


       (1 review)


  10. Jovian Palette

    The flatscreen technology of today makes DOOM too bright. This WAD is an attempt to bring our favourite game back into the CRT-induced darkness from whence it came.


       (1 review)


  11. Quake 2 skys (DooM 2 version)

    Eight 360-degree skys, made from Quake 2 screenshots. (3 from Quake 2, 3 from The Reckoning and 2 from Ground Zero)

    Despite the limits of the DooM engine (256x128 pixels, 256 colour palette) they turned out very well (which is more that can be said for Unreal) and look pretty good, especially in modern/hi-tech levels. (although some of them look good in other styles too)


       (2 reviews)


  12. Night Sky

    A new 360ø nighttime sky that ROCKS for all of id Software's games and for Team Eternal's "Eternal Doom III". I figured that most "id-holics" have most, if not all of id Software's games, so I packaged them all in one ZIP file rather than separately , and included as a bonus, one for Team Eternal's "Eternal Doom III".


       (10 reviews)


  13. Geneva Convention-compliant medikits

    This WAD replaces the Doom medikits with medikits from the BFG Edition release of Doom that are compliant with the Geneva Conventions.


       (19 reviews)


  14. Daggerfall Textures

    Over 1000 textures (655 walls, 386 flats) from the game Daggerfall, as well as five skies.


       (22 reviews)


  15. dm2_rock.zip

    This is just a little modification I made to the Doom title screen. I figured that the character was ASKING to have a guitar placed in his hands! Hope you like it!

    I liked the original screen more than the DoomII screen so I just combined the two - but there are plans to do more...


       (4 reviews)


  16. Smooth Weapon Animations

    Smooth HUD weapon animations converted to Dehacked


       (20 reviews)


  17. DarkBase Texture Wad (dgdbtxtr.wad)

    About 12 textures and 7 flats suitable for dark-brown base levels similar to Quake 1. All are mods of Doom2 textures, with the exception of one by Paul Fleschute.


       (7 reviews)


  18. Ogro Texture Pack for Doom2

    141 textures & 21 flats converted to Doom 2.


       (3 reviews)


  19. Sentry (pwad-version)

    Sentry changes cacodemons into robotic sentrys. The sentrys are raytraced hovering eyeballs that weild a big gun. 2 of the sounds are modified to make them a little more appropriate. This is a genuine Nukeface Production.


       (4 reviews)


  20. plums' skystravaganza

    A collection of skies, made from manipulating photos & editing iwad skies.

    Includes a demo map with sky transfers. (PrBoom+ -complevel 9 or more advanced port)

    A few skies are also available as PNGs with their own palettes, inside the wad.


       (10 reviews)


  21. Gloom Texture Set

    These textures are by ..::DethteX::.. http://users.nac.net/schwenz/index.html I simply resized and recolored them.


       (3 reviews)


  22. The Panels of Peril

    This is yet more stuff that arose during the design of The Butchery but was mostly not used for it. It is a set of BMP files containing 32x64 or 64x64 panels that cross-product various DOOM texture designs across other backgrounds in DOOM than the ones they were designed for.

    For example, the pipework in TEKGREN4 and METAL4 doesn't have a COMP variant, so I made one. I then split it into top and bottom sections so that several variations were possible, in particular I could have created 128 or 256-wide textures or wall patches in various combinations.

    The total number of combinations is HUGE, so I decided to release these only as individual parts and let people make their own as needed from them.


       (7 reviews)


  23. floor


       (9 reviews)


  24. Nmn Corporation Texture Set Part 2

    After 1.5 years time has come for the 2nd, final installment of the Nmn corporation texture pack. Enjoy. Theme: Industrial/Tech with a bit of nature (various rocks mostly). Stats: Number of textures: 312 Number of pathces: 223 Number of flats: 89 Number of switches: 3


       (15 reviews)


  25. Panzer Demon v2

    A tank'ish demon.


       (2 reviews)


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