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349 files

  1. Parallel Phobos Texture Pack

    Here's a texture pack consisting of some modified Doom's E1 textures. The textures fits E1 spirit yet looks and tiles a little differently. I aimed for an easy alignment with 64 grid and well vertical and horizontal tiling. All the edits were made by me, I used only Doom1 resources as a base.

    The zip file contains two versions of the pack: One for Doom 1 (TEXTURE1+TEXTURE2) and one for Doom 2 (TEXTURE1 only). Contents are the same in both.

    This pack has some switches, too. I had to 'merge' them with Doom's stock switches, to retain vanilla compatibility. Don't worry, all of the stock switches are left as they were, only the new ones are 'attached' to them and visible with a use of X offset.

    By the way, I realize that metal supports and GARG/SATYR/LION switches aren't E1 textures. But they are definitely connected with Romero, as he used them a lot in D2 and E4 maps. So you can find some nice variations of these walls in this pack too. :)


       (2 reviews)


  2. Doomguy 2000 Picture

    This is nothing spectacular, just something for the fans of Terry. All you have to do is place this file into your skins folder and it replaces the infamous Carnevil texture with a picture of myself.


       (39 reviews)


  3. Smooth Weapon Animations

    Smooth HUD weapon animations converted to Dehacked


       (20 reviews)


  4. Red Crescent Medikits

    Hello, I am great fan of game DOOM by ID SOFTWARE. However, as a devout Muslim I dislike to see Cristian symbols constantly. This file changes medical kit sprites to use Red Crescent symbol as is used in Islamic countries.


       (28 reviews)


  5. PalPlus

    PalPlus is a patch WAD for all versions of Doom, including vanilla. Its intended function is specifically to improve visibility on modern LCD monitors and generally to simply make Doom look much better.

    PalPlus works by increasing the contrast of luminance and color saturation in Doom's PLAYPAL lump and remapping the COLORMAP lump based on the former under the constraints of exclusive palette index selection.

    The original Doom palette has remain constant since the very first alpha versions of the game and was not altered in any further releases or versions. The palette was created for the atypical CRT monitors and television sets of the early nineties which featured far less power and flexibility than modern LCD monitors, and specifically reduced contrast and sharpness. As LCD monitors became the norm, the original Doom palette began to show its age.

    There are several different schools of thought regarding how color maps should be generated. The first, which was used in the original Doom, was to make all 256 colors in the palette available to the color map generation algorithm. This method works best with palettes that have a wide range of color tones. However, Doom's palette features relatively few distinct tones, most of which are browns and reds.

    The second method, which was utilized in the creation of PalPlus, restricts the color map generation algorithm to close relatives of the color tone currently being generated in the color map. When used in combination with the improved palette, lightness-based color shifts will ideally appear simultaneously smoother and more distinct to the human eye while displaying less artifacts and abrupt color cutoffs.

    The creation of PalPlus required tools which did not exist, and software written in C99 were specifically created for the development of this project. The partially finished product was extensively tweaked using the color map generation tool in XWE gradually over a period of over two years and went into testing sporadically during that period until it was deemed ready for release.

    Depending on the user and system, PalPlus may or may not make Doom look better to the observer. Extensive testing has shown that there are people who like it and those who don't. If you don't like it, then that's fine.

    If you do enjoy using PalPlus, then consider playing some of your favorite WADs with it, as it makes playing them a new experience.

    Keep in mind that some WADs feature their own PLAYPAL or COLORMAP lumps which may override those contained in PalPlus, or vice-versa. The order in which they are specified in the command line is important and pal_plus.wad should be specified at the end for best results. The end results when used in combination with WADs that use incompatible palettes are unknown.


       (44 reviews)


  6. EGA Doom

    EGA Doom is a patch WAD for all versions of Doom, including vanilla. It makes Doom look like an older EGA era game, which uses only 16 colors.

    Consider playing some of your favorite WADs with it, as it makes playing them a new experience. It is suggested that you use Chocolate Doom or any other similar port that makes use of PC speaker sound effects and 320x200 resolution for the ultimate retro experience.

    Keep in mind that some WADs feature their own PLAYPAL or COLORMAP lumps which may override those contained in ega_pal.wad, or vice-versa. The order in which they are specified in the command line is important and ega_pal.wad should be specified at the end for best results. The end results when used in combination with WADs that use incompatible palettes are unknown.


       (18 reviews)


  7. Darkening Episode 2 Texture Wad

    When we released the Darkening Episode 2 waaaaay back, we sorta promised a standalone texture wad so you could create your own Darkening E2 Levels. For various reasons we never got around to releasing this texture wad, but by popular demand, here it finally is.

    The only change between this release and the 2011 release, is that I've gotten in touch with Ola and obtained his approval to relax the permissions. It is now allowed to incorporate these textures in other projects, all we ask is that, in the spirit of good manners, credit is given to the Darkening E2 team.

    I hope that this resolves any issues anyone had with the initial release.


       (16 reviews)


  8. Clear Spectres & Proper Blood

    Quick and dirty modification for the spectres so they show up almost invisible (92% transparent) and two seperate files pertaining to the Baron and Caco based monsters so they bleed the same blood color that comes out of them when they die. One is for the normal ZDoom ports, one is for Skulltag as the port has one new Baron and two Caco variations.

    The files as they are:

    ClrSpec.wad - The spectre modification PropBlod.wad - For ZDoom ports PropBdST.wad - For Skulltag only

    Tested with ZDoom 2.5.0 and Skulltag 0.98d and haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary.


       (4 reviews)


  9. UAC Ultra Textures (v1.1)

    The texture set to go with my Doom 2 episode entitled UAC Ultra (uacultra.wad)

    v1.1 works with Eternity. Thanks esselfortium!


       (13 reviews)


  10. No Hands!

    A simple graphic change that removes the marine's hands from the Doom 2 and SkullTag weapons. Designed for those who play non-human skins or those desiring a change of pace. I'll admit that it's a little strange at first when playing, but I got used to it pretty quickly.


       (20 reviews)


  11. picture 320x200 640x400


       (5 reviews)


  12. The Annihilator weapon

    Tired of overpowered monsters? Tired of having no proper weapon to wither down that two-hundred thousand odd health monster? Well look no further, Introducing, the Annihilator! It's super-duper overpoweredness is so overpowered, it will bring down a Two-hundred thousand odd health monster in seconds!

    Because of this overpoweredness; however, the Annihilator is not for everyone! It's side effects may include: Head Ache, Nausea, Seizures, and not actually annihilating your target!

    So what are you waiting for!? Get yourself one of these big nasty guns today, and start getting rid of your hideously overpowered monsters with a hideously overpowered weapon! (No, I will not parody generic advertisements every time I release a weapon, the parody is for this weapon only.)


       (15 reviews)


  13. The Plasticine Cacodemon

    A replacement set of sprites for the Cacodemon. The novelty is that the sprites were produced starting from photos of a self-made static plasticine model of a cacodemon, just like id did. The model was based on the id original, but is different in its own way. Try to see ;-)


       (44 reviews)


  14. High Resolution Textures w/o the High Resolution

    This is an experiment to see if the high resolution textures actually make better textures than the originals. I took all the textures from the JDTP, resized them to their original sizes and put them in this wad file. Some textures came out looking much better than others. BROWN96 for example looks great, while textures like BRNGRN got its ass kicked by the doom pallete, making it more gray than green. Nonetheless it gives doom a more unique look.


       (22 reviews)


  15. Skypack 3

    Last one of the Skypacks. Contains 5 Bryce 4-rendered skies, all 256x240 pixels. I've also included the cut-down versions (256x128) for standard Doom.


       (4 reviews)


  16. Koul Textures

    A pack of Doom texture edits,(I'm so original) featuring cool brick variants, green wood stuff, fleshy variants, etc. Oh and a cool eyeball door!! I probably included a few too many variants but someone will probably find a use for them.


       (10 reviews)


  17. Awesomesphere

    A simple graphics replacement for the Soulsphere in the game changed to the 'Awesome' 4chan smiley. No, I'm not a chantard.


       (48 reviews)


  18. Shogo Textures

    2,848 textures from Shogo. Includes skies.


       (8 reviews)


  19. Powerslave Textures

    399 textures from Powerslave. Includes skies.


       (9 reviews)


  20. In Pursuit of Greed Textures

    351 textures from In Pursuit of Greed.


       (7 reviews)


  21. Redneck Rampage Textures

    1260 textures from Necrodome. Includes skies.


       (6 reviews)


  22. Necrodome Textures

    78 textures from Necrodome. Includes many skies.


       (10 reviews)


  23. Kingpin Textures

    1271 textures from Kingpin.


       (4 reviews)


  24. Realms of the Haunting Textures

    1,344(!!!!) textures from Realms of the Haunting.


       (11 reviews)


  25. Fate Textures

    355 textures from Fate, including some skies.


       (4 reviews)


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