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50 files


    An overhaul of my DM megawad, Z-Arena. Contains a few new maps.


       (6 reviews)


  2. Uptight Deathmatch

    A celebration of years of doom deathmatch, each map tries to create a different flair than the last


       (0 reviews)


  3. Progressive Duel 2

    16 maps suitable for duel


       (1 review)


  4. 32in24-16: DOOT CTF

    The Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software (YEDS) rise from their graves to present you DOOT CTF! Formed into existence through a magical ritual of skeletal trumpeters, DOOT CTF brings you 34 of the finest Capture the Flag maps ever constructed in a week and then needlessly fussed over for a year! Gather some friends and some holy water and compete to capture the most flags on these spookiest of battlegrounds:

    MAP01: Bad Times at the Armory by AlexMax MAP02: Flag Quest by GregLafitte MAP03: Cthulhu Fhtagn (What a Wonderful Phrase) by TheMionicDonut MAP04: The Greasy Brown Toad Bloater Special by Getsu Fune MAP05: Stones 'n' Bones by Jimmy (edits and detail by The Green Herring) MAP06: Spooky Shit by Walter Confalonieri MAP07: Tootsie Roll Showdown by Mechadon MAP08: Peruvian Voodoo Fortress by TheMionicDonut MAP09: Count Mortimer's Quest by 40oz MAP10: Scarydarkfast by 40oz MAP11: Count Toothy's Super Canoe by Mechadon MAP12: The Devil Is Evil by joe-ilya MAP13: Ren & Stimpack by scotty MAP14: Bone Pun or Something by Gothic MAP15: Displeasure Island by Rude MAP16: Voodoo Geometry by Breezeep MAP17: Creepy Cube Conspiracy by Zakurum MAP18: Grave Danger by Pinchy MAP19: Come On Down to Spooky Town by Mechadon MAP20: Get On the Floor, Everybody Walk the Bloodivore by esselfortium MAP21: Gloomy Gulch by Marcaek (detail by 40oz) MAP22: Captive's Crypts by Marcaek MAP23: Pumpkin Patch Kids by Marcaek MAP24: 32spooky24me by TheMionicDonut MAP25: BAD MOON by RottKing MAP26: YOU'RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME by Xaser MAP27: Castles of the Cyber-Creeps by andrewj MAP28: FatSmile.jpg by Marcaek (detail by Pinchy) MAP29: The Treefolk Assault Pumpkin Valley by lupinx-Kassman MAP30: GASTERISK by Xaser MAP31: Naval Skeletal Battle + by Gothic and Marcaek MAP32: The Wolfenshining by TheMionicDonut MAP33: Naval Skeletal Battle by Gothic MAP34: Coloured War by joe-ilya


       (4 reviews)


  5. Seidolon's Deathmatch Megapack

    Deathmatch mapset started in the very beginning of 2017. Enjoy it or DIE! If you wanna make some maps for my next deathmatch project, contact me. All levels made by Seidolon.


       (0 reviews)


  6. Superfast Mapping: Domination Edition

    The fourth installment in the Superfast mapping series. Meant for the domination gamemode on zandronum where players fight for control over several points, although deathmatch will work as well. Each of the 32 maps were made in 1 hour and 9 minutes. Maps are sized well for 8-16 players.


       (3 reviews)


  7. Aeon Deathmatch

    33 maps suitable for Team/Last Man Standing


       (13 reviews)


  8. Morgenstern

    This project contains eleven deathmatch maps based on the New School genre that are inspired by Quake 3. The maps presented in this project does require GZDoom's OpenGL renderer, as the software renderer does not yet have the capabilities to render slopped 3D floors, as well as some visual discrepancies. In addition, I have also included three legacy maps that used to be the main stock of the TGRDM3 project. As the development of this project originally started back in the year 2007, there has been a lot of hit and misses, and these maps outline why and what I have personally struggled on for many years. Furthermore, I have included four maps from my previous project, TGRDM2. The ancient maps from that project have been slightly modified to work with this project, along with its features.


       (21 reviews)


  9. 32in24-15: DWANGO Unchained

    The Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software (YEDS) are proud to present the YEDS Free-For-All Theater. With its comfortable leather seats and wide-open spaces, it is designed to bring you the latest and greatest in "free-for-all" cinema. While you make our acquaintance at our theater, please enjoy our feature presentations:

    MAP01: "Dial 'F' for Frag" by Mechadon MAP02: "D_RUNNIN Man" by Marcaek MAP03: "SPACE DAM 5" by Xaser MAP04: "Schwing!" by FuzzballFox and Jimmy MAP05: "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" by esselfortium MAP06: "THE MAY TRICKS" by RottKing MAP07: "Mansion of the Fly" by Obsidian MAP08: "Silent Night, Deadly Fight Part 2" by Marcaek MAP09: "The Pentagon Wars" by The Green Herring MAP10: "Bravefart" by Mechadon MAP11: "The Wadfather Part II" by Wartorn MAP12: "Twat Warts VII: The Farce Awakens" by Dusk MAP13: "The Rocketers Down Under" by RottKing MAP14: "Last DWANGO in Paris" by TheMionicDonut MAP15: "Spaceballs: The Deathmatch Map" by TheMionicDonut MAP16: "DIEHI Another Day" by Marcaek MAP17: "All Frags On the Western Front" by Tarnsman MAP18: "The Thirst Games" by Gothic MAP19: "Mad Map: Fury Roid" by Breezeep MAP20: "No Country for Old Space Marines" by Mechadon MAP21: "GRAYTALL Recall" by Jimmy MAP22: "ROCKY" by Matt Tropiano MAP23: "Road to Perdition's Gate" by Tarnsman MAP24: "Frag After Reading" by The Green Herring MAP25: "A View to a Frag" by Marcaek MAP26: "STARTAN Wars 4: An Old Despair" by Walter Confalonieri MAP27: "Four Weddings and a Fragfest" by Gentlepoke MAP28: "A Clockwork Tomato" by Obsidian MAP29: "Blood Simple" by Walter Confalonieri MAP30: "Behind the Scenes of 'The Room'" by joe-ilya MAP31: "The Last Shellbenders" by CWolfRu MAP32: "BFG to the Future" by Mechadon MAP33: "50 Shades of Gry" by Argentum

    But wait, that's not all! Order the Special 32in14-15-Bonus.wad Uncut Edition Ticket and you will earn the chance to see 20 more from our selection at this theater!

    MAP34: "The Silver Lining's BLACKWAL" by Getsu Fune MAP35: "DWANGO the Way id Never Would" by Marcaek MAP36: "Casabobca" by Argentum MAP37: "IRON F_SKY1" by Dusk MAP38: "Who Maimed Roger Rabbit?" by TheMionicDonut MAP39: "The 40-Year-Old Lunchable" by Argentum MAP40: "A Bridge to Frag" by Shadow Hog MAP41: "HellRaisins" by Gothic and Wartorn MAP42: "The Color of Money" by joe-ilya MAP43: "Mancubus: The Arm Cannons of Fate/Fat" by Argentum MAP44: "Dead Sonja" by Gentlepoke MAP45: "Rocket Royale" by GregLafitte MAP46: "Alien: Erection" by RottKing MAP47: "Close Encounters of the 69th Kind" by Argentum MAP48: "Chainsaw Wars Ep. 1: The Phantom Killing" by Philnemba MAP49: "The Skeleton Wars" by Dusk MAP50: "The Temple of Doomers" by GregLafitte MAP51: "Dr. Doom and the Riots" by Philnemba MAP52: "The LITE-ing" by nub_hat MAP53: "The Human Zimmerpede" by nub_hat MAP54: "I Know What You Did Last STARTAN2" by nub_hat


       (25 reviews)


  10. DWANGO: 21st Anniversary

    Happy 21st Anniversary! DWANGO is now officially old enough to buy booze. Due to the popularity of the Dwango 20th anniversary mappack (DWANGO20.wad), I've decided to start up a project with a similar but slightly different vision. Last year, we gave the DM mappers of the 90's the spotlight and focused on a true OS-style, however this year we've switched to focusing on the current community. This is a blend of the old and the new - It breathes fresh blood into map themes and layouts heavily inspired by our old favorites (and is definitely not to be taken too seriously!) After we all worked our butts off, we came to 25 maps. Happy fragging, Doomers!


    01- 21st Anniversary - Doomkid 02- Deimos Deathmatch - NoneeLlama & the_miano 03- Death Trap - Deathtrap 04- Splattercourt - Captain Toenail 05- Cat and Mouse - Deathtrap 06- Lockdown - Captain Toenail 07- Base E2 - NoneeLlama 08- Threshold - Cpt. Toenail & Joe-Ilya 09- Killing Spree - Captain Toenail 10- The Devil's Playground - Inkie 11- Circle of Death! - Doomkid 12- Hydromatch - BloodyAcid 13- Bold and Brash - Doomkid 14- Day 2 Die - Captain Toenail 15- Raging Elements - Fred512 16- E1M1 DM - Doomkid 17- Phobos Dungeon - Doomkid 18- The 6th Gate - Ronald 19- Spilling Blood - Deathtrap 20- The Unholy Cathedral - Chris Hansen 21- Canyon Installation - Joe Pallai 22- Wooddeath - Cacowad 23- Dieangle - Peter Kasting 24- Another Bloody Circle - Doomkid 25- Slasher - Doomkid


       (16 reviews)


  11. Countergoat Initiative

    CGI1 is a dueling mapset with 30 standard maps, four gimmick maps, and a hub (Zandronum only). They have been crafted and finely tuned by the best of the best in the Countergoat cause.

    MAP01: Donut De-Livers by TheMionicDonut music: midi of Virtua Fighter 2 - Chicago

    MAP02: Mixing Bowl by ClonedPickle music: "Fold" by Mark Klem

    MAP03: High Fructose Corn Syruppuku by Jimmy music: "Liquid Luck" by Jimmy

    MAP04: Pier SR50 by Alfonzo music: "Spectral Cybernetics" by Jimmy

    MAP05: Alfonzo Battles Genghis Khan in Old Neo Tokyo by Tarnsman music: MAP29 track from UDMX, by Ralphis

    MAP06: Whore Island by Alfonzo music: "Bombshell" by Jimmy

    MAP07: Thirteen Men All Backflipping Into a Shitstorm to Piss Off Alfonzo by Tarnsman music: "some Marvel vs Capcom theme" [thanks, Tarnsman]

    MAP08: Saskatoon by RottKing music: Chipp's Theme from Guilty Gear X

    MAP09: Jactory by jmickle music: "altazimuth" by jmickle

    MAP10: Tarnsman Digs a Hole to Guatemala by Jimmy music: "Minerals" by Jimmy

    MAP11: Alfonzo's Jungle Excursion: No Gaycaeks Allowed by Tarnsman music: a midi of "Bungle in the Jungle" by Jethro Tull

    MAP12: Alfonzo Battles the Golden Ninja Clan for Control of Mount Fuji by Tarnsman music: a midi of "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals

    MAP13: Goat to the Choppa by Jimmy music: "Reign in Madness" by Symphony X

    MAP14: Blunt Force Vasectomy by ClonedPickle music: "Wrong Turn" by Jimmy

    MAP15: Clusterfuck Processor by Marcaek music: ??? by Jeremy Doyle (requiem map19)

    MAP16: Off the Rails on the AD Train by AD_79 music: "Cosmic Prolapse" by Jimmy

    MAP17: Sandpaper Blowjob by ClonedPickle music: midi of "Preacher Man" by Fields of Nephilim (shoutout to TheGreenHerring for knowing that)

    MAP18: Wilhelm Academy by Alfonzo music: map28 of 32in24-10

    MAP19: Mambo Number 6 by TheMionicDonut music: midi of "Mambo Number 5" by Lou Bega

    MAP20: Petersen Baekery by Marcaek music: level 17 of Descent 1

    MAP21: Dyslexia Station by Jimmy music:

    MAP22: Pepsi Blue by Marcaek music: level 2 of Descent 1

    MAP23: UAC Ultra Quesadilla Explosion by TheMionicDonut music: Kraid's Theme from Metroid

    MAP24: The Toilet Store by TheMionicDonut music:

    MAP25: Pot City by Megalyth music: "Dark Halls" by Bobby Prince

    MAP26: Mr. Tib's Crib by Tib music: "Run 'Em, Gun 'Em, Kill 'Em" by Jimmy

    MAP27: Redeemed Memories by ClonedPickle music: "The Unjolly" by Mark Klem

    MAP28: The Pipewall Doesn't Stop by RottKing music: Gungaroon's Theme from Mega Man X7

    MAP29: License to Stack by Alfonzo music: "Warehaus" from Duke Nukem 3D

    MAP30: License to Stack 2: Crate Expectations by Alfonzo music: MAP21 of 32in24-12

    ~~ gimmick map zone ~~

    MAP31: Angry Towers with Top Hats by Xaser music:

    MAP32: Alfonzo's Vacation in Peter Burns' Nightmare Funhouse by Tarnsman music: midi of "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive

    MAP90: Baratus' Freaky Fucktangle by Baratus music:

    MAP98: Jimmylight Projectile Hell by ClonedPickle music: midi of "Even Flow" by Pearl Jam, improved by Minigunner

    BUNKER: Countergoat Hub by Tarnsman music: "Rise" by Lee Jackson

    Intermission music: "How'd I Do?" by Lee Jackson


       (6 reviews)


  12. Antaresia

    After scrapping my first single-player megawad project, Catastrophe, I decided to create deathmatch wad with 20 maps, using the resources made for Catastrophe. This map contains lots of blue texture, so it's not recommended to player who has cyanophobia.


       (5 reviews)


  13. 1 star deathmatch

    35 punky maps for deathmatch.


       (17 reviews)


  14. Superfast Mapping: Deathmatch Edition

    The sequel to Superfast DUEL Speedmaps. A wad that was the result of a speed-mapping compilation on the Zandronum Forums in the late summer and early autumn of 2013. As the title suggests, this map pack is made with deathmatch in mind, but with support for sixteen players or greater. Each map ,whilst being made in BooM format, was to be finished in one hour with corrections allowed as a method of quality control. In the end, the group created thirty-five all-new deathmatch maps that play greatly for big crowds.


       (12 reviews)


  15. FastDM

    FastDM is a fast paced, 33 level deathmatch megawad.

    See the included text file for more information.


       (9 reviews)


  16. Deathmatch Revival: 35 Cross Compatible Maps By The Doom Community

    Deathmatch Revival (DMR_2014.wad) was started sometime back in March of 2013 by Doomkid92 from the Doomworld forums. Since July of 2013, management position was handed off to Joe Pallai and then to me (DG93) in early December.

    The DMR team crafted this 35 level megawad cross compatible with the following Doom 2 source ports: "Zandronum" "Odamex" and "Zdaemon" for the Doom Community.

    DMR is like a new age "DWANGO" but branded with a new name by Doomkid92. DMR has many map themes inspired by some of the maps from the DWANGO series. A couple of maps have "Green War" DM themes while a few others are remakes of some of the original Doom 1 & Doom 2 layouts. There are also 2 maps that have the "Gothic99" theme as well. The rest contain original mapping designs.

    When hosting a server [DMflags]: Allow players to jump, use freelook, all item and barrel respawn, call votes on map change, and autoaim.

    We hope you all enjoy playing our levels!

    **Please give us some feedback**


       (23 reviews)


  17. 32in24-13: A Thanksgiving without Burgers

    "The year is 2007. Dimmy Waywes' Bickabedia Fownndown is in hot water, and it's up to the legendary Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software to save them the only way they know how. With the power of soul food.

    Everything was set. The banquet was laid out, and all there was left to do was set out the traditional Thanksgiving burgers to appease the almighty Map God.

    And then tragedy struck.

    It all happened in slow motion. Xaser strode up confidently with a platter of burgers, but Clonedpickle let the bottle of Frank's Red Hot sauce slip, and it rolled under Xaser's foot. He tumbled over dramatically, landing tongue-deep in the stromboli. And in a glistening ark, all the condiments went flying. Rings of onions dancing in the air as if they belonged to a circus magician, dewy, juicy leaves of romaine, thick melted strands of cheddar, and mighty slabs of ground and peppered angus.

    The burgers hit the floor.

    And the rest is history."

    The levels in this iteration of the series are:

    MAP01: "LET THE BURGERS HIT THE FLOOR" by Xaser MAP02: "Marbled Blue Cheese" by Snakes MAP03: "Count Chocula's Spooky Castle Adventure" by TheMionicDonut MAP04: "Marmalade Murder Mansion" by Mechadon MAP05: "Pepper Your Angus" by Scroton MAP06: "Caco-Cola Factory" by RottKing MAP07: "Steak and Kidney Stones" by Jimmy MAP08: "Blue Cheese Mashpatatos" by Tarnsman MAP09: "Tater Tot Tempest" by Mechadon MAP10: "GRAVY, BITCH!" by Marcaek MAP11: "The Guacamole Shuffle!" by TheMionicDonut MAP12: "Tap Water and Mayo Sandwiches" by Nautilus MAP13: "Late Night Porking" by 40oz MAP14: "Pie Flesh Consumed" by Jimmy MAP15: "The Tragic Burger King" by Tango MAP16: "As the Chocolate Falls" by Tib MAP17: "It's Definitely Edible, Just Try It!" by Tib MAP18: "This Turkey Needs More Cocaine, Nigella" by Springy MAP19: "Kumquat Control" by ClonedPickle MAP20: "Grand Slam" by esselfortium MAP21: "Chocolate Factory" by gothic MAP22: "Chips & Turkey Frenzy" by joe-ilya MAP23: "Bob's Space Peanut Packing Plant" by Marcaek MAP24: "Tongue Deep in Stromboli" by Marcaek MAP25: "Eat Your Tekgreens" by Jimmy MAP26: "I Ate at McDonald's and This Happened" by sgt dopey MAP27: "Mekworx Blue Plate Special" by Mechadon (detailed by Xaser) MAP28: "Chicken Bites Arena 9k" by Walter Confalonieri MAP29: "A Good Ol' Country Dinner" by Shadow Hog MAP30: "Super Sweet Candy" by Paul Corfiatis MAP31: "UAC BBQ Processing" by Mechadon MAP32: "Pie in the Sky Diner" by lupinx-Kassman MAP33: "The Aftermath of Taco Bell" by Olympus MAP34: "Brick Sandwich" by nub_hat MAP35: "Curry Night" by sgt dopey MAP36: "Apocalypse Aftermath at Frank's Factory for Spicy Sauce" by ClonedPickle MAP37: "Kentucky Fried Cacodemon" by gothic MAP38: "Discount Slaughterhouse" by nub_hat MAP39: "Bloody Tomato Soup Special" by Philnemba MAP40: "Ruptured Raspberries" by Hurricyclone MAP41: "BTW This is Definitely Tomato Sausage" by Cacowad MAP42: "Slow-Dance Chubby" by 40oz MAP43: "Welcome to Pizza Void" by RottKing MAP44: "Home Invasion on Thanksgiving" by Nautilus MAP45: "Fast Food for Thanksgiving" by Nautilus MAP46: "Black Friday!" by TheMionicDonut MAP47: "Fisting and Chainsawing in the Meat Locker" by Philnemba

    We've also included an alternate version of one level that was submitted as an update after the original release because "deal with it, it's not on idgames yet :P", even though the reason it wasn't was because idgames/ was read-only at the time. Consider this one an idgames/ release bonus!

    MAP48: "Blue Cheese Mashpatatos (No Tip for the Delivery Guy)" by Tarnsman


       (18 reviews)


  18. Velocity CTF X

    The expansion of Velocity CTF: 32 maps of high-speed action-packed Capture the Flag maps by various individuals of the Mechanix Union.

    Map list: MAP01 - Rotated Infinity by Dusk MAP02 - Crypts of Eternity by Decay MAP03 - and Hell Captured by Dusk MAP04 - Industrial Nukage Mining by Dusk MAP05 - Gun Shy by Kamai MAP06 - Generatrix by Decay MAP07 - Tyr's One-Wheeled Bicycle by HeavenWraith MAP08 - Bleak Outlook by Synert MAP09 - Swap Meet by Shane MAP10 - PACK ATTACK by Dusk MAP11 - Winter Sacrifice by Decay MAP12 - Complex Beta by Decay MAP13 - Stand-Off by Decay MAP14 - Industrial Waste Sewers by Decay MAP15 - The E4-Themed Reject by Kamai MAP16 - Heavy Water by Omegamax MAP17 - Return to the Crypts by Decay MAP18 - Clash of Empires by Shane MAP19 - Alpine Insurrection by Shane / Decay / HeavenWraith MAP20 - DECAY INDUSTRIES by Decay MAP21 - Save the Universe! by Heavenwraith / Dusk MAP22 - Chernobyl's Requiem by Kamai MAP23 - Radial Ruins by Omegamax MAP24 - Remmi's Wrath by Remmirath MAP25 - Mount Idle by Shane MAP26 - Mortal Revulsion by Exl MAP27 - Corrupt Technology by Decay MAP28 - Deathgrind by Dusk MAP29 - Sound Familiar? by Shane MAP30 - Artificial Valley by Heavenwraith / Dusk MAP31 - Charon Orbit by Dusk MAP32 - Complex Delta by Decay

    Uses the following music tracks:

    MAP01 - Flame Mammoth's theme from Mega Man X, sequenced by Teck MAP02 - "Skedar Mystery" from Perfect Dark, sequenced by Gold Jinjo MAP03 - "Wicked Child" from Castlevania, remix by Jay Reichard MAP04 - "Fear Factory" from Donkey Kong Country, sequenced by Jay Reichard MAP05 - "Names" by Bobby Prince, from Duke Nukem 3D MAP06 - "Conductor" by James Paddock MAP07 - Main theme of Fairy Tail (metal ver.) by Takanashi Yasuharu, sequenced by HeavenWraith MAP08 - "Bleak Outlook" by Synert MAP09 - "Path of Destruction" by Mark Klem (Requiem MAP06) MAP10 - "Strange World" from Mega Man 9, sequenced by Teck MAP11 - "Under a Crimson Moon" by TheGreenHerring (Plutonia 2 MAP12) MAP12 - "Transducer" by James Paddock MAP13 - "The Extreme" by Uematsu Nobuo MAP14 - "Submission" by James Paddock MAP15 - "Storming the Trenches" by Disintegrator MAP16 - "Duff McWhalen's Stage" from Mega Man X5, sequenced by King Meteor MAP17 - "Destiny" by Mark Klem MAP18 - "Sequenz - Dies Irae" from W. A. Mozart's Requiem MAP19 - "Surf City", Battletoads theme, sequenced by The Jade Emperor MAP20 - "Streets of Desolation", from Batman, sequenced by LK*1 MAP21 - "Ankoku no Madoushi" by Takanashi Yasuharu sequenced by Heavenwraith MAP22 - "L's Theme" by Taniuchi Hideki sequenced by Heavenwraith MAP23 - composed by Heavenwraith MAP24 - "Black Inferno" by James Paddock MAP25 - "Fire Field" (echo mix) from F-Zero, sequenced by Jay Reichard MAP26 - "Mourning Palace" by Dimmu Borgir, sequenced by Set Abominae MAP27 - "Raven's Nest" by James Paddock MAP28 - "Fallen" by Symphony X, sequenced by Simone Mularoni MAP29 - "Wolfsong" by Darkhaven3 MAP30 - "Schismogenesis" by Sekito Tsuyoshi sequenced by Heavenwraith MAP31 - "Opening Stage: Axl - 'Conflict'" from Mega Man X7, sequenced by King Meteor MAP32 - Wily Fortress 1/2 theme from Mega Man 2, sequenced by V-King

    Title music from "Gate of Thunder Stage 6: Dark Gate" Sequenced by Disintegrator Intermusic: "Hard as Iron" by Judas Priest, sequenced by "Judas Priest Tabs"


       (20 reviews)


  19. 32in24-12: IRON MAPPER

    "In 1974 a crack commando unit was sent to prison again for another crime that they seriously didn't commit only this time they were sent to Japan to participate in a terrible cooking themed mapping game show for the ultimate prize: burgers designed to have the hell eaten out of them.

    Surviving purely on rations of Lunchables and Arizona Watermelon Punch the YEDS team has pooled together its resources to take Japan by storm with the craziest CTF maps known to man.

    The levels in this iteration of the series are:

    MAP01: This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man by skillsaw MAP02: Splatterday Night Fever by TheMionicDonut MAP03: Face to Face by Solarn MAP04: Sauce Port by Jimmy91 MAP05: Water Purification Facility by nub_hat MAP06: The Battle of Snake Canyon by The Green Herring MAP07: Just Out of Reach by XutaWoo MAP08: A Roboticized Lizard Comprised Entirely of Moving Wooden Parts, Neurokinetic Circuitry, and the Heart of a Moldy Bald Eagle by Mechadon (design) and Shaikoten (items) MAP09: Lost Facility #28 by RottKing MAP10: Gray Mainstream Map by Luca95 MAP11: Scary Flaggers and Nice Caps by AlexMax MAP12: Hamburglar Hill by TheMionicDonut MAP13: Flag Island by Dusk MAP14: Danny Tamberelli's Manboobs by zap610 MAP15: Mark It Zero by skillsaw MAP16: Green Vaults by Dusk MAP17: Close Friends! by Pavera MAP18: Tong Dat Catte by ClonedPickle MAP19: Some Tourist Attraction by BloodyAcid MAP20: Eye of the Tiger by IvanDobrovski MAP21: Meatwad Goes to the Super Bowl by Wartorn MAP22: Water Defecation Facility by ArmouredBlood (design) and Tango (detail, item placement) MAP23: I've Got Two Words for You and They're Not "Happy Birthday" by 40oz MAP24: Generica by Whoo MAP25: Cereal Crates by Watermelon MAP26: Right Angle of Destiny by Processing Control MAP27: Go to Hell, Do Not Collect $200 by The Green Herring MAP28: Mudman Wonderland by Kassman MAP29: Seclatus by esselfortium MAP30: Kingdom of Naughty Aeronautics by Xaser MAP31: WTF CTF by Xaser MAP32: Thanks Zero. I'm Okay. by Forty-Two (design) and Tango (detail) MAP33: Obvious Filler Map by TheMionicDonut MAP34: Late in Britland by Devon MAP35: Bridge to Nowhere by Llewellyn MAP36: A Complete Disregard of All That You Love by ClonedPickle MAP37: The Tooters by TimeOfDeath


       (17 reviews)


  20. Obsidian Deathmatch

    A compilation of old-school style deathmatch maps by Tempest with contributions by Jroc, Proteh, and tm512.


       (11 reviews)


  21. 32in24-11: Occupy Doomworld

    Welcome, all, to the eleventh iteration of 32in24, brought to you by YEDS! This time, we've gone for 8-player free-for-all, but with a twist! After finishing our levels, we spent a full week on playtesting, including a full session on Odamex Nitro! We hope that this rigorous testing process has resulted in a strong, memorable collection of levels for you to play! You owe it to yourself to stick it to the Man!

    This WAD is dedicated to Slab Bulkhead, Fridge Largemeat, Punt Speedchunk, Butch Deadlift, Bold Bigflanks, Splint Chesthair, Flint Ironstag, Bolt Vanderhuge, Thick McRunfast, Blast Hardcheese, Buff Drinklots, Trunk Slamchest, Fist Rockbone, Stump Beefgnaw, Smash Lampjaw, Punch Rockgroin, Buck Plankchest, Stump Chunkman, Dirk Hardpeck, Rip Steakface, Slate Slabrock, Crud Bonemeal, Brick Hardmeat, Rip Sidecheek, Punch Sideiron, Gristle McThornBody, Slake Fistcrunch, Buff Hardback, Bob Johnson, Blast Thickneck, Crunch Buttsteak, Slab Squatthrust, Lump Beefbroth, Touch Rustrod, Reef Blastbody, Big McLargehuge, Smoke Manmuscle, Beat Punchbeef, Pack Blowfist, and Roll Fizzlebeef. Their names will never be forgotten.

    The levels in this iteration of the series are:

    MAP01: Morning Wood by 40oz MAP02: Graytest Thing Since Sliced Bread by skillsaw MAP03: Vrack to the Izzo by esselfortium MAP04: Fuck Doom Builder by majik MAP05: Green Gone Wild: Spring Break 2k11 by Tango MAP06: Earl Gray by RottKing MAP07: Caress Me Roughly by ClonedPickle MAP08: Conveyor Belt Carnage by Joshy and Tango MAP09: Meanwhile, in Finland by Da Spadger and Tango MAP10: Horizontal Delight by Forty-Two MAP11: Rotary Supercollider by Xaser MAP12: Gray Pride! by TheMionicDonut MAP13: Waterways by Olympus MAP14: Pit of Psychotic Repair by Malinku MAP15: What the Tech by skillsaw MAP16: This Map is Shit by Melon MAP17: The Ultraman Torment N' Torture by esselfortium MAP18: Concretion by Jimmy91 MAP19: Deathmatch the Way id Did by 40oz MAP20: Kanterflux by kuchikitaichou MAP21: Ipecac by Mechadon MAP22: Unlimited Grey Works by Wartorn and majik MAP23: Gothic Stronghold by Whoo MAP24: Auf Wiedersehen, Sonne by The Green Herring MAP25: RooneyTech by Phobus MAP26: Storming the Castle by Snakes MAP27: Bordertown by Mithran Denizen MAP28: Macrocastle by Krispavera MAP29: Knee-Deep in Zeldoom by esselfortium MAP30: STAIRTAN3 by majik MAP31: Radish Juice by Mechadon MAP32: Clay Pig 2: Gordo's Revenge by Mechadon MAP33: Electronic Arts Headquarters by TheMionicDonut MAP34: Welcome to Die by TheMionicDonut MAP35: Techbase #5759 by Tib MAP36: Startown by Melon MAP37: New York '77 by Processing Control MAP38: Genital Hogwarts by 40oz MAP39: No Place for Rest by The Green Herring MAP40: Going Viral by Phobus MAP41: Tortuga by Icytux MAP42: Melting Universe by Walter Confalonieri MAP43: Hall of Blood by Pottus MAP44: TechBase Terror by Edward850 MAP45: American Gladiator by Sigvatr


       (37 reviews)


  22. Paul's Deathmatch

    32 Deathmatch levels of different themes for Boom Compatible ports with original music. Each level features 8 DM starts (except for MAP07), all weapons, backpacks and invisibility. Some maps are rather symmetrical. This is my first and probably only DM megawad.


       (7 reviews)


  23. 32in24-10: MAPS FOR THE MAP GOD

    "In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software."

    Their assignment this week was to produce 32 levels suited for 4-8 player free-for-all deathmatch within 24 hours. Thanks to a timely ambush by dastardly terrorists, it took them 48 hours to accomplish this. In spite of this, YEDS hopes that this megawad will be worthy of your perusal.

    The levels in this iteration of the series are:

    MAP01: Lawn Wake IX by esselfortium MAP02: Grayscale by Mechadon MAP03: Wood, Stone, and Steel by The Green Herring MAP04: Techbase, Bloody Techbase by Tib MAP05: Baseheads by Melon MAP06: Boxed In by Solarn MAP07: Lord Assburger's Manor by Craigs MAP08: Perfect Blue by Walter Confalonieri MAP09: High Roller by Icytux MAP10: Terror Towers by TrueDude MAP11: Eat Dirt by Jimmy91 MAP12: See and Hunt Thy Enemies by Philnemba MAP13: Mithanthaya by tm512 MAP14: Delirite by Mechadon MAP15: Five Piece Chicken Dinner by Revenant MAP16: Abandoned Mining Complex on Tiberius Alpha by RottKing MAP17: Stretch Mark Labs by 40oz MAP18: Need That Soulsphere by Forty-Two MAP19: Doublequick by Icytux MAP20: Canyon Target by kuchikitaichou MAP21: Stoned Grasshopper by Xtroose MAP22: Big Trouble in Fuzakistan by Walter Confalonieri MAP23: Oh No! Alien Pee! by Melon MAP24: Too Many Pizza by The MisterCat MAP25: Tech Initiative by purist MAP26: Cannonball by esselfortium MAP27: 3D TREE TEMPEST by RottKing MAP28: Viridian Complex by The Green Herring MAP29: Base Battle by killer ninja MAP30: Jeremiah's Museum by TimeOfDeath MAP31: Quinoline by Mechadon MAP32: Choco by Mechadon (lol, one day late)

    Since the WAD ended up taking two days to make instead of one, here are a few levels that didn't make it through quality control, but were kept anyway just so the mappers wouldn't feel bad. You're welcome.

    MAP33: The Fly by Joshy MAP34: Ballistic Base by KingLunar MAP35: Symmetrical Shit by ClonedPickle MAP36: Welcome to the DWANGO by Walter Confalonieri MAP37: Hell Arena Deathmatch XL by RottKing

    And last, but not least, here's a pair of levels that were made for previous 32in24s, but didn't quite make it. Think of these as 3.5th anniversary bonus levels! Or don't! See if they care!

    MAP38: MILITARY BIJW by Bucket (originally for 32in24-8) MAP39: Filler Techbase by Icytux (originally for 32in24-9)


       (21 reviews)


  24. Mega5 Deathmatch series!

    Mega5 is an Old Skool style Deathmatch Mega wad made for the Doom II game, and just about any Doom source engine. Includes 22 deathmatch maps!


       (18 reviews)


  25. 32in24-9: Return of DUEL CORE

    A gargantuan collection of 32^H^H45 smashing levels, all created in less than 24 hours on December 20, 2009, centered upon the art of mortal combat between two well-armed individuals. Or, as simpletons would call it, the "duel." The Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software (YEDS) wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    The levels in this iteration of the series are:

    MAP01: First Attempt by ArmouredBlood MAP02: Checkerboard Nightmare by The Green Herring MAP03: BrickRoll'd by TheMionicDonut MAP04: Time Zones Can Be Rough by Travers Dunne MAP05: 32in24-9 From Outer Space by Walter Confalonieri MAP06: Oh, Well, I Think This Could Be a Tower by Walter Confalonieri MAP07: Slime and Metal by Abyssalstudios1 MAP08: Emphasis by Avery Ross MAP09: Backyard Clash by Keo MAP10: I'm Not Here to Read, I'm Here to Duel! by Philnemba MAP11: Episode 1 Mania by Whoo MAP12: A Small Excavation by AbyssalStudios1 MAP13: Distant Rig by Jimmy91 MAP14: Casual Sewer Playground by Wartorn MAP15: Fondled Memories by ClonedPickle MAP16: Glunky Greasy Sewer by Whoo MAP17: Ain't It Hot Here? by Talvi MAP18: This is a Crappy Map by TheMionicDonut MAP19: The Crucible of Sorrow by 40oz MAP20: Mount Rokfyv by The Green Herring MAP21: Geography Class Warfare by kuchikitaichou MAP22: Pillar of Guts by Whoo MAP23: Poop Processing by Doomsphere MAP24: ORIGWAD.WAD Tribute? by Walter Confalonieri MAP25: Duel of the Red Death by Malinku MAP26: Chez Casa Quesadilla by TheMionicDonut MAP27: PRIMATE HOUSE by Bucket MAP28: Shotgun Therapy by ClonedPickle MAP29: Earthquake Weather by esselfortium and Revenant MAP30: Ashes to Ashes by The Green Herring MAP31: Mountain Foundry by ArmouredBlood MAP32: Vandelay Industries by zap610 MAP33: Hate Processing Bunker by lupinx-Kassman MAP34: Stairway Boogie Woogie by brinks MAP35: Dueling on My Mind by TheMionicDonut MAP36: Isenheiss by AbyssalStudios1 MAP37: This Map Used to Be Detailed by Shaikoten MAP38: Finished My Map by Craigs MAP39: Darn Windows by Forty-Two MAP40: The Bloodening by RottKing MAP41: Lost Research Colony by 40oz MAP42: Yet Another Tech Base by Talvi MAP43: Pit of a Bloody Smile by Philnemba MAP44: Deja Boom by PUNISH3R MAP45: I Chainsaw What You Did There by TheMionicDonut


       (21 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Bri0che · Posted
      I found it to be very ambitious for a first try at Doom mapping since the map is relatively big (around 300 monsters, 50 items, 9 secrets !). Definitively deserve applause, even though we can honestly say there is no real innovation in there. In the other hand, the gameplay feels rather correct, it is absolutely playable, and no wonder that the guy behind it is able to do much better.   Basic monster placement and efficient traps. A little bit of backtracking but not much. Level design is intuitive and has a normal pathing, nothing crazy here, rather linear but I personally like that way, still better than an absolute maze, or a boring and empty world as how feel a lot of open world games nowadays. The mapper tried well to use brightness and light effects are sometimes here to play with this contrast, even though I felt there is a misplacement, this is only my own opinion though. Maybe it is a bit empty also, lack of decoration, too blend, we need a personal touch in here ! Texture misalignment and door tracks would be the real thing to work on aesthetic wise, a little bit of a shame ! The difficulty have a good scaling : the strongest weapons you have, the strongest enemies you fight. Sounds obvious, but apparently not for everyone… Ironically (or not) this is THE most important thing to do before having an interesting fight.   In conclusion : this is an objective success for the creator, and as a player I actually had quite fun !   4/5, a bonus point considering this is a first map, for the encouragement. A most objective note would be around 3,5 but that's an impossible note.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A very good and unknown small arena for DM, pretty fun with bots
    • By No-Man Baugh · Posted
      Haven't even downloaded this wad. But hot hell did this earn my 4 stars
    • By 4shockblast · Posted
      I believe I am legally obliged to give this WAD 4 stars.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A basic, classic looking map with some cute design in the layout and lighting choices, especially the atmosphere creation due to studied dark areas poorly lightened, but ruined by the near lack of ammo in the map and the almost cruel usage of demon hordes.