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The files in this directory are designed for one or more of the so-called "Source Ports", which are modifications of the DOOM source code that was released by id Software in December 1997. You will need to look through the text files to see which port a wad was made for. Some will work on more than one, and some are very specific not only to which port but to which version or modification of that port. If you have any questions or problems with these files, contact the authors. Their email addresses should be in the matching .txt file.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Nine Inch Heels · Posted
      Giving 4 stars while being somewhat generous. And here's why:   This is part jokewad and part vignette style combat (leaning towards slaughter among other things). At times this wad is competent at either of these things, other times I really felt like the joke has been pushed way past the point of breaking, hence way past the point of being funny for me personally. Everyone's sense of humor and its limits are different, mine is unfortunately not suited for the kind of mockery that happens here at times. Simply put: This megawad is not for everybody.   I love me some "bizarre" stuff, but if you put me in an elevator shaft that takes more than just "a few" minutes to reach its destination... Sorry, these things are not quite my cup of tea.   Jokes aside, there is some fun stuff in this set. Usage of scrolling floors not only for the purpose of voodoo doll scripting is something I have a soft spot for, punching the everliving crap out of a cybie is rather enjoyable as well, telefragging a bunch of stuff while memorizing which teleport pads have been used was also nice. In short: There is some creative stuff here that I thouroughly enjoyed.   I'd recommend playing this with liberal use of IDCLEV in mind, because you may stumble upon something that you have a good time with.
    • By riderr3 · Posted
      An quality fan-made continuation of TNT.WAD. Completed it for 12 hours totally.
      MAP15 and MAP28 along the favorites.
      Final bosses is interesting, though it can be rushy sometimes. I played with PSX sounds wad and did not noticed boss death sound, cause it shared same sound with PSX arachnotron.
      The level is of detailing is very high. Sometimes even can not believable, what this can be done with vanilla limitations.
      Skyboxes are one of the best what I saw in other wads.
      What I don't like is some maps is just out of place, like MAP27. One more disappointment about they pulled out Europa/Lithosphere from MAP32 slot. Hope we can see them in another related projects.
      Also you can see the real name of cyberdemon at the cast screen :)
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      yep, this is a huge-as-fuck map alright. you WILL get lost in this one, but thankfully not to the point that it becomes unplayable because thankfully, it fully is playable. it's just very cramped in a lot of spots, especially in the first few levels. what's best about this level is that it does get to be a bit more open later on. the combat isn't all that tough despite being cramped in most spots, and i managed to find all 23 secrets on my go. it was much harder to get 100% kills though, but worth it in the end. i actually think using automap markers for a map like this will help players immensely too.
    • By Anidrex_1009 · Posted
      Actually, I quite love the style of the maps of the 90s, I like to feel nostalgic even if I was not even born in those years, lol. Quite entertaining, almost a classic, from start to finish can be challenging, but very fun and perfect for a little trip to nostalgialand.
    • By Gallic00 · Posted
      Short and enjoyable mapset.  Some pretty heavy gunfights.