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  1. Baker's Dozen

    13 levels for any limit removing port

    Map01 was made for First Demo Contest on iddqd.ru

    Maps 2, 3, 11 and 13 are from Speed Map Contest on iddqd.ru. Each of them is made within 4 hours. Yeah, map13 too. Do you believe it?

    Maps 7, 9 and 12 were made for Plutonia2 and were rejected. Map07 is retextured.


       (34 reviews)


  2. Cheogsh 2

    After the release of "Cheogsh", the ideas of what should be included in it have appeared; and the number of those ideas was so big – that the thought of making Cheogsh 2 have appeared by itself. But initial concept of the wad, around which this wad was meant to be built, hasn’t justified itself – this has predetermined long and uneasy destiny of all project. As a result, Cheogsh 2 came out not so epic, as it was meant to be initially. But we hope despite that, this wad did not become less interesting. Thanks all who helped us while we were working on it.

    To play Cheogsh 2, type the following command in Start-Run: gzdoom.exe -file cheogsh2.pk3

    You also can regulate speed of messages in dialogues - T button by default. Volcanoes effects can be turned on/off by pressing U button. Also, an alternative HUD is recommended to be used. Have a good game!


       (110 reviews)


  3. Simple Hellgate

    A small but challenging map for Gzdoom using Dynamic lights. Make sure your dynamic lights type is set to legacy type to play this map.


       (6 reviews)


  4. Clavicula Nox (Revised Version)

    12 medieval-themed maps based on the game Nox. For changes for the revision version read ahead.


       (28 reviews)


  5. Business Complex

    Fight (& have fun)


       (7 reviews)


  6. Cursed Black Diamond

    This is Black Diamond Ranch's remade twin brother with a new Deathmatch area fit for 2-4 players.


       (15 reviews)


  7. Happy Time Circus ][


       (80 reviews)


  8. Escape to Corvus

    A sixteen level adventure for single player or coop. Deathmatch starts are included and the levels should at least be functional for this mode. Anyway, the story is that after the alien invasion, you were one of many people trying to make it to Earth's starport to escape the onslaught. The ship is destined for the Corvus base on a moon of Jupiter.


       (8 reviews)


  9. Selfish Series (Boom Edition)

    The Boom edition of the Selfish Series. The levels are mostly unchanged but a few textures have been aligned and some slight enhancements have been made here and there to the gameplay and architecture. An all new original MIDI based soundtrack has now been included.


       (16 reviews)


  10. Bloodlust

    A large underground level that aims to be nonlinear.

    HMP is the recommended difficulty, UV is much harder and HNTR much easier.


       (21 reviews)


  11. Artifact

    My first wad. Uses ZDOOM, but created on Boom. Artifact is able to destroy all the demons, but that it needs to be found. But first must undergo training and then begin the search for weapons of mass destruction.


       (10 reviews)


  12. The Academy

    A map vaguely inspired by Evilution's MAP21 - Administration centre.


       (7 reviews)


  13. Chaos Order

    A large level with two different paths. UV is much harder than the other difficulties.


       (16 reviews)


  14. Bridges Gone Wild

    Bridges. The final frontier. Or most recent for me.


       (4 reviews)


  15. Commander Keen 2.5D: The Quest for Spot's Collar Alpha Test Release

    This zip file includes two pk3's: Q4CollarAlpha.pk3 and KEENDATA.pk3. Be sure to load them both in order to play correctly (run GZDOOM from a command line rather than trying to drag and drop them both in)

    This is a game for the GZDOOM Source port using the Universal Doom Map Format (UDMF). All content in the game is entirely new, so it may be possible to run this with an Iwad other than doom2.wad, but I never really experimented with it so just be safe with doom2.wad.

    This game stars Commander Keen of old-school PC sidescrolling fame and his friend Marta as they explore planet Gloogulus Prime searching for Spot's stolen collar before he gets put to sleep in an intergalactic alien pound. You get a basic neural stunner for a weapon and you can jump pretty high. There's also very little wind resistance so you have great control in the air as well. Gloogulus's gravity also keeps you airborne for a slightly longer period of time than that of Earth's. You cannot drown, so don't worry about being under the yellow water for too long.

    Like the original Commander Keen games, you can make use of a Pogo (or in Marta's case Moon Shoes) to let you jump even higher. You can go into pogo mode by pressing alt-fire, so make sure you have that key configured to something. Try it out, it's quite fun. You can get out of pogo mode by pressing altfire again or by pressing fire (but doing the latter will use up a stun charge)

    You can collect candy for points and 100 purple fruits for a 1up but at this early stage of development they are meaningless.

    Oh, and one more thing: Like the original Commander Keen games, you have only ONE HIT POINT! So watch your back out there ;)

    ************************************ *|================================|* *|-------------STORY:-------------|* *|================================|* ************************************

    The year is 1991. After finally killing his arch-nemesis, Mortimer McMire, during an epic clash that would decide that would decide the fate of the Universe, nine-year old boy genius Billy Blaze, AKA Commander Keen, continues to work diligently in his lab. Commander Keen has gone on many more interstellar adventures since he saved the Universe. Some of which are more believable than others.

    One day Billy was playing fetch with his pet yorp Spot. He accidently threw the stick into the thick bushes in his neighbor's yard. "Wait here while I go get it boy" Billy said to spot just before he went to retrieve it. But before Billy could dive into the bushes, he felt something heavy land on top of him and he hit the ground. "Tag, you're it!" It was Marta, the annoying girl who just moved into this house with her family a few weeks ago. Marta is new in the neighbor hood and they've been having playdates because their moms thought it would be a good idea. But Marta doesn't quite get that Billy doesn't enjoy her company. Or perhaps she understands perfectly and gets entertainment from annoying him. Marta has an IQ of 313 and a laboratory of her own, and Billy secretly resents the fact that someone else is around who can rival his intelligence. But she is by far better to have around than Mortimer McMire.

    "Is this what you're looking for?" Marta grabs the stick before Billy can grasp it. "I don't get what the big deal is." So she threw it on the roof. Billy was steaming mad and chased after her, but she kept running a step ahead of Billy because he was 'it' and she wanted to prove how long she could go without being tagged back. She climbed into a tree, but Billy used his pogo to land on the branch just above her and tagged her back. "Now can I have my stick back?" "Okay, but I don't see how it's better than any other old twig." Marta strapped on her super moon shoes that she found while exploring the moon's craters and jumped on the roof. She threw the stick down to Billy and he ran back to his own yard with it.

    "Spot! Here boy!" But spot wasn't there. Billy found a slip in spot's doghouse printed in Standard Galactic Alphabet: "Due to an illegal lack of owner identification, the Galactic Animal Control Association has impounded the yorp found on this planet. If the owner wishes to claim official custody of this animal, please come to the Galactic Pound Station with a collar and tag identifying ownership of this creature before he is put to sleep." Billy screamed in a fit of rage: "But Spot had his collar on!" At that moment Billy noticed the alien ion tracker was blinking. Billy flipped on the display and it showed him a flying saucer that hovered above spot for a brief moment, beamed the collar off his eye-stalk, and flew away with it. Then a second, completely different spacecraft came, beamed Spot aboard, and left a note under the doghouse. "All this happened while chasing after Marta!?"

    Billy could just walk down to the local pet shop and buy a new collar, but he was short $1.39 and he didn't want to explain to his mom that his dog is an alien and other aliens stole his collar. So Billy decided to chase after the aliens that took Spot's collar and bring it back to the Galactic Pound Station. The ion trail left by the aliens that came recently led to planet Gloogulus Prime in the Gloog system. Billy hopped on board the Bean-with-Bacon-Megarocket, put it on auto-pilot, and sat back to play a few million rounds of paddle wars because the Gloog system was in another galaxy and it was going to be a long ride. But just as he was a hundred thousand lightyears from Sol he heard a noise in the back engine room. He opened the door to find Marta cramped in the back space. "I saw what happened to your dog while we were playing tag. I always wanted to see the Gloog system, so I thought I'd tag along" Billy was furious, but turning back now would set his trip back too far, so he had to deal with it.

    After a very long and annoying ride for Billy which didn't end with him breaking his all-time high-score on paddle-war like he hoped, the Bean-With-Bacon-Megarocket finally settled and landed on Gloogulus Prime. When Billy looked over to the end of the nearby bridge, he noticed an exit sign written in Standard Galactic Alphabet. But this is not the Milky Way Galaxy. How could whoever lives here possibly know SGA? And why would they want to steal Spot's collar? Billy and Marta step out of the Bean-With-Bacon-Megarocket to search for clues behind this mystery...


       (14 reviews)


  16. Caution Tape Bonanza

    Due to the recent uprise of conventional lawsuits due to UAC's hazardous environments, UAC has performed the ingenious task of ensuring the utmost convenience when navigating UAC labs by providing extra precautions in the workplace by indicating all potential dangers that could inflict physical self-injury. UAC cares about your safety.


       (9 reviews)


  17. Chip's Doom Challenge

    This is a remake of 19 levels from the Windows version of Chip's Challenge. Each map number corresponds with the level number from CC. The maps were based off of CC solution maps.

    The maps were made between August 20-31, 2008. I was about to move to a new city and wanted to remake as many CC levels as I could before moving (some levels were skipped).

    Be careful when punching hell knights near walls because they can get stuck (like in CC). To help keep hell knights under control, I'd recommend using a crosshair to aim at their horizontal center and to stand right in front of them when you punch.

    There isn't a custom status bar, but you can see what items you've picked up by checking the console. Or, you can look at the default status bar and refer to this:

    CHIPS LEFT = the "monsters" stat on the automap CHIPS PICKED UP = armor BLUE KEYS = bullets GREEN KEYS = shells RED KEYS = rockets YELLOW KEYS = cells FLIPPERS = blue keycard SKATES = blue skull key FIRE BOOTS = red keycard SUCTION BOOTS = yellow keycard


       (5 reviews)


  18. Brick Metal Techbase

    Exactly what it says on the tin. A serious wad inspired by a playthrough of some levels I reviewed for /newstuff.


       (24 reviews)


  19. Breed

    The game is quite simple, if I really do say


       (13 reviews)


  20. Beach Day

    This map is provided only for single play. This map can be played without jumps, cross and mouse look. There are 6 keys to use (for example red key and red skull - are different). Building this map, I used zdoom in doom and legacy ports for making 3d floors,water and colourmap.


       (33 reviews)


  21. Crimson 2

    Sequel to my wad Crimson.It's a base tech with cavern theme also.


       (10 reviews)


  22. Control Center #10

    This map was built using no more than 10 sectors! It was started way back during Doomworld's old 10 Sector Contest but never completed in time for the deadline. Difficulties with linedefs, engine quirks, and general impatience lead me to simply abandon it soon after, which was a shame because it was (is!) a really nice map even if I do say so myself!

    Fast foward almost a decade later, and I've decided to go ahead and polish this up and finish it off once and for all. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my ludicrously-delayed labor! Trust me: It's worth it! ;)

    Oh, but just a warning (though hopefully at this stage you shouldn't need it): Don't try to hard to 'break' the map. You know what I mean. While I'm pretty sure I've patched up most issues, this map (in its own perverse ways) is about as close as a map can come to legitimately making the Doom engine its bitch! If you try to push it too hard (and sometimes even if you don't), don't be surprised if something goes awry. Try to play honorably (and for god's sake: No keycard or clipping cheats!) and let the map design take you where you supposed to go. For your own sake... and mine!

    *Nervous whimper*

    P.S. If you noclip outside the map, you'll notice on the bottom half an inaccessible/unfinished portion. That's right! This was actually going to be even bigger still, originally! I could still finish that area, in fact, but for the sake of my sanity I decided to wrap it up where I did.


       (8 reviews)


  23. Close Encounters

    A set of 3 story-driven maps for Doom2. My sincere apologies for this set being unfinished, but circumstances have prevented me from having time to finish this in the near future. Map01 is actually a remake of a previous map I made, Little Tiny Map, and the second and third are new. This is actually designed to be a series of linear, but interesting close encounter battles to make the player think on his feet. The story is self contained in intermisson screens, but to set it up, this is kind of a "prequel" to the Doom storyline, following the initial accident at UAC. Only tested successfully in ZDoom, but the should run in any port that supports - -Limit removal of visplanes, thing limits, etc. -Textures as flats, and vice versa. -Jumping and crouching is a must.

    Thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoy.


       (11 reviews)


  24. amarcorde

    Just a speedrunning classic style brown base, replacing map02.


       (7 reviews)


  25. Cold as Hell: Special Edition

    A total conversion set in the mid-50's on a weapons research base deep in the heart of Greenland. You thought this would be a nice boring way to finish your career as a Marine.

    You thought wrong. (see cah_manual.pdf for the full story)


       (106 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Bitofu · Posted
      Nothing better than baiting the Bazooka Man into blowing himself up! Obituary doesn't pull any punches; you'll be facing tons of hitscanners and plenty of nasty traps, but you'll get to appreciate the fine work the Möller brothers did with this WAD. The maps are intricately designed with a judicious use of textures, some of them custom-made. The new array of weapons is great, especially the flamethrower, which can shred down a cyberdemon in seconds! The low point might be the plain secret map and icon of sin fight, but overall, Obituary strikes home more often than not.
    • By Michael Jensen · Posted
      In recent years, general opinon of MM seemed to move towars negative, moreso than any other classic 90's megawad. It's nice to see it recieve some positive attention and even though I'm not exactly a reviewer, I figured I'd join in. Aside from couple rough maps, it remains a great experience today. Generally good and varied vanilla visuals with beautiful highlights like Maps 05, 13, 14 and 21, certainly helped by some great, really cool custom textures, which fit in with the classic ones incredibly well, much better than any other 90's custom stuff (aside from Eternal Doom, but that's a completely different aesthetic). The maps are quite varied without the whole thing becoming incosistent/all over the place and the variety really helps blaze through the whole thing. In comparison, while I prefer MM2 in terms of individual levels, it has a ton of long or similar maps back to back, which can get tiring and take much longer to geth through. Another aspect of MM I really like is some really, unique and fun design choices, or even whole map designs that you don't see much these days for some reason. The Innocent Crew's maps especially are very creative in fun and refreshing ways. Incredibly underrated mappers. Literally everyone knows this already, but Mark Klem's music is amazing. 
    • By Amaruψ · Posted
      This could've been one of the first 32 level megawads that I played after completing the base games. I've played many more since then, and I can honestly say, for a megawad dating back to 1996, it still holds up brilliantly against a lot of modern wads.    Also @DoomGuy999, about that criticism about maps being coop exclusive... "Most levels were made for co-op play, all levels are playable alone as well."   Not exactly sure what you were expecting after having an explicit statement right there.  
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      This is a fine map with a lot of work put in it. I really liked the attention to details and the overall atmosphere of the map. The intended  path is a bit hard to decipher at times, but it ends on a high note.
    • By Rujasu · Posted
      I don't hate it. It's simple and easy, but also clearly designed instead of just slapped together, even if the author is a beginner mapper from the mid-90s.