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  1. Doom 3: Primary Exavation Site

    This is a map for Doom 2 made with the 256 color version of the new "Doom 3 for Doom 2 Textures" WAD.


       (5 reviews)


  2. DARK UNIVERSE-part 1

    6 map pack for GZdoom/Doom2.

    Small to Medium sized maps. Maps can be completed rather quickly (just find the switch that opens the exit and then find the exit), with lots of secrets, switches, scripted events, and hidden areas full of the stuff you might need to survive the next map. HMP and UV difficulties available.

    MOUSE LOOK REQUIRED. NO JUMPING/ CROUCHING. Intended for vanilla monsters and weapons but works well with most mods.


       (4 reviews)


  3. Dimensions

    5 maps designed for PrBoom+ complevel 9. Play on HNTR or HMP. I spent the vast majority of time working on HNTR and HMP for maps 01-03. UV is an extra special difficulty that most likely only I will find fun.

    Maps31 and 32: These two maps are special bonus maps. Only UV is implemented for Map31. Map32 has HNTR, HMP, and UV implemented but I recommend almost everyone play HNTR on Map32.

    Difficulty descriptions: HNTR: I dont really play slaughter/I rarely play slaughter

    HMP: I like slaughter maps but it definitely isnt my primary focus.

    UV: I love going up against overwhelming odds, fighting tens (sometimes hundreds) of cybs/viles at a time, pain elemental swarms, Reality category of speedrunning.

    Due to the nature of these maps I recommend playing with infinite height off in ZDoom based ports due to the flying monster behavior mixed with high ceilings. These maps were designed for PrBoom+ cl9 which has vanilla flying monster behavior.

    Because of my mapping preferences play in software mode for best visual results!


       (7 reviews)


  4. Monuments of Mars

    A custom single player mapset by members of Doomer Boards (doomer.boards.net)


       (10 reviews)


  5. Emergent

    Emergent is 4 small Boom maps, designed for pistol starts. They're meant to be played without saving, on a difficulty setting that will kill you quite a few times before you get an exit. Enemies are shuffled early in the maps, and will spawn in unpredictably, which (hopefully) will make your repeated attempts fun. If you save, you will get a more predictable experience.


       (18 reviews)


  6. DOOM 2 - Flashback to Hell

    A 15-level mapset for DOOM 2 that is compatible with the "-complevel 9" setting. Features new music by PRIMEVAL and James Paddock, as well as high-quality redone sound effects by Per Kristian Risvik. If the new music tracks are buggy in ZDOOM while using FMOD, updating to the latest non-official revision might fix the problem. I recommend using Fluidsynth, though.

    Each level of this wad has been balanced for pistol-start play. In addition, this mapset has been specially balanced to allow for co-op play, using 2-4 players. In co-operative play, the maps will be teeming with LOTS more monsters than in single-player, but ammo and health pickups will be increased as well.

    PrBoom-Plus users will see a new set of demos. Please do not use freelook, crouch, or jump. These features will either break the levels or will lessen the old-school feel.


       (79 reviews)


  7. Demon Abundance

    Three new levels. Play them with a friend or two cause it's more fun that way!


       (14 reviews)


  8. Circle of Caina SP

    Your next shipment of maps have arrived, from your friends at the local mapfactory: Doomer Boards (doomer.boards.net)


       (3 reviews)


  9. Xenomorph Base (testing version)

    Doomer Boards krew4lyfe


       (2 reviews)


  10. DOOM II: Hellscape

    A re-imagining those Doom II levels that take place in Hell (21-30). As such, these maps will probably be a lot more entertaining if you have a reasonable working knowledge of the original IWAD levels...


       (30 reviews)


  11. Dark Invaders (w/original music)

    The invaders are beside themselves after I foiled their plans. Now they have opened a gate to Hell on my front lawn and they want revenge! ***See if you can find a way to kill the Cyberdemon who watches over the battle from afar (hint: find the switch that appears at a later time in the level)


       (10 reviews)


  12. Equinox

    'Equinox' is a 13 level wad. I mainly did it for the new graphics, sound and music. Go nuts.


       (165 reviews)


  13. Deus Vult II

    The first edition of the sequel to the original Deus Vult. Heavily emphasizes co-op play and demo recording. Offers a wide variety of gameplay spanning nine levels, including gun n' run maps, slaughterfests, and tight survival maps. From small techbases to hellish cathedrals, Deus Vult II's levels are diverse in architecture as they are in gameplay, and offer a little bit of everything for the entire family.


       (284 reviews)


  14. Deus Vult

    My first map.

    A large, two-themed level created for Co-op, inspired by Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta. Emphasizes large, well-choreographed fights. Exceptionally calibrated for Single Player.

    Deus Vult starts you off in an underground tech base and will eventually plunge you into the depths of Dante's Inferno in front of your eyes. Difficulty holds up to the extremes of HR. Legions of monsters. 150 minute [estimated] par time.

    The map can be played in two distinct configurations:

    Config 1 - Split into four sublevels for people who do not have patience to play through large maps, or do not own a high-end PC (
    Config 2 - The full monty, the unabridged version of Deus Vult, for people who likes big maps. Designed to be completable from scratch. WARNING: Needs an EXTREMELY STRONG LIMIT REMOVING SOURCEPORT. *Runs on Map 05.*


       (381 reviews)


  15. A Furry Tale *and* A Furry Tale: Retold

    You are a furry in a world of furries. A string of bad luck leaves you abandoned on an island. All is not right here, explore and discover the darkness hovering over the island. Features: Functional Shops and random battles.

    The newer version, furry1b.wad, connects the level areas in a hub based world.

    Explore and have fun.

    [Please make sure, to read \10_25_2001_furry1\furry1.txt and \10_19_2004_furry1b\equipment.txt to get more playing information.]


       (25 reviews)


  16. Doom.ExE

    You are a marine that was guarding the scientists on the Delta Labs until he got a call from his commander to meet him in the briefing room. When you went there, he said that the Beta Labs were infected by Demons. So you went off with 2 of your teammates. Unfortunaly, your teammates went off somewhere and that mean that you are on your own


       (28 reviews)


  17. Doom II: Dark World [v1.0]

    Replay the original eleven maps from Doom II in a more hellish, harder state. Made from scratch while referring to the original maps.


       (10 reviews)


  18. Dawn of Reality

    This wad shows real existing city (Bytom in Poland) moved to Doom universe. 99% of buildings and locations was a copy of real places. The only changes were introduced because of the engine limitations. I tried to create an exact copy of every area with his oryginal scale and geometry (as far as this is possible in Doom). I used the surveying maps and aerial photography. Many times I must walk through those regions in order to implement the necessary images. Some of this images are now in game as textures.


       (101 reviews)


  19. Doomed in SPACE: 13 Maps for ZDoom-based ports (fixed version)

    Welcome to Doomed in SPACE!

    The year is 2088. The UAC's current goal is to remove the line that separates men from machines. Certain undesirables are sacrificed, analyzed and experimented on for the sake of progress. The promise to integrate more effective weaponry directly into the human body keeps the research funds flowing in.

    You are one of the UAC's victims - a genetically modified bounty hunter. You were stolen from your home colony as a child but proved harder to control than most of their young test subjects. Using your increased speed and strength, you managed to kill the men guarding your cell and escape in a stolen shuttlecraft.

    That was 18 years ago. Crime is the only means of survival you have ever known. Once again, you find yourself locked in a cell, at the mercy of the UAC. An armed medic comes through the door and into your cell. As he checks your vitals, you quickly grab his head and snap his neck. His body lies on the floor and the gun is now in your hand - It's time to escape.

    Important notes: You MUST play with freelook ON. Jumping and crouching must be turned OFF. You must also turn the 'infinitely tall actors' flag OFF, as there are several 3D bridges used throughout. Difficulty levels have been very thoroughly implemented, so if you're finding the maps too hard or too easy, simply adjust accordingly.

    Levels designed by: Doomkid, Crunchynut44, Pinchy, Nevander, Bootleg Guy, Angry Saint, Fred512, Empyre, UberGewei and Mosshopper

    Graphic resources: Obake (Wavegunner), Doom64, Duke Nukem 3D, Strife, Wolf3D, Star Wars: Dark Forces, area51.wad, equinox.wad, anubis.wad, skulltag.wad, Complex Doom, ChaosCore CTF (Map10 sky), Xaser

    ~ Special Info ~ Since you actually bothered to read the text file, I'll let you in on a couple secrets. In multiplayer, if you select the 'easy' or 'medium' difficulty levels, you will be faced with an entirely different arrangement of monsters, far more imposing! Hopefully this will allow your survival or co-op sessions to be fresh a second time around. There are also two hidden maps in this wad, at slots 31 and 32. They were created by myself and Joe-ilya. They are not a part of the official campaign and can only be accessed in game by cheating, but they seemed too good to simply discard. Just a little bonus for those of you who dig a tiny bit deeper than the others.

    If you enjoy Doomed in SPACE, please be sure to let us know on the Doom forum of your choice. Everyone who worked to make this project possible would love to hear your thoughts.


       (4 reviews)


  20. EPIC

    One level for any boom compatible and limit removing ports. PrBoom-Plus or GZDoom are recommended. To play this PWAD file, unzip it into the directory with your PWADs then start: glboom-plus.exe -file epic.wad -complevel 9 (g)zdoom.exe -file epic.wad


    Do not play map05 in the current prboom (up to 2.4.8 for now), because of:

    a) All existing versions of prboom are buggy on levels with big open areas - precision problems. The latest Eternity release (3.33.33) also can't handle map05 correctly - the same precision problems. Use the latest SVN alphas.

    b) The current glboom-plus ( is much faster on levels with sectors which have too many lines. I got 80 fps in glboom-plus instead of 50 in glboom at map05.

    c) Vanilla GLBoom doesn't have an option for quality rendering and it is very noticeable on some levels, especially on the big tower at map05 and in the second room at map03 - big white strips and dots on corners. The effect doubles on ATI cards. Light sky is a headache of prboom. So gl_render_precise should be 1. I hope this variable will be removed in the future versions and quality mode will be forced.

    Note: gl_depthbuffer_bits in glboom-plus.cfg should be 24 or 32 to avoid some rare small glitches.

    Yo can download the latest prboom-plus here: http://prboom-plus.sourceforge.net/history.html


       (84 reviews)


  21. Demons of Problematique

    A short trip through hell, set on by a classic Doom story. Originally intended as just a Boom compatible level, I got a little carried away with it, especially the ending credits\scenes. It carries in at over 10 Mb because of the ambient sounds used... so turn off any music you have playing, turn up the volume on other music in ZDoom and enjoy! If you want to know your kill percentage, secrets found and playing time, wait until after the ending credits. This will run under GZDoom provided it supports ZDoom r538's features, but some lighting will look strange or too dark, no matter what setting.


       (45 reviews)


  22. Doomworld Forum Adventures!

    It's a small, underdetailed map about the dream of a newbie. Work your way up the ladder to become ruler of Doomworld! It's a DOOM map centered around comedy, just in case you're a bit slow.


       (33 reviews)


  23. Disciples of Darkness

    Four challenging, limit-removing levels for Doom 2, inspired by various authors and maps (see the bottom of this file for further informations).


       (9 reviews)


  24. Demons of Problematique 2

    An obvious sequel to Demons of Problematique. No cutscenes (aside from the ending), no new weapons, no new monsters, just Doom. With some fancy effects.

    Be sure to turn up the music volume to above the SFX volume. Music is used sparingly but serves a purpose other than just background noise. There are plenty of ambient sounds to provide atmosphere during regular play.

    If you are masochistic enough to want to subject yourself to the Nightmare! difficulty level, you can do so by entering the Hard level teleporter from the backside.

    Requires GZDoom using it's OpenGL renderer, using the software renderer will not work. Looks best with dynamic lights enabled, shader options turned on and fog enabled. It was designed specifically for these settings, so the appearance of levels may not be the same if some of these one of these settings are disabled.


       (39 reviews)


  25. Disturbia

    This is a very wierd map I made to sate my creative urges... The internal dehacked work changes the chaingun into the Super Chaingun. The amount of bullets the player can hold is also doubled. This map has no shotgun, shotgunners, or SSG, so I made this new weapon, a chaingun with a 50% faster rate of fire.


       (25 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Bitofu · Posted
      Short TC with a lovely western setting. I wish it was longer, but it's great nonetheless.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      I'm not the biggest fan of the Serenity series, but Infinity might be its best entry. The maps are mostly fun to navigate and they feature some decent design. I'm just not sure I like the way the fights are designed. It's not uncommon for rooms to be packed with enemies (mostly sergeants). I found myself blasting my shotgun through a doorway a bit too often for my tastes. Still, it features some nice MIDIs, so the experience is mostly fun.
    • By a41zzz · Posted
      i cant download it ):
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      Fava Beans is a great episode that's very reminiscent of E1's style. The maps, especially back half, are smartly laid out and feature lots of windows, which give the WAD a great look. It's on the easier side overall, as it doesn't use Cacos and Barons all that much, but it was still a blast to play through.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      This is definitely one of my favorite 1994 release. The Evil Unleashed continues in the steps of TiC's previous WAD, Slaughter Until Death, and refines the experience even further. The maps are full of tight spaces with packs of enemies ready to be mowed down. The architecture is simple but effective, complemented by a handful of nasty crushers. Good stuff.