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  1. Deathstruction

    This is my third map release. Deathstruction was created to be a 'boss battle' or 'ending' map. Surviving is the task at hand.

    Take note that this map was tested with Doom Legacy, ZDoom, ZDaemon, Skulltag, and JDoom. All were successful with one bug in JDoom.


       (5 reviews)


  2. Deathtrap


       (13 reviews)


  3. Debrecen

    A city themed map, inspired my hometown


       (12 reviews)


  4. Decade

    A single player level for ZDoom.


       (55 reviews)


  5. Decadence

    UAC tech base on another planet. Map will not be displayed correctly on a port that does not use software render(or is using opengl or direct3d).


       (44 reviews)



    The Illuminati did it again! A small adventure in a haunted castle. Tested with Zandronum. Please don't jump or crouch.


       (0 reviews)


  7. Decay-Sewers

    The sewers map in my project "Decay"


       (7 reviews)


  8. Decay-Train

    The old Train level in my project "Decay"


       (10 reviews)


  9. Decaying Manse

    An old building in the mountians, full of traps and demons .. what more could you ask for? ;)

    You'll have to be able to jump to complete the map.

    This map is meant to be a challenge .. hope you enjoy it :)


       (8 reviews)


  10. Decent Into Darkness

    I think this is a fun level for those who like lots of intense monster battles and tough secrets. This level's name is based on the ending of the level.


       (1 review)


  11. Decimate

    A search & rescue effort is underway in the mountains of Central Europe for a group of missing hikers. You were assigned the route leading through the infamous Carpathian Gap, which few have explored and fewer yet have returned from. Hitching up your holstered side- arm you trudge wearily up the deserted mountain path.

    The long shadows of evening begin to descend on the slopes around you when you come upon a tunnel in the rock. Stumbling ahead in pitch darkness, your heart pounding, you wish you weren't such a lazy shit- head and neglected to pack a damn flashlight or a flare. But then an opening in the tunnel appears, and you glimpse a massive hollow in the rock that appears to have been carved out. A medieval and well- fortified structure looms ahead, flanked by two evil-looking towers. You step tentatively forward but suddenly hear the creak of rusted metal bars as they ominously drop shut behind you. "Crap!" you think as you reach for your 9mm. "It's going to be one of those days!"

    Some things to consider: Trigger happy = Dumb, very dumb Don't shoot anything until you have to, or you're well-stocked Why waste a good bullet when you can use a beserk pak instead?

    The architecture is quite detailed, and the texture alignment is near perfect (can you say "huge pain in the ass and a major buttload of work"?)


       (3 reviews)


  12. Deem Episode 1

    So that you know what this is I shall say right here, here is the most public and certain ZETA for your consumption and enjoyment. It started from my dissatisfaction with WOOO, how it was just agonizing crap maps with little humor, so I made what I wanted: Pure bizarre fun. It's a jokewad designed to make you laugh, what a novel concept. It is complete, the words to choose to describe it fall simply under "done." But that is sort of for you to decide.

    Features include Cooking Mama dog score combos and an exciting race with He-Man and a shark, concluded by a battle with the terrifying Snoic [sic].

    This is the first of 2 9-map episodes. First episode is this, episode 2 shall be a separate wad but they can be combined into one by the end user using lock-on technology. It will be most beautiful, as episode 2 will take place in the castle of the Antlion Lord. Your replies will most certainly be "Ghey WOOO ripoff," and "eat shit and die," but I must do what is right and live life consequences.

    I recommend you watch the trailer first, as the experience is not complete without it: https://youtu.be/Hi70FK21xOk


       (12 reviews)


  13. Deep Into The Depths of Hell

    This is my best piece of work yet. Yet another slaughter map in which you'll be running for your life! This wad has a new music track, new textures, and the architecture is bigger and better than ever! Use your ammo wisely in this map.


       (10 reviews)


  14. Deepest Evil


       (24 reviews)


  15. Defender

    This is my first ever wad. I only have couple weeks experience with doom Builder and slade3.

    Plot: there ain't really much of a plot other than the wad takes place after the revelations from the Bible and your character is like Moses meant to stop the Devil or some shit.

    I will give an overview of the levels.

    1. The Nightmare - this was a filler level that I made in like 5 minutes.

    2. Awoken - Another filler level, nothing special

    3. Subway - This was actually the first level I made. it started off with just a rectangular room and I just kept adding on to it.

    4. Underworks - This was made to be a filler level but I kept adding on to it and playing with doom builder. this level may seem to have a difficult ending but its not that bad and very possible. I have playthroughed every single level.

    5. Duel of fates - This is the level where i just gave up and decided to quit the making the wad. too many problems and I got too frustrated so i rushed it and gave it an ending thats kinda cheap and easy. it was meant to be much bigger and harder.

    12. Polar Abyss - ( you will need to type "idclev 12) to warp here) This level I made as a tribute to one of my favorite childhood games. i remember playing donkey Kong country 2 back in 97' when I was kid and I always loved the level arctic abyss and the atmosphere and music. This level was kinda rushed so it ain't that special in terms of level design. its suppose to have a donkey kong platformer feel to it.

    oh yeah I forgot to add that this wad is meant to be played with openGL as your software renderer.

    If your wondering what the pistol, chaingun, chainsaw and bfg replacment sprites are. those are custom sprites I made myself with stuff i have laying around the house and digitized in photoshop.


       (10 reviews)


  16. Deimos Abandoned Base #79

    Very large base. Mostly non-linear gameplay. Lots of exploration but plenty of action and surprises and mystery. The layout is not too confusing but you'll need to check your map from time to time. This is a hug and epic map which takes about 2 hours to complete.


       (2 reviews)


  17. Deimos: The Fallen Citadel

    A short 5 Levels mapset for Doom II. Meant to be a "Shareware Version" of my project "Another 32 over 32".


       (10 reviews)


  18. Deliverance

    A Brick'n'Metal (mostly) themed map.


       (13 reviews)


  19. Deliverance: ONI Facility Demo (stripped version)

    A simple one-level demo with three exits. This version fixes a lot of bugs and is stripped of music to comply with /idgames standards.


       (3 reviews)


  20. Dementarium

    There aren't many maps that focus on the chaingun, so I made this. A small-ish key hunt in Hell, with scarce supplies and no shotguns or plasma weaponry. You don't need to grab them in any order. The final challenge is right in front of you when you start; don't waste your ammo, or be prepared to make a break for it. A note: this isn't Pacifist compatible.


       (6 reviews)


  21. Demon Abundance

    Three new levels. Play them with a friend or two cause it's more fun that way!


       (14 reviews)


  22. Demon Eclipse: Episode 1 - Doorway to Abbadon

    This is the first epsisode of a 18 (maybe 32) level Megawad I will be working on. Each map has it's own Deathmatch Map including within the main map itself to allow easy deathmatching and fun =).

    I've never made doom maps before, so these are my first 6. They turend out decent, though the later maps tends to be a lot more detailed than the first few. I have gone back to add details, though.

    These maps are designed for Doomers of all experience levels. On skill 1 and 2, the gameplay is pretty relaxed; designed for beginners. On skill 3, it's a bit more of a challenge, like some of the later DOOM 2 maps. On skill 4 (and 5 if you're crazy), there will be swarms of monsters. This was designed for more experienced doom players. Though non of these maps are quite as hard as Those found in Alien Vendetta or Plutonia Experiment. Later levels will reach the relative difficulty of those withing Alien Vendetta (perhaps?).

    -TIPS: Many of the maps are UAC-facilities and there Are many computer consoles. Many of them will Activate some sort of switch. Others will reveal secret areas to you. Make sure to check them. There are numerous secrets with each map. On Ultraviolent and Nightmare, it's very important that you find them, for they give you much of the needed health and ammo.


       (17 reviews)


  23. Demon Eclipse: Episodes 1 and 2

    This Package includes the completely updaded version of Demon Eclipse Epsisode 1 as well as the all new episode two. The Mode features a host of new monsters, weapons, and other graphics I made. Almost all the original Doom weapons are completely redrawn from scratch to make the weapons look consistent. Features 24 new monsters (although not all used yet) With many more to come. 18 new weapons and/or revamps, 10 of which designed especially for episode 2. A Host of new Items and Powerups.

    This is planned to be a 5 episode mod, a total of 30 maps. Each episode is designed to stand out on it's own, although continuating the original Story. Each Episode will have it's own weapons, monsters, and theme, designed for a new gaming experience with each episode.

    NOTE: You will need to run GZdoom using OPEN GL mode, not software.


       (65 reviews)


  24. Demon Hideout

    This is a pretty straightforward WAD, I designed it in a couple hours yesterday.

    This is meant to either be played in GZDoom, ZDoom, or Zandronum. I'm unsure about skulltag though or other ports. Feel free to try it on other ports and tell me about it.


       (10 reviews)


  25. Demon Prince Sings the Blues

    Small map with "intelligent monster placement".


       (9 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Michael Jensen · Posted
      In recent years, general opinon of MM seemed to move towars negative, moreso than any other classic 90's megawad. It's nice to see it recieve some positive attention and even though I'm not exactly a reviewer, I figured I'd join in. Aside from couple rough maps, it remains a great experience today. Generally good and varied vanilla visuals with beautiful highlights like Maps 05, 13, 14 and 21, certainly helped by some great, really cool custom textures, which fit in with the classic ones incredibly well, much better than any other 90's custom stuff (aside from Eternal Doom, but that's a completely different aesthetic). The maps are quite varied without the whole thing becoming incosistent/all over the place and the variety really helps blaze through the whole thing. In comparison, while I prefer MM2 in terms of individual levels, it has a ton of long or similar maps back to back, which can get tiring and take much longer to geth through. Another aspect of MM I really like is some really, unique and fun design choices, or even whole map designs that you don't see much these days for some reason. The Innocent Crew's maps especially are very creative in fun and refreshing ways. Incredibly underrated mappers. Literally everyone knows this already, but Mark Klem's music is amazing. 
    • By Amaruψ · Posted
      This could've been one of the first 32 level megawads that I played after completing the base games. I've played many more since then, and I can honestly say, for a megawad dating back to 1996, it still holds up brilliantly against a lot of modern wads.    Also @DoomGuy999, about that criticism about maps being coop exclusive... "Most levels were made for co-op play, all levels are playable alone as well."   Not exactly sure what you were expecting after having an explicit statement right there.  
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      This is a fine map with a lot of work put in it. I really liked the attention to details and the overall atmosphere of the map. The intended  path is a bit hard to decipher at times, but it ends on a high note.
    • By Rujasu · Posted
      I don't hate it. It's simple and easy, but also clearly designed instead of just slapped together, even if the author is a beginner mapper from the mid-90s.
    • By Arrowhead · Posted
      A neat older megaWAD that was made predominately for co-op play:   From the readme:   "Most levels were made for co-op play, all levels are playable alone as well."   It clearly states this, but some people seem confused by this fact, somehow.   Plays just fine in SP, and is how I've played it the three times I've gone through it now.   Yes, it shows its age a bit in 2024, but what WAD from this era doesn't? Features a great soundtrack, too.   Easy 4/5, even in the current climate.