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  1. Demon Sanctuary

    A cool long level from map 29 of my Dsv wad. I decided to release this level as a solo level because it looks cool!


       (4 reviews)


  2. Demon Sanctuary 2


       (5 reviews)


  3. Demon Snare v3

    A map created for FoH's Standalone Megawad Project in which the challenge is to work with a severely limited texture set derived from 40oz's UAC Ultra texture pack. This wad implements difficulty levels diligently, so it cadres to both casual and hardcore players alike! Be aware though! If you’re playing on Ultraviolent, prepare for a never ending onslaught the likes of which you will not be prepared for (contradiction intentional)!Make sure you load up the two wad files included with the zip together to get the fullest experience possible.


       (6 reviews)


  4. Demon Trench XL

    This is a heavily retooled version of the map I submitted to NOVA II all those months ago. It's far more detailed, more streamlined, has more involved combat, new music, and an entirely new section based off of that one scene from House where the dude goes into the mirror and explores the dark spooky void.

    The map itself is a rather melancholy trek through a dark, mountainous environment and the many nearby caverns, moving towards a humble water treatment plant. What dark secrets does it all hold oohsuspensesuspense. I also did a weird trick where I placed lamps and torches behind wall lights so it would look like they're glowing in advanced sourceports.

    The reason this version wasn't added to NOVA II is because Gobu says he prefers the original. Personally I like this version, so I'm more than happy to keep my preffered rendition all to myself :p


       (8 reviews)


  5. Demon vs Demon

    It's an all out war against two factions of demons! Defend the fortress from the approaching horde. You have an entire army on your side, but they won't win without your help.


       (5 reviews)


  6. Demon's Revenge

    A smallish gothic level, my first.


       (13 reviews)


  7. Demonastery

    A medium sized, architecturally detailed single-player map which twists back in on itself several times, set in a crumbling monastery made of marble and corpses.


       (4 reviews)


  8. Demonic Deviation

    A single set of 11 maps with a general tech-base theme which are mostly small to medium in size with a gradual increase in difficulty. Challenging but nothing most couldn't handle by todays standards.


       (0 reviews)


  9. DemoniZed.WAD a BOOM only PWAD

    2 Levels only for the Team TNT 's engine modification: BOOM v. 2.02 DO NOT TRY run with original DOOM2.exe it will crash!! Map01 is MEGA-HUGE-EVIL LEVEL! This level alone is around 1.6 MB big, loaded with 15000+ linedefs and 21000+ sidedefs. This is a TOTAL CARNAGE. Level 2 is action all the time. Your goal is simply: SURVIVE AND KILL!


       (27 reviews)


  10. Demons Just Wanna Have Fun

    My 3rd release inside the Doom community, this is a level set inside a stoney base whit fountains, prisions, offices, a fast food, toilettes, a little hospital and a armory; and a hellish-skinnish zone in the ending part of level...


       (8 reviews)


  11. Demons of Problematique

    A short trip through hell, set on by a classic Doom story. Originally intended as just a Boom compatible level, I got a little carried away with it, especially the ending credits\scenes. It carries in at over 10 Mb because of the ambient sounds used... so turn off any music you have playing, turn up the volume on other music in ZDoom and enjoy! If you want to know your kill percentage, secrets found and playing time, wait until after the ending credits. This will run under GZDoom provided it supports ZDoom r538's features, but some lighting will look strange or too dark, no matter what setting.


       (45 reviews)


  12. Demons of Problematique 2

    An obvious sequel to Demons of Problematique. No cutscenes (aside from the ending), no new weapons, no new monsters, just Doom. With some fancy effects.

    Be sure to turn up the music volume to above the SFX volume. Music is used sparingly but serves a purpose other than just background noise. There are plenty of ambient sounds to provide atmosphere during regular play.

    If you are masochistic enough to want to subject yourself to the Nightmare! difficulty level, you can do so by entering the Hard level teleporter from the backside.

    Requires GZDoom using it's OpenGL renderer, using the software renderer will not work. Looks best with dynamic lights enabled, shader options turned on and fog enabled. It was designed specifically for these settings, so the appearance of levels may not be the same if some of these one of these settings are disabled.


       (39 reviews)


  13. Demontia

    Story: The UAC was performing routine geological tests on some of Earth's subterranean caverns when they uncovered the remains of a temple complex of a long lost civilization. A few initial probes by recon teams showed no signs of life...until the accident. While chiseling away some rock from one of the main chambers of the temple, an archaeologist slipped and cracked his head upon the altar, spilling blood upon the sacrificial slab and sparking an aeon-dead ritual that awoke something wicked. Within moments the base was flooded with demons and the forces of Hell overpowered the marine defense. All that is standing between Earth and certain peril is you. Shoot your way down into Hell, knocking out each summoning gate and slaying its demon avatar before it's too late!

    Information: (Original Release Date: 09/24/09) I have been working on this WAD for nearly two years. Essentially, this is a thirteen level replacement WAD for Doom 2. There are nine regular levels, a finale, a transitional level, and two secret levels accessible through the campaign.

    Technical: *Added additional gore to the Former Human, Former Sergeant, and Imp sprites. *Replaced the music for several levels when appropriate, other times the default music fit perfectly. *Replaced the level title graphics as well as the opening scene graphic. *Replaced Boss Demon on-sight sound file. *Replaced Boss Demon sprite. *Added an additional texture. *Changed intermission text to perpetuate the story.

    Version 1.1 Notes: (Original Release Date: 05/19/12) *Updated for play with ZDoom 2.5.0. *Fixed minor texture errors. *Added weapons to MAP10. *Added platform to MAP10 to make targeting the final boss easier.

    Version 1.2 Notes: *Updated for play with ZDoom 2.7.1. *Added weapons to make every map playable from pistol start.


       (7 reviews)


  14. Deneb Colony

    A 5L1C spin-off wad. It's just one medium-sized map but quite a tricky one, so pick a lower skill level if you need to. Your mission is to send an SOS signal and escape from the Deneb colony. And don't miss MAP02. (Deneb is the brightest star in constellation Capricornus.)


       (24 reviews)


  15. Deplorably Vile

    I made most of this map a year and a half ago, before finishing it off with a bit more detailing over the past few days. This map is a large improvement upon the 3 maps in my first wad, with significantly more detailing, well thought out cover, weapon and ammunition balance, and no missing textures/non solid linedefs. The map takes place inside of a small, partially underground facility in the side of a closed off canyon, and the difficulty could be best described as akin to a typical doom 2 level. You start off beside the locked off exit, and you need to find the red keycard in order to escape. Getting the BFG before opening the exit is highly recommended.


       (1 review)


  16. Depths of Insanity

    A short seven-map set - my first I've uploaded to the world.

    The story, as little as it matters, is: some time has passed since the events of the IWADs. Doomguy, now a little bit sick of all the demon killing, has to shut down yet another Hell portal the UAC created in some freakshow underground experiment.

    Have fun! -Nova


       (0 reviews)


  17. Derceto

    You have been hired by Emily Hartwood, heiress to the cursed Derceto mansion, to search the grounds for the cause of the late Jeremy Hartwood's mysterious suicide. Ms. Hartwood believes the ancient house hides a terrible secret that drove her father mad. You decide to begin your search in the dusty old attic and work your way down from there, but as you climb the attic stairs a cold sense of dread washes over you -- several floors below you hear the slam of the front doors as they trap you inside. Something knows you're here. An unnatural storm brews outside as you clutch the grip of your pistol with a sweaty hand. Solving the Hartwood mystery may mean more than a mere paycheck now: it means the difference between life...and whatever ghastly fate Jeremy killed himself to avoid.

    This is a reproduction of the mansion from the original Alone in the Dark, courtesy of Doom Builder 2.


       (8 reviews)


  18. Derelict (version 1.1)

    Lost in a desert somewhere on a recently colonized planet, you're about to die from thurst. You stumble under the cruel sunlight. Suddenly, in a small depression, you find the entrance to a mining station. Most of the inhabitants seem to have left in a hurry. Some of them even seem to have gone mad with fear and shoot everything in sight. Visiting the derelict buildings you wonder what could possibly have frightened them. Actually after a few moments, you wish you never found out.


       (8 reviews)


  19. Descent

    For musically enhanced versions of our levels, visit: www.innerdemonentertainment.com/doom/


       (0 reviews)


  20. Descent into Hell

    Medium sized map with a blend of Techbase, Cave and Hell themes.


       (12 reviews)


  21. Desert Punk

    Desert Punk - its my first wad i totaly finished

    Earth after enemy from another planet atack became a desert with small human settlements. As it goes stalker with only one interest in life, sweep angles in order to kill all aliens, invaded Earth.


       (46 reviews)


  22. DethAwsm: Maps of Fail

    Oh Hell. Hell has come to send monsters from Hell to murder you and you have to go to Hell and back to murder the monsters from Hell from making your town go straight to Hell. What the Hell is this gibberish I'm writing?

    Also, who cares about plot in a game anyway?


       (23 reviews)


  23. Deus Vult

    My first map.

    A large, two-themed level created for Co-op, inspired by Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta. Emphasizes large, well-choreographed fights. Exceptionally calibrated for Single Player.

    Deus Vult starts you off in an underground tech base and will eventually plunge you into the depths of Dante's Inferno in front of your eyes. Difficulty holds up to the extremes of HR. Legions of monsters. 150 minute [estimated] par time.

    The map can be played in two distinct configurations:

    Config 1 - Split into four sublevels for people who do not have patience to play through large maps, or do not own a high-end PC (
    Config 2 - The full monty, the unabridged version of Deus Vult, for people who likes big maps. Designed to be completable from scratch. WARNING: Needs an EXTREMELY STRONG LIMIT REMOVING SOURCEPORT. *Runs on Map 05.*


       (381 reviews)


  24. Deus Vult II

    The first edition of the sequel to the original Deus Vult. Heavily emphasizes co-op play and demo recording. Offers a wide variety of gameplay spanning nine levels, including gun n' run maps, slaughterfests, and tight survival maps. From small techbases to hellish cathedrals, Deus Vult II's levels are diverse in architecture as they are in gameplay, and offer a little bit of everything for the entire family.


       (284 reviews)


  25. Deus Vult Zero: The Shadowrunner Edition

    Act 1.

    So your name is MooMoo the JooJoo, and you're a marine on Mars, while making a sausage you're cock got stuck in a meatgrinder, and you don't know how to take it out without bleeding to death.

    Calling 9-11 is not an option because you'll die of embarrassment, plus that cute nurse you're dating won't look at you the same way ever again.

    Anyways, so after a few hours of panicking and deciding between dieing of blood loss or loss of face, you passed out on the floor, which means you're going to die and be embarassed as well.

    Act 2.

    In a strange twist of fate, you woke up and the meatgrinder magically dissapeard, and saw a wizened wizard masturbating behind a pipe organ (or into the pipe organ to be accurate) in a druid's cloak.

    You tap him on the shoulder wondering where you are, in return he got mad at you for "interrupting" his daily routine, so he turned around, instead of wielding his wizard wand, pulled out his wizard cock, yells, "dU = Q - W!" and POOF you're awake in a base with 4700 demons GL HF

    FOR FULL STORY DETAILS VISIT: http://www.stripcreator.com/comics/DaftPunkRailroad/472900

    FOR SEQUAL TO STORY VISIT: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2652/3883164588_4cde81a1f4_o.jpg

    FOR ALL THINGS RELATED TO MOOMOO THE JOOJOO VISIT: http://mappingandtrolling.blogspot.com/


       (59 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Bitofu · Posted
      This is a really solid WAD through and through. The action starts as soon as load into E3M1 and it doesn't let up. The maps flow very well and give you a decent but fair challenge. My only nitpick is with E3M7, which felt a bit gimmicky. Otherwise, this is a great effort, especially for 1994.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      A decent E1 replacement. The maps are mostly non-linear and they feel good to play, although there's a few odd design choices that lead to dead-ends in couple places. The maps are too easy, mostly thanks to an overabundance of items, but they're still fun enough to navigate, thanks to a good handle on basic architecture. The standout is easily map 5.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      Neat little map. The custom textures are impressive for their time. The map doesn't flow too well and the encounters aren't anything special, but it's a cool piece of Doom history.   The whole concept of modeling a school is obviously taboo nowadays, but it's still worth a try.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      A huge improvement over the first part. The maps are fun, filled with interesting encounters and a diverse enemy variety. The architecture is simple but efficient. I particularly like how a couple of the maps make you circle around back to the starting area. The music is fun and cheesy, although a couple tracks failed to loop on my end. Overall, the difficulty is balanced, except for map 2, which stands out thanks to a very nasty trap.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      I'm sad to say that I didn't have a good time with this. The maps are uninspired and confusing, while the enemy placement feels random. There's very little sense of progression through the maps. I can't knock it down too much due to its age, but by my modern standards, I wouldn't recommend it.