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  1. Doom NW

    A seismic event has occurred and you have fallen into an underground UAC mining facility. Now you must make your way back out alive.

    This is the first level of a mini multi-level episode.


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  2. Descent

    For musically enhanced versions of our levels, visit: www.innerdemonentertainment.com/doom/


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  3. Fungus

    A UAC mining and research base on a distant planet has gone silent. Secret experiments are rumored to be happening there, some suggesting a psychoactive fungus was discovered on the planet. You've been sent to investigate and evacuate any survivors.


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  4. Crumbling Mausoleum

    The Story: You - a daring freelance dungeon delver - have been commissioned by the United Archaeological Commission to investigate unusual seismic activity in a newly discovered mausoleum. Your mission is simple - dive in and destroy whatever's causing this!

    The map: This is a medium/large single map focused on exploration and large fights.


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  • File Reviews

    • By Bitofu · Posted
      This is a fine map with a lot of work put in it. I really liked the attention to details and the overall atmosphere of the map. The intended  path is a bit hard to decipher at times, but it ends on a high note.
    • By Rujasu · Posted
      I don't hate it. It's simple and easy, but also clearly designed instead of just slapped together, even if the author is a beginner mapper from the mid-90s.
    • By Arrowhead · Posted
      A neat older megaWAD that was made predominately for co-op play:   From the readme:   "Most levels were made for co-op play, all levels are playable alone as well."   It clearly states this, but some people seem confused by this fact, somehow.   Plays just fine in SP, and is how I've played it the three times I've gone through it now.   Yes, it shows its age a bit in 2024, but what WAD from this era doesn't? Features a great soundtrack, too.   Easy 4/5, even in the current climate.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      I really enjoyed the adventure that The Artifact takes you on. The levels are grandiose and intricate, full of interesting set pieces and somewhat obscure secrets. On UV, the difficulty is quite high and unforgiving. The icon of sin fight is a bit too complex for my tastes. Nevertheless, it shows a splendid mastery of design and progression.
    • By DoomGuy999 · Posted
      Very glitchy levels and the music is a mixed bag. Some of the soundtrack is good, others are bad. When the levels aren't glitchy, they're just ok. Might have been cool in the 90s but has been beat by so many others. Some levels have inescapable pits. Also, too many levels are focused on CO-OP play, which would be fine if every level was like that and this was clearly labeled "MEANT FOR COOPERATIVE PLAYTHROUGHS"