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  1. Mothership

    This is a single map set on a UFO. Works only in Eternity 4.00.00 or higher.


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  2. Maskim Xul

    A set of Boom-compatible maps for Doom II with a decidedly Lovecraftian theme to the second and third and a fourth to stop the player from advancing. Also a MAP30 to avoid DeHackEd shenanigans.


       (1 review)


  3. NOT

    About a year ago, there was a small CP on DW that was about putting the Aquatex texture pack, created by jmickle66666666, to good use or something, as the pack was planned to be included into Freedoom. At about the same time I've finished JUPCARN3.WAD and was in search of new mapping thrills when I stumbled upon this thing, and opted for a MAP03 slot. After a month of hard work, I came up with a badass techbase map, but apparently everyone stopped giving a damn about the project, so the map was just kinda rotting there for about a year. Well not anymore ayy lmao


       (2 reviews)


  4. World Orifice

    Inspired by Nostril Caverns. It plays a lot differently, but hopefully the inspiration comes through. 20K monsters. Expect that a casual playthrough will take a few hours of in-game time, and probably a lot more real time. Easy and Medium difficulties have small amounts of extra resources, and monsters are the same. MIDI is by me.


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  5. Mystery 1

    Mystery 1, a 6-level wad. Maps are slaughter style. Enjoy :)


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  6. Night Town

    A limit-removing level for Doom 2, inspired in some parts by Plutonia Revisited and Memento Mori map 28.


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  7. Oscillation

    9 boom compatible maps of increasing difficulty


       (7 reviews)


  8. Minos

    Minos is a single player Boom compatible map that takes place in an old mansion with ancient catacombs full of hellknights.

    The map is named after Minos - a king from Greek mythology whos wife gave bith to the legendary Minotaur.


       (2 reviews)


  9. Oceanside

    Oceanside is a limit-removing 3-map WAD based on my home town of Oceanside, California where I grew up. Beautiful suburban scenery and overall feel-goodness guaranteed.


       (2 reviews)


  10. Make It Startan

    Prepare your eyesight for the cacophony of STARTAN mess. The visual delight you're about to experience matches only botched WADs (or that 50-shades WAD). Expect: paper-thin walls, bent doors, strange shapes, STARTAN, more STARTAN and violation of Romero's "change floor, change height" principle. Get yourself inspired by the perfect screen split as you spawn. Get yourself pumped with the pump-action shotgun (but don't forget its double-barrelled brother). Get psyched!

    The map sticks to a "base" theme and uses D_RUNNIN as music because it fits the expectations above. It takes about 30 minutes to beat on HMP/UV and 10 - 15 minutes on easy.

    UV difficulty is balanced around finding secrets, which range from overly-generous to pathetic. One secret is particularly helpful in choking down the horde. HMP is more suited smooth gameplay, although if you do find the secrets you might find it too easy.

    Story: You just went into this place because you thought it sells juicy hamburgers. It turns out that it is instead infested with forces of Satan and it looks like it crawled out of rat's nest. You wanted to turn back, but the entrance door wouldn't open anymore. The only chance of getting out is to go in.


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  11. First Wad I've ever made

    I was deleting garbage off my computer, when suddenly I found this old wad. For reasons that I wont list here,I decided to upload this abomination to Doomworld. This is the first (and worst) wad I've ever made. I gave every single weapon at the beginning of the first map, I added too many monsters (On Map01-Map02), and since I had no creativity at the time, I pasted most of Doom 2's final map (Map30) into the end of the first map (Which I removed from the original wad so it could be accepted). I would say Map03 is the most creative map of them all. I lightly modified the original mod so it could be accepted. I changed the name of the original wad, I removed custom items, removed all mp3s, and also fixed problems that would make the wad unplayable. So download it today and give it 1 star.


       (2 reviews)


  12. The Molehill

    Broke a spate of complete creative inertia suddenly with this map, started at 22:22 late one Monday night, wrapped up the following day, then polished over the next couple days.

    Tested in Pr/GLBoom+, Q/GZDoom, and Eternity.


       (7 reviews)


  13. Noctambulist

    A set of 3 rather difficult maps designed to be played from pistol start, each one approaching said difficulty differently. What these maps have in common is Quake-influenced visual appearance, though once again, the actual themes vary from map to map.

    01 is an aggravating gimmick map where I was experimenting with annoying things, so I don't expect for many to like it (thankfully, it's fairly short). Moreover, it's very different from the other two, and is also a rather misleading opener, yet for my own obscure reasons I have to insist on leaving the map order as is.

    02 is notably easier than the previous one, and it's also as close as this mapset gets to "normal" contemporary maps, relatively fast pace and some upbeat moments throughout but overall this map's rather lenient and generous with all kinds of supplies.

    03 is essentially 02 on steroids, more open-ended and free-form, yet it's also notably harsher, with several moments of slaughter-grade goodness, even though the majority of the map is still dominated by low-key "incidental" encounters. The secrets also contain optional battles and powerful goodies.

    PROTIP: I quite like using candles and various "showy" decorations (demon faces, altars etc.) purely for the sake of atmosphere and environmental detailing, so if you're hunting for secrets - these aren't really going to lead you anywhere, you should look for other clues. Apologies for the confusion.


       (4 reviews)


  14. just play the damn wad

    You got dropped off at a space station in order to eliminate the menace that is hell. Just kidding, some shit child made a shit wad.


       (2 reviews)


  15. Merchant Map for Wrath of Cronos

    A Small map that contains a streetmerchant shop so you can gear up for the next map


       (0 reviews)


  16. Oreo Cake Massacre

    Oreo Cake Massacre is a huge slaughter level that consist of mainly brown and white, resembling an Oreo cake. You will need a ZDoom-driven Doom engine to play the level (such as ZDoom, GZDoom, Zandronum, etc.). You will need a good video card because if not, you may not have a pleasurable experience playing the level. Textures used include sf2012-tex, cc4-tex, GOTHICTX, NB_RECOL, and q1tex. If you do not like slaughter levels, this one is certainly not for you. Credit goes to Chris Balch for the Slaughterfest 2012 textures and the stuff that came with them and Daniel Jacobsson and Zachary Stephens for the music, which is from level 20 from Italo-Doom. Credit also goes to Okuplok for the inspiration as this level is based off of the level he designed. Demo of this level is found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3asGTqcNjJ0&t=16663s


       (0 reviews)


  17. Ol' No Name

    4 levels for boom format using Darkening 2 textures


       (3 reviews)


  18. No Turning Back

    No Turning Back is a single level wad that involves only going forward. There is no going back.


       (0 reviews)


  19. NH666v2

    Two maps with no health.


       (1 review)


  20. Counterattack

    Counterattack is a 7-map mini episode for Doom II. Each map was designed to be played from pistol-start; continuous play is fine but will make the play through much easier. This map set originally started out as a single map contribution to the Vinesauce map contest held in 2016 by Joel "Vargskelethor". The map in question (MAP02) was started on in early September, and finished on September 9th. Afterwards, I officially started the project on October 10th (shortly after finishing MAP04).

    My goal with this project was to exercise with the Doom II texture assets, and to create some maps for practice. All maps use stock Doom II textures (aside from skies and minor extras). The maps are medium-to-large in size and have many different paths that you can take. Replayability was a design goal I tried to aim for. Difficulty is somewhat middling, but should ramp up a bit towards the end.

    There is no way to exit to MAP31, so you will have to warp to it in order to play it. There is a secret exit in MAP31 that leads to MAP32, so have fun hunting for it!

    Note that MAP06 and MAP30 are not meant to be a part of the main campaign. MAP06 is for story purposes for ports that can't display the ending text. MAP30 is there as a way to keep the game from [potentially] crashing because I replaced some of the IoS things in the DEHACKED (its also a dumb in-joke).

    Also note that you shouldn't use jumping or crouching in these maps. It has been disabled in ZDoom, but some ports will still allow it. If you do use jumping or crouching, you may break the maps. Mouselook is ok but it may make certain secret triggers easier than intended.

    Note for PrBoom+ users: Use complevel 9


       (33 reviews)


  21. Math Test

    This is a small gimmicky map that has no monsters. Instead you have to solve mathematical problems or be squished, dissolved or blown up.


       (14 reviews)


  22. Mogor's Winter

    Once, a winter night, Mogor appeared in our world and all're mogorred. Mogor stole New Year and your task is to return the New Year celebration before the clock strikes midnight.

    Wad should be played preferably in PrBoom-Plus, with -complevel 9.


       (12 reviews)


  23. Mercury Rain (v1.1)

    A short, slightly puzzle-oriented map made for TerminusEst13's third DUMP project (Doom Upstart Mapping Project).

    You're stuck on the weather-worn planet Ratama with only a bunch of hostile aliens for company. Find a way off it and kill everything in your way.


       (21 reviews)


  24. Outland Industries

    A remote base in a rocky wilderness. The difficulty and general theme are meant to slot in somewhere maps 09-10 in the original Doom 2. This is my first attempt at designing a map, so brutally honest feedback would be greatly appreciated.


       (11 reviews)


  25. Miasma

    One fairly large and complex map. Difficulty should be more on the challenging side, harder encounters are mostly optional though.


       (32 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      Done with these settings:   - Crispy Doom 5.2
      - Ultra-Violence
      - Continuous combined with pistol start mindset.
      - Saves every 10 minutes or so.   Important note: The wad is almost fully playable in Crispy Doom or complevel 2, but due to two inaccessible doors which are part of progress, maps 03 and 04 cannot be completed without cheats. Because of that, ZDoom is the source port to be used like the author said in the text file, or else for PRBoom+ users I suggest to use this patch file that fix them. Thanks to WH-Wilou84 for sending me it, though Alfonzo made it for this thread. Also, other specifications about what's recommended to play this wad will be described below.    This is a solid episode of mid-sized maps for those who fancy Alien Vendetta in its semi-slaughtery way. Same for its visual design, the wad features mostly a similar texture arrangement from the earlier and latest episodes from AV, ranging from techbases and industrial factories to underground caverns in a lite hellish context that gave me some nice throwbacks. It apparently includes new textures, but their purpose don't seem to stand out in any particular context, more like a complement to the stock ones, and to be honest they went unnoticed during my playthrough. I did see the blue Wolf3d texture usage as part of colour variation among other details, a modest appearance though, which was neat. If something cannot be overlooked is detailing, specifically the part that refers to "things". Users of source ports that allow to turn off infinite height will have it softer to maneuver around, because of dead trees and hanging corpses out of the FOV you can get stuck in. I understand they are part of the transition from man-made structures to more natural landscapes, yet they can be potential annoyances in later maps. It's a little slip in design, given the existence of many ports that support this wad, and regardless of the author's recommendation, not everyone is going to stick with it. Anyways, I liked the midis, they certainly fit in their maps except the one in map 04, it's a beautiful calm track but not for outdoor areas, in my opinion.    Vae Victus is only short in number of maps, but it's plagued of monsters to kill, assuming you're ready to dispatch every meat shield in the road. Difficulty is forgiving for the skilled player, there isn't much in the way of pressure or hectic encounters as long as you have your feet on the ground, literally speaking. I did notice how limited in ammo are some maps, requiring berserk usage specially from pistol starts. Also there is an oddity in the 4th map, all of the weapons minus berserk are multiplayer-only, and while you'll eventually steal the shotgun and chaingun from zombies, all of the cell packs are of no utility, which indicates the author missed to place weapons in single player. Still, what's more strange is the sheer absence of the BFG throughout the wad, not that you'll really need it. On another side, the wad is easily comparable to the two wads the author got inspiration of: the aforementioned Alien Vendetta in its design structures, hallways connected by compartments (of which resources are located and typically small intruders too), few switch/key hunts involving backtrack and mostly the kind of meaty incidental combat where you either stay and fight or escape and camp, which is up to the player's will. The mapset gets more in the vein of Deus Vult later, when the bigger areas are meant to be explored in depth, and killing everything turns a bit more time-consuming and less obligatory, besides monsters completely out of the player's aim. The penultimate map is where this wad excels, although I must admit the initial area is a chore to navigate. Nevertheless, it's a decent romp in difficulty, the skinned walls room is the first fun lock-in trap, followed by some crowd-herding in order to eliminate the primary targets. It's unfortunate that the last map is a bit of an anticlimax after the previous longer map, which could have served perfectly as a closure to the wad.    Secret-wise, if you wonder why you still haven't found any of the 13 secrets in the third map, don't worry, 10 are on top of crates the author probably forgot to untag. Maxing the map is impossible due to that, though. Outside of that, the secrets don't require much skill to find, if anything you'll be ok with humping suspicious walls, pistol starters will definitely appreciate the berserk in map 04. For favourite maps, that's hard to tell, I honestly don't have any highlight whatsoever, I liked all of the maps pretty much the same, except for the underwhelming map 07. I also wonder why they don't have names, huh...   Overall, it's fairly enjoyable in what it offers, I'd recommend it more for the casual player rather than the one looking for a new challenge, but still should deliver some relaxing grind with bits of slaughtery if you're open to it, just don't expect anything bizarre. Oh and, non-ZDoom maxers, remember to turn off autoaim to try to kill those snipers from afar in map 05, although in Crispy Doom it was still impossible to reach them :/ ... My rate is 7/10. 
    • By tib_ · Posted
      Very impressive, VERY spooky
    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      Valhalla is a dark industrial techbase level that almost immediately sucked me in with its bleak atmosphere and amazing ambient music. Gameplay wise this level isn't too complex with its rather simple monster encounters that in a few spots provided a fair challenge for me on Ultra Violence. My only issues with Valhalla is that there are a few spots where the detailing can impede movement and cause pressing a necessary switch to be awkward.
    • By Stale Meat · Posted
      If you could describe the general multilevel WAD of the early 90s, you would have experimental and very abstract level design and texture placement, a MIDI soundtrack of popular song covers and whatever else was readily available on the BBS networks, a handful of custom sounds and textures, and a difficulty a bit higher than base Doom, but nowhere near many of the WADs released today. All of this is present in Serenity, and it makes for a memorable and pretty fun jump back to the past and the basics.   Serenity has some pretty good effort put into it, with much of its design geared towards quality in all of its aspects. The textures are placed with care and do well to compliment the unique theme each level has. Layout is pretty solid with a healthy dose of experimenting with the various sector effects like stairs, lifts, and crushers to add variety. A few simple traps and complimentary barrel placements help emphasize a more tactical approach to each level, and a few secrets can certainly change how you can engage a future room full of bad guys by opening windows and alternate paths. There isn't much aesthetic detail beyond what is absolutely necessary, but it doesn't take away from the main focus of its gameplay.   It isn't a very difficult level set, so if you handled base Doom on UV just fine you will probably do the same here. Supplies are spread but plentiful and weapons are acquired slowly but surely through the 8 levels. Difficulty for me was fairly even, with action picking up in the last few levels in particular. This and the levels being fairly short meant that in most cases I didn't feel a worry to save more than once in a level, if at all. Enemy placement is pretty good overall, with most of the enemy types appearing early on but are often placed in ways that makes it engaging and fun to deal with most of the time. The whole WAD took a bit over an hour to finish with thorough exploring of secrets and close to full level completions.   Overall I quite enjoyed this charming throwback to the past. It was engaging yet not overly challenging and most of the levels I quite liked. A few were a little subpar, with the 7th map being the most annoying with its many doors, switches, and stairways dragging it out longer than it needed to be. But overall it is an hour well spent with gameplay that certainly holds up after all these years and some interesting level designs. If you want a fun experience of early 90's WADs, Serenity should be one of your first picks.
    • By Lane Powell · Posted
      A good, very HUGE map, plus or minus 1000 monsters depending on difficulty: the kind that can take upwards of two hours on the game clock to run through. Naturally it's not for the FDA/no-save crowd. Frankly I had to do it in multiple sittings over the course of a day, as map fatigue kept setting in. That said, and despite the fact that it largely uses the same green marble/stone and tech textures throughout, the detailing and designs manage to keep areas from feeling too samey, though personally I would have used a greater variety of textures in different areas to keep them more distinct, or at least widen the color palette a little. While most of the map takes place indoors, there are a few cool outdoor void areas (which I could've used more of, to be honest—even peeks out of windows would be nice!), some cave areas, and even a small ruins setpiece. There are many side areas and a great deal of interconnectivity (though few if any true route choices), but the pathing is very good: I never felt lost even when coming back from a break. The fact that buttons almost always acted on something close by was naturally a huge help.   Gameplay was appropriately challenging and about as varied as it could be in such a huge map, though there are a few tricks one can tell the author was especially fond of. For example, there are plenty of archviles. Luckily I'm fond of stomping archviles. On the flatly negative side I felt some areas were much too dark. Unfortunately these were often populated with stealth demons—not very clever. Also I don't know the idea behind fighting multiple Cyberdemons in a near-pitch-dark room with tons of geometry to get stuck on, but it wasn't a good one.   While there are some things I would do differently, this is all told a pretty fine map—provided you're among the intended audience of people who like trawling through huge-ass maps to begin with.