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3 files

  1. The Ranger

    Hello, this is my first mod. Please don't bite.

    This is really a simple mod. Two of the biggest complaints I've had with Hexen is that A: the classes don't feel like actual people or characters, and B: for having so few weapons, none of them feel very fun to use. The game quickly became tedious. So, because I really wanted to play Hexen, I decided to make a new class. Enter Terry Holtzer the Ranger, a gunslinger woodsman with a snarky attitude. While many would disparage an inclusion of guns in Hexen, and for very good reason, I tried my best to make the guns have an archaic or medieval feel to them. There's no rapid-fire gatling rockets, no BFG energy weapons that spray ion proton neutrons or other science stuff, it's strictly early black powder, kinetic energy, a lot of historical inaccuracy, and a little magic.

    Hopefully it works, and hopefully this helps other people to enjoy the underrated game that is Hexen. Thank you very much for your time. Please, have fun.


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  2. Urban.wad

    See !!Read!!.bat


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  3. DeatH.wad

    See !!Read!!.bat


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  • File Reviews

    • By Nems · Posted
      Aside from a couple of stinkers (I'm looking at you, maps 20 and 33), this was a pretty fun and challenging map set to play through. For the time limit imposed in order to make these maps, they're of pretty nice quality, I think. While I wasn't the biggest fan of the (in my opinion) overusage of Arch-Viles and Revenants, it was still a fair challenge.
    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      Disregard earlier review server error caused me to download the incorrect file. So what do I like? The textures combined with the sharp lighting contrast between heavy dark and rather bright areas. What I don't like is the rather empty feeling level with large rooms and corridors filled with medium tier enemies on Ultra Violence, i.e cacodemons and hellknights, while only given a shotgun and chaingun. The issue with this is that encounters become more tedious than dangerous. I would add a super shotgun or spread out the medium tier enemy placement. The levelĀ detailing leaves a lot to be desired with the large empty grey rooms/corridors reminding me more of Half-Life than Doom. With some more detailingĀ and better monster/weapon placement I would rank this higher but as it stands this level leaves a lot to be desired.
    • By CountArchvile · Posted
      ''Build Time:3 Months'' Sure Terrence
    • By CountArchvile · Posted
      the map looks good visually but what does the have to do with doom 64? and how do I kill an archvile with a pistol? and a cyberdemon with a chain gun?
    • By CountArchvile · Posted
      this was the most immersive and chilling wad I've ever played