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This directory contains files that can be used with DOOM ports that support "skins" such as DOOM Legacy. If you don't know how to use them, write to the author or read the text files.

82 files

  1. James Bond skin for Doom legacy

    Original gfx by the d00ds at the goldeneye tx


       (17 reviews)


  2. XXLFragger Skin


       (8 reviews)


  3. Pokemon Stadium: Featuring Mario POKESTAD.WAD

    This is a graphics WAD with some new sounds and music and has two skins for ZDOOM and DOOM LEGACY


       (32 reviews)


  4. 'Jagd Hund'...His name is Jäger, is well trained; is my dog!

    The Story So Far...
    After a lot of intents to destroy the aliens, the alternatives were ending, because where Adolf Eichmann, ManoWar and The Monk were failed, only the PeruHero have engage a ferocius battle. But now he has been caught being prisioner and two powerfull CyberDemons are watching over the place. Only his pet Jäger was left, the one that was equally trained to 'Win or Die'...
    The strategy was to attract the new warrior to a 'Mortal Trap'... however they don't count with the audacity of this new contender!
    Jäger or Jagd Hund like he was named by his owner has cross the teleport by his own desire, going directly to Hell...
    Only God knows what will happen... this is our last hope of survival... ¡Let's see him in action now! Try JagdHund.Wad


       (0 reviews)


  5. 'Skins 2000'...A group of 'FIVE' new replacements!

    So, which are the files inside this Wadfile?... You will find here:
    - GutenTag.Wad
    - PeruHero.Wad
    - ManoWar.Wad
    - TheMonk.Wad
    - JagdHund.Wad


       (2 reviews)


  6. Gothic99 Player Skin Graphics v1.1

    Something truly wicked this way comes... New player graphics for use with the epic Gothic99


       (13 reviews)


  7. Diskmaster's Doom II v5.035 PR


       (22 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By dei_eldren · Posted
      Having been recommended to me earlier, a while back i gave this WAD a serious try, whilst by now being quite sure it's not on paper something i'd be likely to enjoy.  And so it wasn't, i simply quit in E1M4, but could've just as easily done so already on M1, as my impression didn't change at all as the game went on.   For me, the layouts are far too protracted and downright boring as a result, and the detailing is heavy-handedly generous, and i would even say, not pleasing to my eye.  Long levels often are not a problem when the layout is well-designed, and when one by the end of it has gotten a good grasp of it, but here i never got that feeling, so for me the layout designs are a problem.  No doubt this is partly due to them being expansions of the original maps, but it shows their efficacy and genius - and it shows that the whole idea of expanding such maps may be ill-adviced unless one can truly match that genius, and here that has not been the case. i also did not enjoy the alteration of the original areas to 'modernized' or 'improved' versions.  One main feature of this WAD are the gameplay additions, such as mines, forcefields, radiation areas, new monsters and numerous others, and these i saw as nothing more than gimmicks that didn't add any substance, simply detracting from the elegant simplicity of the game.   As far as gameplay itself goes, on first level there was a severe shortage of health considering the amount of hitscanners, and also some worry about having enough ammo.  On further levels they weren't frivolously given either but that's to be expected (quite a bit of bullet-spongy beasts are present, so it's important to manage it all correctly).  The new monsters didn't add anything to my liking, but i do see what was attempted with them - still, for me they are just a novelty (i sort of like the black crouching figure shooting fireballs, maybe it could be used somewhere and i'd like it...)  Doom is an extremely balanced game, and it's not easy to add to its bestiary without tipping the scales, i'm aware of only a handful of times that it's been successful to my taste.   One interesting thing was the detailed intermission-stats, that even showed as graphs the player's success in past levels and collected/used ammo, health, etc.    i have in the past used the term gimmick-WAD and this is a good example of exactly what i mean with it.  So for me, this had nothing to do with Doom, but i give two stars regardless, mainly for effort and trying something different.  Even so, this is just my personal experience and preference, and i'm glad a lot of people are of a different opinion.  (Played on LZDoom, HMP and continuous.)
    • By Kuro_mahoh · Posted
      I saw a floor and a ceiling, multiple in fact. Nice that there is no false advertisement here.
    • By Plank_Guy_89 · Posted
      It took me a few hours to get through. Pretty fun and very difficult.
    • By omalefico32x · Posted
      move over mucus flow