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This is the Themes subdir of the idgames archive. Levels, sounds and graphics that follow a certain theme can be found here. Expect large compilations by teams of designers or thematic works that can be used to create more levels along the same theme. They may be for a variety of the id Software games, but most are for DOOM and DOOM2. To create your own addon levels, try the editors in the 'utils/level_edit' directory. Questions? Contact idgmaint AT gamers.org .

2 files

  1. Silent Hill Orphan TC

    A Total Conversion of a mobile game of the same name. This is, i believe, the first point-and-click adventure ever made for G/ZDoom.


       (13 reviews)


  2. HOKUTO NO DOOM - Level designer resource kit

    First adaptation ever of the "Hokuto No Ken" comic/TV animation in the DOOM engine. New textures, new items, new sprites, new weapons, new sounds, and new music. The project uses the most familiar "Hokuto No Ken" characters (also known as "Fist of the North Star" and "Ken il Guerriero") from TV episodes 1 to 22 (manga 1&2). (See end of file for detailed description).


       (54 reviews)


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