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Welcome to the TeamTNT directory! ======== The files in this directory are products of TeamTNT or files related to them. These are complete projects done by TeamTNT members and not just level compilations. Final DOOM was created by TeamTNT. Eternal DOOM is by Team Eternal, now also part of TeamTNT. ======== FILENAME PROJECT NAME RELEASED DESCRIPTION -------- ---------------------- -------- --------------------------- tntrecl Reclamation [Feb 99] (32 levels DM-only) edm Eternal Deathmatch [Jun 98] (19 levels DM-only) boom202 BOOM modified engine [Oct 98] Current version 2.02 prboom202 PRBoom port of BOOM [Nov 98] 32-bit Windows port of Boom tntpurst Pursuit [Oct 97] (32 levels DM-only) eternal Eternal DOOM [Nov 97] (32 levels solo preferred) tntgrvnc Grievance [Dec 96] (32 levels DM-only) tntblood Bloodlands [Aug 96] (32 levels DM-only) icarus Icarus: Alien Vanguard [Mar 96] (32 levels solo/coop/DM) -------- Final DOOM (two 32-level sets solo/coop/DM) completed Oct 95 sold in stores/mail order by id Software and GT Interactive -------- Demos and Postscript Maps: pluvdemo.zip - demos - Final DOOM Plutonia done very fast, 2 hours total e3demos.zip - demos - Eternal DOOM - 89 demos totalling over 43 hrs fdgmdemo.zip - demos - Final DOOM - all 64 levels with -fast! fduvdemo.zip - demos - Final DOOM - all 64 levels by a 4-man team fdnmdemo.zip - demos - Final DOOM - 48 demos of 45 maps in nightmare! plutdemo.zip - demos - Final DOOM - Plutonia levels, by Dario Casali icuvdemo.zip - demos - Icarus - all 32 levels, by George Bell icgmdemo.zip - demos - Icarus - all 32 levels with -fast icarhelp.zip - demos - Icarus - help demos with no monsters plutmaps.zip - maps - Final DOOM Plutonia postscript maps tntmaps.zip - maps - Final DOOM TNT:Evilution postscript maps ======== TeamTNT Home page: http://www.teamtnt.com

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  • File Reviews

    • By Endless · Posted
      With only 7 maps, this WAD delivers excellent quality and at least 1 hour of top notch quality in terms of gameplay, design and presentation. Intense, fast and fun. The challenge it presents is complicated enough to spice it up without being extremely tedious/difficult. It's not easy, but it's not extreme either, and in that balance you find quite a lot of fun. Considering that the WAD is themed on Mars, this is probably one of the best I've seen in terms of adhering to its theme. Great and fantastic. I would like to thank the Cacoawards for introducing me to this beautiful collection of maps that are on my roster of exciting and fantastic WADs.  
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      It's an enjoyable and decent megawad, nice texture placement, nice level design overall.  My only complain would be a little couple of secrets doesn't have clear hints to find them
    • By Juza · Posted
      Levels 1 to 4 were great: beautiful, somewhat open maps with lots of exploration, challenge, and smart monster placement which renders a lot of replayability. 9/10 As for levels 5 to 7, their gameplay can be described with 'bite-sized arena fights' as the main loop, and 'mazey nonlinearity' for the layout design, and for me, that's boring. 6/10
    • By elend · Posted
      Great megawad that re-imagines Doom 2 how it should have been: With recognizably earth like settings. The maps look generally very realistic with some really good Doom cute furniture and the occasional funny vignette. Gameplay stays classic and imho on the easier side, which is a welcome treat in times of slaughtermaps and too much actual mapping, thus not having enough times to actually play Doom. This is no Sandy Peterson or overly hellish WAD mind you. You do get some hellish hellscapes in later maps, but the majority is earth-like and rather corridor focused. Enemy encounters are on the traditional side as well, with almost nothing standout, except that weird "Warehouse Siege" map that features what felt like 1,000 Archviles. I did not know how to progress there and had to cheat in the end, other than that you can pretty traditional encounters which means a shotgunner around the corner, and a pinky in the sewer, etc.   Even so, the really great design and occasional custom textures make this a standout WAD that traditionalists definitely want to check out.
    • By funduke · Posted
      This turns the game into a third-person shooter with a fox as the main actor. It also adds cool sound clips.   I give it five stars, because turning the game into a third person shooter by just exchanging the weapon graphics is cool and works very good. It's not that i stay with it for a longer time, but it has my intellectual respect!   Greetings Funduke