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6 files

  1. "Eternal Shell" DOSBox Patch

    This archive contains an unofficial patched executable for the frontend menu utility "Eternal Shell" that was included with TeamTNT / Team Eternal's "Eternal DOOM III" to allow the shell to function properly when using DOSBox to run the game.

    The Eternal Shell creates the standard DOS batch file "RUNET.BAT" on the fly for actually running the game. Some of the commands contained in the batch file include the "|" character, which DOSBox doesn't seem to like.


       (2 reviews)


  2. Eternal Deathmatch Set

    Eternal Deathmatch (EDM) consists of 19 levels. These levels use a combination of Doom 2 textures and a hand picked set of textures from Eternal Doom.


       (3 reviews)


  3. Eternal Doom

    Eternal is complete. 32 single player levels including six new levels and two bonus levels. Includes a powerful shell. Final DOOM compatible. Download this, unzip it in a new directory and type ETERNAL. Full instructions are in INSTALL.TXT inside. By Team Eternal. http://www.teamtnt.com


       (355 reviews)


  4. Eternal II - III upgrade

    Eternal is complete. 32 single player levels including six new levels and two bonus levels. Includes a powerful shell. Final DOOM compatible. Download this, unzip it in an Eternal II installation and type ETERNAL. Full instructions are in INSTALL.TXT inside.


       (6 reviews)


  5. Eternal III Solution Demos

    89 demos, from nomonsters versions to top speed versions and careful complete demos in between. Total time to watch all of them: 43 hours, 25 minutes and 45 seconds with no bathroom breaks. Total unpacked size for all 89 files is almost 13MB, so be sure you have space. Zipped up they're "only" 1.8MB though, so it's not all that bad. Individual demos range from 13 seconds to over an hour.


       (4 reviews)


  6. The Complete Eternal DOOM Soundtrack

    This archive contains the complete MIDI Soundtrack from TeamTNT and Team Eternal's "Eternal DOOM". Also included in the archive are several bonus MIDI files, images, and other miscellaneous Eternal DOOM and Eternal DOOM Soundtrack related material.


       (20 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Fairen · Posted
      While it has its flaws, some rooted in its concept, Knee-Deep in ZDoom is an interesting reimagining of the first episode of Doom. As you progress through the levels, you'll see familiar layouts, but there's new areas added and twists to those classic rooms so that the experience does remain fresh—the familiarity will of course help to find secrets and the like, though not every secret has been recreated.   The expansion of the levels is arguably KDiZD's greatest strength and weakness, as while these highly-detailed environments are interesting, they can also become extremely labyrinthine and confusing to explore. The third level is the best example of this, adding on an entirely-original mines area which itself requires finding keys and switches to progress through this segment. I ended up getting lost and missing a switch, figuring the needed key was in the "original" areas of the map, only to proceed through the level and get blocked by the final door because I hadn't reactivated the generator. The game does give the occasional message prompt, but some parts could have benefitted from giving more direction from the outset.   There's some new monsters. Some don't quite feel Doom-y, like the satyrs (basically melee-only barons) and there's a few too many imp variants, but they do give some more variety to monster encounters. The WAD also adds the super shotgun, as well as two original new weapons to replace the plasma gun and BFG 9000 (amusingly, the game still displayed cell count—GZDoom glitch, maybe?). The grenade launcher serves as a bouncy rocket launcher, doing more damage while being trickier to use, though its greatest trick is its tendency for the grenade to bounce off of tiny details on the floor and blow you to kingdom come instead. The other new weapon is...A Rifle. Just...A Rifle. It fires quite rapidly, is perfectly accurate, and you get a decent amount of ammo for it. And each shot does as much damage as a super-shotgun blast. It is ludicrously overpowered—it can take out tough enemies in just a handful of shots from a long distance, in mere seconds. Even the final bosses, a pair of "bruiser" demons and a giant demon in a pit of lava, go down like chumps provided that you come into these fights with a good amount of ammo for A Rifle.   One thing that does deserve special mention for frustration, though. The game provides an "action indicator" option, to show things in the environment you can use that aren't obvious switches, stuff like consoles and the like. But Z1M3 has a particularly frustrating instance of this, where in order to reach a secret area, you have to interact with a small box sitting on a ledge, which causes the Doomguy to pick up this box so you can then place it on another ledge to jump up into the hatch. Nothing gives any indication that the box in question can be interacted with, and to make it even worse, this secret area is required in order to access the secret level (which is all-important because it gets you A Rifle that much earlier!).   In the end, Knee-Deep in ZDoom has its tedious and frustrating moments, but ultimately it was a fun experience that played to and upon the classic and iconic designs of Knee-Deep in the Dead. And it has made me want a mod that replaces the BFG 9000 with A Rifle for any other WAD, because who needs a big fleeping gun when you can eviscerate the hordes of hell with your almighty A Rifle?
    • By VanaheimRanger · Posted
      So we're meme reviewing WOOO now...okay, here goes again...   I have not played this WAD and have no plans to.   There.   See you guys on the next meme review cycle.
    • By BrassKnight · Posted
      I don't know what the hell was that WAD but I'm gonna be honest, that was an interesting experience. Surprisingly, even as a joke WAD there's some legit maps and they're not even bad at all. I didn't even know community joke WAD exist, I better be on the look out for any open community WAD of this type because I want to participate in one some day.   4/5 stars. if you want to play good shit, this is your WAD.
    • By Teo Slayer · Posted
      Best thing I've ever seen, especially the two anime girls 5/5