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6 files

  1. Icarus Grandmaster Collection

    This is a grandmaster collection(fast monsters) of Icarus: Alien Vanguard. The goal was to do each Icarus level on Ultra-violence with -fast parameter with 100% kills 'n' secret. And, yes, we managed to do it.


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  2. icarhelp.zip


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  3. icuvdemo.zip


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  4. icdemo16.zip


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  5. icdemo17.zip


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  6. Icarus: Alien Vanguard

    Icarus is a whole new set of 32 DOOM II levels from TeamTNT. It is now available on ftp.cdrom.com and its mirrors. See below for the exact path.

    Icarus has 32 levels that are excellent for single and cooperative play, but we didn't forget the Deathmatchers of the world, either!

    We've taken extra steps to make sure that every level is an exceptional Deathmatch level so that after you're done playing it alone, you can go through Icarus again and waste your buddies. Some maps have special features, and others reduce the level size for Deathmatch. In all cases, though, you'll know we had Deathmatch in mind when we made Icarus. And no more days of filtering through all the junky DM levels on the 'net.


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  • File Reviews

    • By UAC guy · Posted
      One of the best megawads I've ever played. I especially like map05, though the  
    • By PC2mill · Posted
      I've just finished playing all the maps, and seeing this TNT maps remade is a great feeling. Generally they are all a step above their original counter part, but also having played TNT Revilution I can't help but compare then, and putting the maps that pull the same inspiration side by side there is no contest, Renascence is left way behind, not to say there are bad, but Transduction and Fortress of Bullets are just in another League.
      Now, Taking advantage that I'm talking about Revilution it's map 18 (Hell's Signs) was made by Eternal and probrably is a little glimpse of what episode 2 of Renascence could've been. Finally, I find it very tragic that this isn't getting a sequel, but since Eternal still an active mapper so the hope isn't complete lost.
    • By VanaheimRanger · Posted
      Are we moving on from the NUTS meme reviews and making serious Ancient Aliens reviews now?   Okay, here's mine:   I have played this, and I plan to play it again...
    • By URROVA · Posted
      i loved this wad! the theme is pretty good, and the music is nice! the thing i disliked about it its basically the thing you grab a key and automatically... archvile. Besides that i really loved this wad :))
    • By Taw Tu'lki · Posted
      Nice and very beautiful atmosphere. Good WAD. I love it. 5/5