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Numerous third party addon software exists to modify doom/doom2/heretic/hexen/strife or to assist you in your playing pleasure. Look for the appropriate tool in one of the directories below, organized by category. If in doubt please contact idgmaint AT gamers.org with 'DOOM-FTP' in the subject line.

1 file

  1. Logitech Wingman Warrior external driver

    Some months ago I released ctrlapi.zip, a demonstration set of hacks that show what is possible using Vanilla Doom's external control API. At the time, I wrote that, "as far as I know, no such driver was ever written before now". This file is proof that I was wrong.

    Included is a collection of files that I extracted from the Logitech Entertainment Software (LES) v2.3 drivers. It includes an external control driver apparently designed to allow Doom, Heretic, Hexen and several other games to be played using the Logitech Wingman Warrior joystick. Also included is a graphical menu tool used to configure it.

    I am uploading this because it is of historical and educational interest in the context of the Doom source code.


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