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  1. JMAA's Pistol Start

    This is pretty much a dumb mod, but all it does is just limit the weapon range to just the pistol and pistol ammo and tone down the monsters' health to be easily killable with the pistol without having to bore yourself. It also includes a new skill level for really special gamers.


       (1 review)


  2. Simple Pistol Starter

    This is a mod that automates the process of pistol starting in Doom and several other IWADs.

    It makes no other changes to gameplay in the IWADs or other mods that the included "pistol starters" are compatible with.

    Usage is simple: Load only one pistol starter, and load it after whatever WADs you want to use.

    Autosaves should be enabled, and the game should be played as in normal continuous play.

    The process of pistol starting will be performed for you automatically via ACS scripting.

    At the start of each level a script will run.

    It will remove from all players all weapons, armor, ammo, etc. and give them the default weapons and ammo and reset their health to 100.

    If autosaving is enabled the game will then save your progress as it would otherwise.

    You will be able to play the entire game with no need for cheats or further configuration.

    These pistol starters should only be used with IWADs, megawads and other mods that include multiple levels and are "pistol start friendly", such as Ancient Aliens, Sunlust or Valiant.

    For Freedoom use the pistol starters for Doom or Brutal Doom.

    Chex Quest 3, Hacx, and Heretic have been given pistol starters because of the similarity of their structure and gameplay to Doom.

    Other IWADs such as Hexen and Strife were not, due to their unsuitability for pistol starts.

    If any other mod or IWAD is hub-based or otherwise dependent on continuous gameplay, it may be "broken" by these scripts.

    If a WAD only includes one map these scripts would be pointless.

    If a WAD includes custom weapons it will not work as intended unless the pistol starter is compatible.

    Pistol starters for several mods have been included:

    Beautiful Doom v6.1.0.2 Brutal Doom v20b Elf Gets Pissed v1.1 PerK's Smoother Weapon Animations Enhanced Strange Aeons v5.4 Valiant

    The pistol starter for Brutal Doom v20b includes a patch for the error that prevents Brutal Doom from working with recent versions of GZDoom, which is the reason why this pistol starter is in ".pk3" format instead of ".wad".

    It will also "remember" whether the initial "crack knuckles and load rifle" and shotgun-pump animations have played and skip them in future maps as they would be skipped normally.

    As for the pistol starter for Elf Gets Pissed: It will remember whether or not the Lightbringer was found, and will give it back to the player on pistol start, along with the amount of ammo that would have been given on pickup. (120 on skills 0 and 4, 80 otherwise)

    For Strange Aeons: It will remember the Yithian Lightning Gun, giving it back after pistol start if it was found, along with the ammo given on pickup. (80 on skills 0 and 4, 40 otherwise)

    This is a list of the included pistol starters:

    (IWAD) Doom and Freedoom: pstlstrt.wad (Mod) Brutal Doom v20b: btlpstrt.pk3 (Mod) Beautiful Doom v6.1.0.2: bdpsstrt.wad (Mod) Elf Gets Pissed v1.1: egpsstrt.wad (IWAD) Heretic: evwdstrt.wad (IWAD) Hacx: hxpsstrt.wad (IWAD) Chex Quest 3: mzchstrt.wad (Mod) PerK's SWAE: pkpsstrt.wad (Mod) Strange Aeons: sassstrt.wad (Mod) Valiant: vlpsstrt.wad

    The pistol starter for Brutal Doom is compatible with Freedoom if used with Brutal Doom v20b.

    It is not intended for use with mods based on Brutal Doom, such as Project Brutality. (It may work correctly, it but probably won't.)

    The pistol starter for PerK's Smoother Weapon Animations Enhanced can be used with either the brown or black gloves editions, and is also fully compatible with Smooth Doom.

    The Valiant pistol starter is intended for use with skillsaw's "Valiant.wad" and "sawdust.wad".

    For Valiant: Vaccinated Edition use either the Doom pistol starter, or the one intended for whatever mod you want to use with it.

    The original ACS script source files have been left inside each pistol starter WAD, and are commented for reference.

    The source files could be used to make more pistol starters for other mods and IWADS.


       (3 reviews)


  3. Server Doom

    This allows any specific supported engine to continuously run all maps from E1 to E4. This file ignores (End Episode), and well reroute to the next episode when the current is finished. Perfect for multiplayer proposes!

    Thanks to Kyle "Skunkrocker" Guthrie for the episode 4 intermission screen, that SVDoom utilizes and retrieved permission for.

    Version 1.00: 25 April. 2008 Original Release

    Version 1.01: 20 November. 2008 Fixed a possible HOM issue that sometimes occur in SkullTag.

    Version 2.00: 30 November. 2012 * Expunged CISVD.txt; superfluous ASCII file... * Added a new lump 'ZMAPINFO' for engines that support it * Applied level number capability; useful for ACS scripts. * Enforced 'No Jumping' and 'No Crouching'; changable * Enforce 'Smooth Lighting' variable to true. * Enforce 'Normal Infighting' * Ports that use MAPINFO should render intermission screens almost adjacent to those that use ZMAPINFO.


       (1 review)


  4. Server Heretic

    This allows any specific supported engine to continuously run all maps from E1 to E5. This file ignores (End Episode), and well reroute to the next episode when the current is finished. Perfect for multiplayer proposes!

    Version 1.00: 25 April. 2008 Original Release

    Version 1.01: 20 November. 2008 Fixed a possible HOM issue that sometimes occur in SkullTag.

    Version 2.00: 30 November. 2012 * Expunged CISVH.txt; superfluous ASCII file... * Added a new lump 'ZMAPINFO' for engines that support it * Applied level number capability; useful for ACS scripts. * Enforced 'No Jumping' and 'No Crouching'; changable * Enforce 'Smooth Lighting' variable to true. * Enforce 'Normal Infighting' * Ports that use MAPINFO should render intermission screens almost adjacent to those that use ZMAPINFO. * Added support for the sixth episodes.

    Unversioned: 10 October. 2016 * Renamed file from 'SVHeretic' to 'SVHertic'. This is in compliance with /idgames policy with 8char max filenames.

    1 download

       (0 reviews)


  5. Realistic proportions

    In the Doom Bible, Tom Hall implies that Wolfenstein (and, presumably, Doom) have a scale of 16 units to 1 real-world foot. Doomguy is thus three and a half feet tall.

    This small mod corrects that error, enlarging Doomguy to a more appropriate 96 units, or six feet.


       (4 reviews)


  6. AI Enhancements: A Decorate Experiment Version 1.1

    Alters the behavior of every monster in the game, along with various other rebalances. Rudimentary line-of-fire checks to reduce (not eliminate) infighting, marching fire, enemies firing in volleys, along with numerous overall difficulty-increasing tweaks. See below for full details.


       (4 reviews)


  7. Combat Redux v1.0.0

    This mod is intended to make Doom more realistic and enjoyable. Damage to and from the player is increased and new gameplay mechanics have been added, e.g. proper viewkick based weapon recoil, weapon mobility modifiers, weapon aiming, a robust headshot system which applies to most monsters and all players, etc...


       (9 reviews)


  8. Enhanced Skill Levels

    This adjusts skill levels accordingly as well as adding intermediate skills between Ultra Violence and beyond Nightmare for those who feel the skills don't provide enough challenge.

    The inspiration for some of the skill names came from Complex Doom.


       (3 reviews)


  9. The Demon's True Blood

    Gave the demons their true blood colors. I've also included BLOODZAN for Zandronum for only 2 monsters in there and I gave the lost soul 20 health thanks to a thread on Doomworld I was at. Well, they had too much that's what I've read. Thread was things id got wrong if you're wondering. Not only that, the lost souls have the +NOBLOOD flag since well, they're souls. How could they have blood? Same for the Pain Elemental.

    !!!ZANDRONUM USERS!!!: Make sure you have the Skulltag_Actors and Skulltag_Data for BLOODZAN and the right version of Zandronum too. That may go the same with the skulltag stuff.


       (12 reviews)


  10. Simple weapon rebalance for efficient combat - vanilla DEHACKED mod

    DEHACKED mod, compatible with any source port and even the original game.

    For a long time, I've been experimenting with improving balance of Doom's weapons (and enemies), to make all of them useful while retaining their "feel", which we players are so much familiar with, as much as possible. Eventually, I settled on this version:

    Fist left unchanged. Chainsaw is bloodstained and deals double damage. Pistol fires twice as fast and 100% accurately. Shotgun fires 25% faster and has a new reload animation, resembling SSG's reload. SSG fires about 33% faster, as fast as the unmodified shotgun did. Chaingun fires 25% faster. RL and PG left unchanged. BFG become a rapid-fire weapon, but loses its "blasting" effect - now it works like a more powerful plasmagun, which also consumes more ammo. Bullet capacity increased to 300 (600 with a backpack), plasma capacity increased to 450 (900 with a backpack).

    In addition, there are minor changes to some monsters to improve their balance as well, and make them worthy opponents while not too overpowered:

    Zombiemen are twice as fast, twice as aggressive, and shoot twice in a row. Demons and spectres move 50% faster, bite faster, and their bites deal damage a lot sooner. Revenant's missile is orange and deals half damage. Arachnotrons start firing at you without their usual long charge.

    That's all - enjoy! ;)


       (9 reviews)


  11. Canofbacon's Realistic Gore

    This is my super duper realistic gore mod for Doom!! It has more realism to the game! It also adds immersion to the game so you can really get sucked in to the great adventure point and click game that is Doom!


       (27 reviews)


  12. Hard Doom Guns

    Vanilla DEHACKED gameplay mod.

    Balance of Doom's weapons and monsters has been tweaked to better suit slaughter gameplay, and generally to be better balanced. Pistol can now find its usefullness even if you have chaingun, the same with shotgun x SSG, plasma gun x BFG, even fist and chainsaw have been enhanced. Zombiemen and arachnotrons became a decent threat and some other monsters were altered as well. See the entire list of changes in the enclosed textfile (hardguns_INFO.txt).


       (4 reviews)


  13. 2 pistols

    Vanilla mod, changing the player's basic weapon.

    You start with double pistols instead of one, so that you can fire significantly faster, only 50% slower than with the chaingun. It's supposed to improve gameplay balance, since the single pistol normally becomes useless after you find chaingun.

    The mod is realized via custom sprites and a vanilla compatible DEHACKED patch. Run it along with the IWAD/PWAD you're playing. Also you can feel free to add contents of this mod to your own Doom wad you're making.

    These dual pistol sprites are not just a mirrored pistol graphic, the shading is fixed so that both pistols have a shadow on the same side. It should make the pistols look more natural, and it's the difference from other dual pistol sprites.

    If you dislike the fire sound replacement, feel free to remove or replace it.

    Side effects of this mod (they are given by the restrictions of vanilla DEHACKED): -You always fire both pistols consequently, so that 2 bullets are used. -The chaingun spins and flashes faster now, but gameplay-wise it behaves like a normal chaingun. -SS Nazi has been altered in a couple states, and as a result, he fires a bit faster and shares most of his gibbing animation with shotgun guy, but it's not very noticeable.


       (6 reviews)


  14. All Resurrecting Archvile mod

    A simple vanilla gameplay mod (or enhancement).

    Archvile now has an ability to revive every monster type. When I say every, I mean every. See the other included textfile (resur_INFO.txt) for an exact list of changes, sacrifices, usage etc.


       (10 reviews)


  15. Brawlers

    Vanilla DEHACKED gameplay mod. Monsters will attack you only when provoked (after a pain state), or at melee range (monsters without a melee attack too)

    The idea was: Let's have a mod that doesn't focus on punishing the player with challenge, and that encourages him not to fight the monsters, but run past them, while they block you with their bodies and attack you only up close. You can challenge yourself by trying to complete a level while killing as few monsters as possible.


       (5 reviews)


  16. 4thjuly

    This is a little patch I slapped together that changes the last 3 weapons.


       (4 reviews)


  17. Doom 2 French Version (doom2f.wad) binary patch

    This is a binary "sideways-grade" patch to convert the normal (English) version of Doom II v1.8 to the official French translated version.

    The French version of Doom was created by a professional translations company called "Art of Words" and distributed in France, although it seems to be pretty rare.

    For a less invasive way to experience the French translation of Doom II, see my other upload, french.zip, which includes a PWAD and dehacked patch to create the same result.


       (6 reviews)


  18. French Doom translation

    This is a recreation of the official French translation of Doom II, in the form of a PWAD file and dehacked patch. I have created these by comparison of the English and French versions of doom2.exe and doom2.wad (the French version is named doom2f.wad).

    The translation was done by a company called "Art of Words". I have heard that the translations are rather poor, but I don't know French well enough to comment myself.


       (8 reviews)


  19. Harmony Mod Base

    Base file for use in creating mods for Harmony 1.1 or later.

    When Harmony 1.0 was release I had trouble running it on Linux. My solution was to translate the DeHackEd patches into modern lumps, which allowed me to play the game. I submitted the lumps to t.v., but he didn't want them since he hasn't learn to use the new formats yet.

    In any case I feel that the lump can still be useful for anyone who may want to create a mod for Harmony (particularly more elaborate ones). In addition I didn't my effort to go to waste.

    There is one difference in my patch that I recall is that the hand grenades do not have autoaim, but this can easily be reverted.

    As of Harmony 1.1, this also fixes a bug where the icons on the fullscreen hud are not properly scaled.


       (2 reviews)


  20. chex.exe dehacked patch

    This is a dehacked patch designed to emulate the chex.exe executable included with Chex Quest. It is generated from a comparison of chex.exe with Final Doom's doom2.exe.


       (20 reviews)


  21. 10x

    10x multiplies the amount of doom enemies by, you guessed it, 10. Enemies explode into multiples of ten as soon as the map starts. Due to collision problems, you are able to walk through monsters. Most monsters projectiles pass through each other, making it harder. Ammo on the map is also timesed by ten. Don't try this on NUTS maps! The WAD was based on a Serious Sam mod called Parse Error.


       (46 reviews)


  22. Deathkings Music

    Enables music for the maps of the Hexen expansion pack, HEXDD.wad.


       (7 reviews)


  23. Omniverse's Weapon Rebalance

    A WAD for rebalancing the weapons in Doom. Primarily intended for DM, but could be used for single player or co-op as well.

    The purpose of this rebalance is to shift the focus of the weapon balance away from single player and towards DM, and to reduce the difference in power between several of the weapons. Most importantly, this should reduce the effectiveness of mindlessly spamming the rocket launcher or plasma rifle.

    Chainsaw: * Doubled the damage output to make it more useful. Should still be very hard to kill someone with, but at least it's more likely.

    Pistol: * Increased rate of fire to make it slightly more useful.

    Shotgun: * Decreased downtime between shots to make it less overshadowed by the Double Barrelled Shotgun.

    Chaingun: * Increased rate of fire to keep weapon balanced with Pistol.

    Rocket Launcher: * Increased the speed at which rockets fly through the air to make the speed of rockets seem more appropriate, and to eliminate the possibility of outrunning your own rockets. * Decreased the rate at which rockets could be fired to keep weapon balanced with previous change.

    Plasma Rifle: * Reduced Maximum Cells to 150 (300 with Backpack) to reduce the length of time someone could use it before needing more ammo. * Increased the recharge time inbetween bursts of firing to increase the vulnerability of someone using the Plasma Rifle.

    BFG9000: * Reduced Maximum Cells to 150 (300 with Backpack) to reduce the length of time someone could use it before needing more ammo. * Increased the number of cells used per shot to 50.


       (4 reviews)


  24. Extreme Monsters Modification

    This MOD upgrades the normal DooM 2 monsters into much more agressive and strong versions of their original selves. Hit points, movement and projectile speeds have all been altered in this MOD. This MOD will most likeley be very good in terms of increasing the difficulty of COOP games without having to battle hordes upon hordes of monsters just for a challenge. This file is also intended for mappers to use in their maps. A good feature of this is REDUCED LAG in new maps, and more difficulty in older ones with less monsters. Enjoy!


       (11 reviews)


  25. 2x Weapon Damage MOD

    This MOD will alter the amount of damage for ALL weapons in Doom 2, by 2x. Use this to make your weapons two times more powerfull.


       (10 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Bri0che · Posted
      Good map, ammo management is required somewhat, no big deal since we give you a plasma rifle, and this tiny "ammo starvation" is fairly rebalanced later on the level anyway. Some texture misalignment indeed… The theme is respected, and I like this kind of "easy but don't sleep" gameplay. 
    • By Bri0che · Posted
      I was expecting much worst from what I've read just bellow, but in fact the angry guy in the comment was probably just too lazy to use an obvious berserk that is easy to find if you aren't blind… I'm not a great fan of ammo starvation either, but if only you use your brain, you'll understand that there is a lot of demon piñata that you easily punch from a safe distance instead of casually shooting them in sight and waste your ammo, and it's quite fun to gib them actually ! There are some confusing moments though, but nothing crazy either… Now, there are some sweet little design and decoration that I liked. The usual short map that isn't transcendant, but that you'll finish with satisfaction.
    • By video_ouija · Posted
      feels like an old school doom wad. I very much liked.
    • By Bri0che · Posted
      A set that work pretty well :) Just found out that this is by the same creator of JNNHangar and stuff, and as its previous map this mapset is good while staying on basic stuff, also the layout feels a little bit less linear for the good. I still find that it is rather not enough decorated and blend sometimes, but it is ok. E1M8 was the little "challenge", fair last level ! +1 for the awersome secret level !
    • By 4shockblast · Posted
      This map is twenty years before its time.