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7 files

  1. Galley

    This is supposed to be a galley ship, but it is hard to replicate a true ship w/o 3D.


       (3 reviews)


  2. DoomBot v5.1


       (22 reviews)


  3. hipafragnode.zip

    Complete nodes for the Doombot, and the wad file hipafrag.wad


       (0 reviews)


  4. boonodes.zip

    Hey! Boo.nod is a nodes table file for use with Aardappel's Boo.wad. This nodes table will only work with Sergey Makovkin's very tough Doombot 3.0a, which in turn is based off the Doom Legacy sources for DOS. You can grab the latest version at http://doomnation.com/doombot.

    If you want to play boo.wad with bots, we highly recommend using this nodes table for maximum play experience. Refer to the instructions below if you are having trouble loading the nodes table correctly.


       (3 reviews)


  5. brit11node.zip

    Complete nodes for the Doombot, and the wad file Brit11.wad


       (1 review)


  6. goth2node.zip

    These are gothic 2 nodes for the Doombot.


       (1 review)


  7. Doombot Arena 3.1

    Arena.bat is just that, a big batch file that calls a few little ones. It was written to make the entire process of launching the Doombot with various node files, as well as recording & viewing demos, as easy & painless as possible.

    Ansi.com is an ansi interpreter which will be loaded if ansi.sys isn't running. It enables the color graphics. Enjoy.


       (15 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By RonLivingston · Posted
      One problem about this, is when I played those 2 levels speaking of stupid and blue radishes with herpes is it caused massive lag to my computer, and the secret exit in omg counterstrike leads back to level 36 instead of going to the 4 or 5 portals.
    • By Osmosis Bones · Posted
      This is ridiculous, everyone knows sex isn't real!
    • By DELTA256 · Posted
      I took a little looskie at the mod just now and the only two things that I hate are the fact that the porn in hand is low-les, and also that there is no cuntboy dragon bdsm hentai. A sarcastic 5 stars, In reality, probably 0.000000000000000000000001 out of 5 stars...     Pretty sure I can do a better porn-themed graphics replacement... CUM to think of it, I fucking will >:D
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Never thought of Star Wars theme added with pr0n but ok... anyway a small demo map pretty badly textured, but the movie creation is good, even if in the end the textures are pretty badly compressed.
    • By LateToDOOM2020 · Posted
      I put 5 stars because I found it enjoyable. No it does not have super detailed design but it does have details that make it an enjoyable game play. the way textures line up perfectly for example buttons on a washing machine and the railing for the stairs is very clever and Its cool to see the use of textures in this way.
      I enjoyed the lack of linear game play and the lack of typical puzzle solving. You sneak around the houses and with uncertainty what is around each corner you find that the monsters keep coming out of nowhere. The houses give you cover to protect your self and its cool to see the little details in each house. There is more than enough ammunition and you wont be able to pick up every item. Its very fun to play doom in this more relaxed free roam style. 
      To those who have played many doom levels and have high expectations you may dislike this map but for someone like me who likes the older style of maps its very enjoyable.