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  1. GALAXIA.WAD (The Ultimate Czech Level)

    - This is my first creation. But I tried to avoid mistakes like too high sector, too long line, HOM, texture misalignment and such ... - It took me many hours and when I finished the level after several weeks, I didn't want to have just a few soldiers. So, this is gonna be tough. - No Cyberdemon, but several spiders. But wait! The one in the first room is here just for the story and will be killed later. All other spiders are only decorations and won't be killed. A few cacos and barons. (total: over 330 enemies) - You will be given all weapons except the BFG. - Don't believe in invulnerability. (It sucks). - There are no traps or places where you would stuck. - No puzzles, just an instant and hard action. Hey, this is DOOM! - My plan was to design an original subway area and sewers. (of course). When I started, I hadn't played a single pwad before. So I didn't steal any idea, just was not first. - THE LEVEL WAS DESIGNED FOR ONE PLAYER ONLY AS A STAND ALONE WAD. PLAY THE LEVEL AND QUIT. YOU SHOULD HAVE A FAST 486 (designed on DX2-66 VLB). - I can complete the level in about 50 minutes.


       (111 reviews)


  2. Inferno

    A nine-level complete replacement for DOOM I, E3, full of special effects such as: - 3D bridges (over and under): levels 7, 9 - 560ø spiral staircase: level 7 - Blastable walls: levels 6, 9 - Monsters rising from water: level 9 - Lots o' cool architecture If you play nothing else, warp to level 7 -- it's probaly the best level I have ever made.


       (53 reviews)



    Run through it and kill them.


       (4 reviews)



    This set of 8 levels has been made with the word quality in mind. It's Mind here, not Muscles! We have tried to find a good mixture of action, architecture and adrenaline. Some of the levels may be a breeze, others may be a real pain in the *ss. But remember one thing: YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE THE CHEATS!!! There are a few very though places, but they can be done. When it seems you can't get around them without using the cheats, you may be doing it the wrong way and/or you may have missed something(s). Hidden entrances to rooms can always be recognized in some way (different texture, different light-level, etc.).


       (38 reviews)


  5. INVASION... Level 2--The Upper Decks

    This is level 1 of a 4 level storyline episode.

    [It's too much work to make 9, so we decided to compress the story a bit!]

    STORY SO FAR: [Level 1--Contamination (invade1.wad)]

    Mars Base sent an urgent distress call after a new gateway opened up there. You had been sent on the battlecruiser INQUISITOR to combat this new INVASION...

    ...but not all had gone according to plan. The ship was attacked and boarded just as it entered orbit around Mars. You awakened from hypersleep to find your crewmates either mutated or dead. Your objective was clear: end the CONTAMINATION or die trying...

    You finally managed to eradicate all the evil hellspawn from the lower levels of the ship. But, just as you were about to proceed to THE UPPER DECKS, through a viewport, you spotted a huge alien space hulk approaching the INQUISITOR...

    [end of Level 1]

    [Level 2--The Upper Decks (invade2.wad)]

    You must now not only annihilate all intruders aboard the INQUISITOR, but somehow deal with the entire shipload of the alien hulk.

    [Please read INVPRO2.TXT before playing the level for the complete story]

    [Please read INVEPI2.TXT after completing the level]


       (29 reviews)


  6. A Gamarra tribute: Gamarra's destiny

    You play as Gamarra, the master 1337 Doom mapper. You have been invited by the master 1337 newstuff reviewers who (so they said) want to praise you for your mad mapping sk1llz.


       (60 reviews)



    House to house fighting in a small RnR town, as its being invaded from hell.


       (5 reviews)


  8. Goetia 1

    Goetia (Medieval Latin; anglicised as goety) is a practice that includes the conjuration of demons

    Doomguy, in an effort to take out more demons, engages in arcane demon rituals to reach the demon's realm.


       (3 reviews)


  9. INVASION... Level 1--Contamination

    This is level 1 of a 9 level storyline episode.

    You thought it was all over after you finished the grand tour in hell after Episode 3 -- Inferno.

    Well, Mars Base has sent in an urgent distress call and this time you are called again for one final encounter against the... INVASION!


       (21 reviews)


  10. High/Low 1

    I wouldn't exactly state this as a come-back wad as the quality isn't really up to par with my previous work. However, I just hope people will accept this map as a good small to medium sized episode 1 map and nothing more. While it has a distinct episode 1 feel, it doesn't follow the same strict rules as my CH Retro Episode maps. So you might just bump into a cacodemon or two.


       (37 reviews)




       (9 reviews)


  12. Invasion of the Damned

    Nine techbase-styled maps meant to be used as the new E1 for FreeDOOM. Mostly taken from idgames and existing FreeDOOM resources, with a couple modifications here and there to not use textures outside of DOOM1.WAD and to vanilla-ize (not just limit-removing, pure vanilla)


       (20 reviews)


  13. Iconic

    E2M2 themed level, harder than the previous map of mine named "Stoned".


       (12 reviews)



    An atmospheric level. One new enemy. ----- This level is not complete. Some graphics, sound, and parts of the level have been removed to make it smaller for downloading. The Full version comes with the other levels when you register.

    This is level 7 of the Laura Beyer Add on level package.


       (11 reviews)


  15. Hatred Removed


       (13 reviews)


  16. Hell clash

    A classic episode replacer for ultimate doom.


       (22 reviews)


  17. Gatchaman Doom:Version 2.1 - a TC for ULTIMATE DOOM

    This is (hopefully) the final revision of


       (9 reviews)



    These are three versions of a DooM Wad by Bill, published in different stages of developmenmt.

    GUNFIGHT.WAD 07/19/94 (Timestamp of the WAD) [BBS file description of GUNFIGHT.ZIP:] [quote] GUNFIGHT.ZIP 56,903 07-19-94 Gunfight.Wad - Another Doom Wad File for A Good Deathmatch Game. Setting is in A City With Streets and Buildings. Check it Out. Not Perfect, But Pretty Good. Let Me Know What You Think - Bill. [/quote] I found GUNFIGHT.ZIP here: http://cd.textfiles.com/cream05/doom/gunfight.zip

    GUN3.WAD 07/22/94 I found GUN3.ZIP here: ftp://doom:pass@ftp.doom.odessa.ua/Ron/WADS-G-I/GUN3.ZIP (that link is dead now.]

    GUNCITY.WAD 08/31/94 [BBS file description of GUNCITY.ZIP:] [quote] GUNCITY.ZIP 69,392 08-31-94 Guncity is A Complete Town Pwad Full of Monsters, Secret Rooms, Traps, Sniper Spots, Lots of Ammo and Weapons. The Works! it is Set Up for Deathmatch Play, Single Player and Multiplayer Modes. Lots of Action [/quote] I found GUNCITY.ZIP here: http://cd.textfiles.com/cream05/games/guncity.zip


       (3 reviews)


  19. Into the Unknown

    I have done 18 levels before these. Some of them were intended to be included here but those got destroyed so I had to start all over. Wad has new music, sounds and some graphics. Also a story about it, cool idea to print it and read it as you play. Also it's wise to save at least in start of each level, since some levels have no- escape death traps and puzzles that wrongly done will get you stuck later on the level. NOTICE: play deathmatch only with medium or easy skill, and coop only with hard or nightmare skill. Otherways DM will be too boring or coop way too easy.


       (14 reviews)


  20. Intersection

    You'll start in a computer control center, and eventually make your way to the crossroads. Each path you take may seem worse than the last. You'll encounter some roadblocks along your way, which means that you will have to find a switch. This map includes an exit to the secret level which is very hard to find. Soon after you begin, you'll find a device useful for crushing enemies or other players.


       (12 reviews)



    Halloween is just around the corner and so are the Sargents, Troopers, Imps, Demons, Cacodemons, Lost Souls and Barons.

    There are definately more tricks than treats in this all new made from scratch level. There is new music, the theme from Halloween, all weapons, lots of lifts, a bunch of doors and stairs all over the place.

    The level is quite large and will require using your wits as well as your weapons. There are a lot of hidden triplines that will open up new sectors (at sometimes very inconvienient times) and release even more trick or treaters.

    Start as E1M1, try first without any cheats, there are adequate weapons and ammo and just enough stim packs, health bonuses and medical kits to get you through. Plays solo only as "Ultra Violent" or "Nightmare" anything else isn't really Doom.


       (7 reviews)



    You're `Acorn Hardas' and you're NO Green Marine. Problem is, the action ain't been too hot of late and you're not one for looking at yourself in a Hall Of Mirrors ;-) You've been in nothing but trouble with a capital `S' mainly for being Late On Parade, but what do they expect when there's nothing to do but get `spaced out'?

    Bringing up the rear guard on yet another routine mission, you keep comming across the toasted remains of your buddy's. Looks like this is the Big One, or is it a scene from that old Twentieth Century, 2D Movie you recall, "Planet of the Apes".

    It's time to prove that you ARE a waster, just like your Captain said, but not quite as he meant...


       (6 reviews)


  23. Infernos

    Nine maps that attempt to capture the look and feel of the original Episode 3.


       (15 reviews)


  24. Hellhold

    After defeating the Baron in KNEE DEEP IN DEAD, Satan greeted you with a new challenge. He put you on a detour to his personnal playhouse. OH, did I mention, it was in HELL? And the rules aren't fair? You just look, grin, and chuckle. You make the first step toward the playhouse, and you are teleported into the center of it. So now inside of the heart of all that makes evil fun, all you can think about is knocking the crap out of Satan's little hench men.

    Playhouse in HELL was fun, but now you're moving past that chaos. You hit the switch to stop this nightmare and continue blowing up all of HELL.. But after you flip the switch, did you leave the Playhouse? You turn and re-open the door. It must've been the Playhouse last trick. You find yourself right at HELL's Mansion. Home of Satan and his creatures. What does one make of this......A MESS that's what. Time to grab up your weapons, move on and continue the trail of blood (and mess Satan's nice floors, hehehe)!

    After such a HELLISH night, you decide to return to a nice (yeah right) little hotel you know, The Under Arms. The security and staff of Satan's hotel come out to greet you (and you have a shotgun for them to meet). The creatures around the entrance decide they want a piece of you too! So it would appear that you're going to have one more big confrentation before you can catch your Zzzzzzs! So what are you waiting for, go to it!


       (17 reviews)


  25. The House of DOOM

    This WAD is based around a haunted apartment I used to live at. The upstairs is a very close simulation of the actual layout of the house.


       (7 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By dei_eldren · Posted
      Having been recommended to me earlier, a while back i gave this WAD a serious try, whilst by now being quite sure it's not on paper something i'd be likely to enjoy.  And so it wasn't, i simply quit in E1M4, but could've just as easily done so already on M1, as my impression didn't change at all as the game went on.   For me, the layouts are far too protracted and downright boring as a result, and the detailing is heavy-handedly generous, and i would even say, not pleasing to my eye.  Long levels often are not a problem when the layout is well-designed, and when one by the end of it has gotten a good grasp of it, but here i never got that feeling, so for me the layout designs are a problem.  No doubt this is partly due to them being expansions of the original maps, but it shows their efficacy and genius - and it shows that the whole idea of expanding such maps may be ill-adviced unless one can truly match that genius, and here that has not been the case. i also did not enjoy the alteration of the original areas to 'modernized' or 'improved' versions.  One main feature of this WAD are the gameplay additions, such as mines, forcefields, radiation areas, new monsters and numerous others, and these i saw as nothing more than gimmicks that didn't add any substance, simply detracting from the elegant simplicity of the game.   As far as gameplay itself goes, on first level there was a severe shortage of health considering the amount of hitscanners, and also some worry about having enough ammo.  On further levels they weren't frivolously given either but that's to be expected (quite a bit of bullet-spongy beasts are present, so it's important to manage it all correctly).  The new monsters didn't add anything to my liking, but i do see what was attempted with them - still, for me they are just a novelty (i sort of like the black crouching figure shooting fireballs, maybe it could be used somewhere and i'd like it...)  Doom is an extremely balanced game, and it's not easy to add to its bestiary without tipping the scales, i'm aware of only a handful of times that it's been successful to my taste.   One interesting thing was the detailed intermission-stats, that even showed as graphs the player's success in past levels and collected/used ammo, health, etc.    i have in the past used the term gimmick-WAD and this is a good example of exactly what i mean with it.  So for me, this had nothing to do with Doom, but i give two stars regardless, mainly for effort and trying something different.  Even so, this is just my personal experience and preference, and i'm glad a lot of people are of a different opinion.  (Played on LZDoom, HMP and continuous.)
    • By Kuro_mahoh · Posted
      I saw a floor and a ceiling, multiple in fact. Nice that there is no false advertisement here.
    • By Plank_Guy_89 · Posted
      It took me a few hours to get through. Pretty fun and very difficult.