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176 files

  1. origwad.zip

    This is an experimental PWAD file for use with DOOM. It is rather simple since I cannot generate the nodes structure for anything much more complex than this. This level has been generated entirely by hand. No editors were used to produce it.


       (506 reviews)


  2. MAP3.WAD

    This level is rather small, but nevertheless fun. The first room is inspired by Doom II map 01. To get the red key, you must do some running. BTW: I'm not very creative in naming my levels... :-)


       (13 reviews)


  3. Mayan Temple

    This is an upgraded version of Mayan666.

    Mayan667 is based on the architecture of the ancient Mayan civilization. There is a large open area containing four buildings, three of which are pyramids. In the center is a sunken court where a kind of soccer to the death was once played. There are also four small underground areas off the large open area. See hint at the end of this file if you can't find the rocket launcher.

    This is my attempt to create a level that works well for either deathmatch or single play. It has been play tested in all modes and tweaked for maximum fun.


       (9 reviews)


  4. No Sleep for the Dead

    This is No Sleep for the Dead, a Doom 1 episode replacement and the spiritual successor to 1997's Dawn of the Dead. This episode features 9 brand new original and consistently themed levels in classic good ol' Doom style. In addition, you receive one bonus level which runs on E2M1.

    For completion's sake, I've also included a dehacked patch which only changes the level names. You can apply it manually to your vanilla doom.exe, but most source ports should pick it up automatically because it's embedded into the wad file as well.


       (72 reviews)


  5. In the Mess of it

    mole doom episode 1: this is a 9 level mapset for doom 1. it replaces episode 1. there isn't really any plot aside from the standard doom plot. it's got 8 maps and one secret level. if you want a plot i'll make one up: you play john ninmole. a scientist at the research center on phobos. you were called in one morning on your goddamn day off. something has gone wrong with the teleporter again and it's your job to fix it. this happened just recently, but when it did the whole other moon disappeared. when you arrived to your station everyone was dead. you quickly grabbed a pistol off a dead security guard and prepared yourself for the most stressful workday of your life. and the worst part is you're not even supposed to be here today!------------------ 3 of these levels have partimes: e1m3: 1:31 e1m5: 3:18 e1m9: 0:27 these par times were set by my friend stoogy. unfortunately, he didn't get a chance to play the rest of the levels before release.


       (5 reviews)


  6. MNTFIRE.WAD - `Wasteland: Mountain of Fire'

    the setting is inside a volcano: there are corridors, rooms and some larger areas. Overall the level should run smoothly on all machines.

    The creation of this WAD was made possible by the two great programs called DEU 5.1 and BSP 1.1 (dmgraph and wt helped, too). In this WAD I continued my work in the creation of realistic lighting effects. When you walk through corridors you will find areas lit by torches. Don't expect any torch in natural cracks..... Some of the rooms have objects (pillars, etc) which cast shadows onto the floor and on the walls.

    This level takes place in a volcano, volcanoes contain lava, and lava is deadly. If you fall into the lava YOU ARE DEAD. There's no way to get out of it. If you see dangerous ledges then SAVE YOUR GAME. Special effects include: waterfall with sound, a couple of attempts to recreate cave-ins, a fallen bridge and computer messages! The difficulty is higher than Dead Base.


       (16 reviews)




       (9 reviews)


  8. Doom Press Release v2.0

    A remake of the Doom Press Release. I have converted the maps from the Doom Press Release version to work with vanilla doom. I have also included the original unfinishable version of the Unholy Cathedral. The map from the Doom Press release.

    E1M2 - Doom Press Release Nuclear Plant. E1M4 - Doom Press Release Containment Area. E1M5 - The amazing unfinishable Unholy Cathedral.


       (6 reviews)


  9. Needs More Detail

    A deliberately underdetailed E1-styled episode made for playing.


       (38 reviews)


  10. E1M8 Replacement

    I got bored and made this WAD. It's a replacement for E1M8, as hinted by the title. First foray into vanilla mapping.


       (11 reviews)


  11. Nuke Mine (Come Get Some)

    It appears that there has been an incident on Nexus 14. Nexus 14 is a mining planet, which basically means its a rock floating in some shitty solar system. Nexus 14 is known across the universe for its rich content of Nuke, a green substance that makes a great meat spread, paint thinner or extra firm hair gel. Anyways, the last report from the Nexus 14 communications centre warned of an attack from creatures released through a time-continuem breach (sorry if that's spelled wrong). You have been ordered to go in as survelance only. You are to assess the situation and be out in two hours to report to your commanding officer so that preparations can be made for a counter assault. The only problem is, you think your tough enough to take on the army of creatures yourself. You stupid twit! What makes you think that one person could possibly drive off an entire army of blood sucking demons from Dimension-X? Fine then, go ahead...


       (23 reviews)


  12. Summit of Oblivion

    You find yourself in a hellish valley with a pulsating red sky..the only way to go is in. You find yourself in a computer control center that's infested with creatures that could only have come from Hell itself. You must fight your way to the summit of the mountain to survive and to get home. Good luck.


       (11 reviews)


  13. A New Nightmare

    This wad replaces episode1 of the ultimate doom. And just for it to be clear: These are very oldscoolish wads with decent 1994 detail. They have nothing new in terms of gameplay. And The hole episode ONLY uses 4 monsters ruling out the barons in the last level. If you don't like it, whine about it.


       (29 reviews)


  14. Neith

    A um.. I don't know, I suck at describing stuff. My best map yet though, hope you enjoy. I recommend you run it on something compatible with doom.exe demos, as stx-Vile made a very nice maxrun.


       (26 reviews)


  15. Madlab

    A moderately-sized techbase heavily inspired by Ultimate Doom episode 2 (especially Deimos Lab). The difficulty is easy/medium, and is a 5-10 minute play. This is designed for single player, but functions well in cooperative too.

    As this is my first release, the map is a bit underdetailed, and was originally completed in May 2005. I made a few changes to it before uploading, but these were mostly cosmetic (light values, textures) so as to keep the 'first map' feel.


       (15 reviews)


  16. Maxcastl: The Most Massive Wad

    Inspired by NJ_CASTL.WAD, much of the integrity of the original level has been maintained, except that it is HUGE. I opened up many of the void spaces on the map to make passages and secret rooms. ... There are many ways to approach certain areas, and the action inside the castle is very much determined by the way a player behaves while on the outside. Monsters my appear in one area the first time you play and may not show at all in the same area the second or third time through. (see the original for more comments)


       (4 reviews)


  17. NewCity

    A large single level cityscape for single or multi-player games.


       (22 reviews)


  18. Needs More Detail II

    A deliberately underdetailed episode 2 replacement with short to medium sized levels.


       (18 reviews)



    A sequel and tribute to an ancient wad called 'Motion'. I tried to keep the same theme and style, and feel i succeeded. This is NOT meant as a jokewad, I only tried to create as accurate a sequel as I could. Of course this means the map is ugly, but you might find enjoyment in it as well, particularly if you played the original map.


       (30 reviews)



    A really cool castle wad. NEVER is a REAL challenge in UV. There are some tough secrets to find, and there are tons of baddies. Death matchers should have a blast as well as singles. So what's the description? Get the wad and check it out! Compared to other 'non-linear' levels, this one is really non-linear. It's also pretty well inter-connected for DM after all the secrets are found. It features the Death Room, a cool outside area where you can jump all over the place, a multi-leveled maze type thing, and the dreaded caco-lair! No stupid switch puzzels or death traps. A straight forward ass kick'n wad.


       (5 reviews)


  21. New Doom Level: Episode 2 Level 1

    Here is yet another new level for DOOM. If you're like me there can never be enough new levels. It is a brand new level that I made with DEU 5.0 which is a fantastic editor. This is the second distribution of this level. The first one had a few bugs in it that caused the x-ray vision problem with several of the linedefs. I used the BSP program to eliminate these, so now this level is clean. Since this is a new map for E2L1 it will only work with the registered version. I would have made it a larger level, but the x-ray vision problem pissed me off so I cut it short to start on another new level. To load this level type: Doom -file sr21.wad -devparm -wart 2 1

    I didn't create any variation between skill levels so no matter what level you play it on you'll receive the same challenge (Nightmare being the obvious exception). I did this because I would guess that those of you who play these new levels do so because you've beaten the original ones over and over and are not beginners in the wonderful world of DOOM. I originally designed this level for single player use, but you can play it on multi or deathmatch. I hope you like it. Have fun.

    p.s.: Just thought I'd let you know that there are a few secrets in this new level but I designed it so that the true challenge would be just finishing it, without cheating.


       (10 reviews)


  22. OPOST21.WAD

    The government boasts that Outpost 21 is the home of scientific research that will benefit all humanity. On the surface, Outpost 21 appears to be a peaceful complex that provides its small team of dedicated scientists with living quarters, research labs, and recreational facilities. However, not even the aliens who recently inhabited Outpost 21 were aware of the dark and dirty secrets that lie beneath .


       (18 reviews)


  23. Maledictio

    Episode 2 themed techbase level and 5th of a series of 9 maps, harder than Centrum and level name can mean curse, condemnation or slander. Finding any secrets with the higher tier weapons will greatly help you with the final battle at the end of the map.


       (12 reviews)



    A large level with graphics added, pause to look at the scenery or stare at the clouds. No hurry, you have a long way to go.

    Developed for Single play. Difficulty settings control enemy encounters. At all skill levels the same puzzles exist.

    No traps exist that can't be escaped.

    Ration your ammunition, especially at Ultra-Violent level.

    I've included graphics to use in motion effects.

    Games in progress can be saved.

    If anyone completes the level at Ultra please email a LMP. I've tried and failed, but then I'm a miserable player.

    I've developed this under 1.2, but finished development and testing under 1.666. I believe it will run under both versions of Doom, but a LMP should be recorded under 1.666 because it will run about 256k.

    If a hint is needed in the room with many transporters, remember the transporter has many sides (examine all of them).

    To run the game, use MOTION.BAT and then select episode 2. The graphics are temporary and will not affect DOOM.WAD. Graphics will not successfully convert for DOOM II.


       (21 reviews)


  25. NJ Shores of Hell

    Olde replacement for The Shores of Hell - my first "Mega-ish" WAD. Released purely because of interest in old, cheesy 1994 WADS.

    This is probably not the first version of this file, but an early revision. I no longer have the original which I think would be a month or so older. The file date may or may not be accurate. Both the original and this revised file were originally uploaded to the Compuserve action games forum in 1994.


       (10 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Bitofu · Posted
      Short TC with a lovely western setting. I wish it was longer, but it's great nonetheless.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      I'm not the biggest fan of the Serenity series, but Infinity might be its best entry. The maps are mostly fun to navigate and they feature some decent design. I'm just not sure I like the way the fights are designed. It's not uncommon for rooms to be packed with enemies (mostly sergeants). I found myself blasting my shotgun through a doorway a bit too often for my tastes. Still, it features some nice MIDIs, so the experience is mostly fun.
    • By a41zzz · Posted
      i cant download it ):
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      Fava Beans is a great episode that's very reminiscent of E1's style. The maps, especially back half, are smartly laid out and feature lots of windows, which give the WAD a great look. It's on the easier side overall, as it doesn't use Cacos and Barons all that much, but it was still a blast to play through.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      This is definitely one of my favorite 1994 release. The Evil Unleashed continues in the steps of TiC's previous WAD, Slaughter Until Death, and refines the experience even further. The maps are full of tight spaces with packs of enemies ready to be mowed down. The architecture is simple but effective, complemented by a handful of nasty crushers. Good stuff.