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33 files

  1. Griefless

    A speedmap set for Ultimate Doom episode 4.

    Layouts were speedmapped over a matter of hours on the night of June 30th 2018, spending 10-20mins on each, and then were fleshed out into maps the following day.


       (2 reviews)


  2. I can't see shit without my glasses


       (7 reviews)


  3. Hellcrap

    Two levels I started making two years ago I think, with the plan of using them for a bigger megawad. Although it was a long time since I last worked on this project (which I doubt I'll ever finish) and decided to release them. Maybe I'll do more small packs of smaller WADs or single maps in the future.

    Theme: Marble and Hell. You got beat the crap out of the monsters. Beat the hell crap!


       (6 reviews)


  4. Green Inferno

    Big inspiration from E4M1 "Hell Beneath". This map is symmetrical, linear and has copy/paste details, but I guess it's playable at least.

    I was suppose to release this map into my Ultimate Doom megawad, but I decided to release this individually. Although I'm probably going to add this to my megawad either way, but that megawad is going to take me for about 10-20 years at least to make it.


       (4 reviews)


  5. The Cursed Hangar

    This was the first level of the Freedoom project from around 2006 to 2017. It has recently been replaced and so I decided to make some edits and fixes, to create a "definitive cut" version and release it stand alone. I chose the name "The Cursed Hangar" for this final re-issue.

    The map is intended to be a play on Doom's E1M1 "The Hangar". It follows the rough layout of that classic map, but is slightly more complex and slightly more difficult.

    The map is intended to use Boom features and so has moving floors, modified COLORMAPs, transparent textures, etc.

    This PWAD is designed to work with Boom compatible source ports and Ultimate Doom v1.9. There's a DEHACKED lump that spices things up a little bit if your port supports MBF code pointers (most do).

    I've also included two SFX that my brother and I contributed to Freedoom in the early days and which were subsequently replaced.


       (5 reviews)


  6. Hell's Train Station

    "You have been dropped off at a demon-infested train station that has been abandoned long ago.

    Go in, and defeat the mastermind behind the infestation to make sure that this train station would be able to be once again used."

    This map is a cleanup of my old Train episode. I have condensed it down to just the train station parts and cleaned it up well, adding more secrets, changing the items around, removing some enemies, and making sure that weapons are in supply.

    This is my first single player map in over 7 years and I have put all the knowledge I have gained in the past 7 years to great use in this map.


       (7 reviews)


  7. Return to Hadron Episode 2 - The Collider's new clothes

    A episode 2 replacement for the Ultimate doom, set in the location where Concerned's E2 took place. The development of this wad however was entirely from scratch, there are some resembles to the original maps here and there and some ho,d similar themes to their counterparts. The gameplay is fairly challenging on UV, especially the second half of the wad.


       (20 reviews)


  8. Glass Rubberband


    This is my first doom level, so feel free to criticize and trash it constructively. Otherwise I won't learn anything from this.

    Additional Info:

    Make sure to play this in OpenGL. Otherwise outdoor parts will look very buggy and the frame rate will be much less than desirable.


       (5 reviews)


  9. E4M1 - Reincarnated

    This is a remake of E4M1 level of The Ultimate Doom. I rethought the structure of the level, added some more atmosphere, monsters, and details.


       (10 reviews)


  10. Return to Hadron

    Another hero visits the ground zero site in Switzerland, a few changes have occured.


       (46 reviews)


  11. Infested Factory

    I swore a solemn oath that I would not include a single maze in this WAD. I have seen quite enough of dark, winding, scary mazes to last a lifetime when playtesting Dreamland and The Catacombs. Oh, the storyline? Sorry... A secret research facility beneath the surface of Phobos has been frantically beaming out distress signals for the past three hours, but obviously nobody noticed until tea break was over. Now it's probably too late. Nobody is known to have survived, but it's a valuable place and you and a friend have been sent in to clean up. The entrance lobby doesn't look too dangerous. 'This is easy,' snorts your friend, reaching out to open the door, just as it bursts into flames... Easy it ain't.


       (5 reviews)


  12. Hell Bent

    First proper map release from myself. Single level on E2M4, designed for Hellbent on the Doomworld forums who requested a map:

    "make me a dungeon level with GSTONE as the dominent theme. It should be dark, dingy and damp. Something with the atmosphere of e3m4, perhaps, but more interesting as the gstone portion of that level is a bit simple. I'd like it to be somewhat puzzle-oriented, in that a dungeon should require a little bit of puzzling out to find the way forward. Secrets, of course, should be part of the deal. Monster count should be on the low side, and the level shouldn't be too hard and should start out rather easy."

    Seems to fit the bill.


       (7 reviews)


  13. Hornet

    The map is small and deceptively simple, but there are lots of secrets and intentional red herrings. You definitely should not immediately charge off with guns blazing, as that will only get you killed. There are visual hints as to what you should and should not do. Proceed cautiously, and examine everything.


       (8 reviews)


  14. Green Day

    2 maps with grass. The theme is pretty nice I think.


       (22 reviews)


  15. High/Low 4

    My small series of Doom levels that follow the original game's episodes continues with this episode 4 themed level for Ult Doom.

    Expect no slaugherfest here. There's plenty of other levels out there who offer that. This is just old school Dooming where every kind of player should be entertained.

    The level started out life way back in 2000, I think, as a Flay The Obscene level. Then I joined Doom Millenium and it became a part of that. But since that never got released, this level just faided into the lost corners of my harddrive. It survived until this date when it has now been completely revamped and has undergone a lot of changes with new areas, a new route through it and all the textures/flats changed. I have changed so many things that I might as well have built it from scratch :)

    The level is made for zdoom/gzdoom to avoid incompatibility with other ports. There isnt a lot of features but if you want the experience I intended when making it, then the best thing is to use zdoom or gzdoom. There is a good chance that you wont encounter any problems if using another port, but that is your responsibilty, not mine. I prefer gzdoom where I think this level looks best. I use zdoom 2.4.0 and gzdoom 1.4.0 which runs the wad without problems.

    Jumping is intentionally disabled and please don't use crouch either!


       (29 reviews)


  16. Heartless

    A map reminiscent of the original E2M4 of Doom, but from scratch and with a different name.


       (8 reviews)


  17. High/Low 3

    My small series of Doom levels that follow the original game's episodes continues with this Hell themed level for Ult Doom.

    Expect no slaugherfest here. There's plenty of other levels out there who offer that. This is just old school Dooming where every kind of player should be entertained.

    My latest releases had a few annoying bugs which made them playable in another way than I intended. This was mostly because I thought that it didnt matter what port you used. That was not quite true. So this time I have made this level for zdoom/gzdoom to avoid confusion. There isnt a lot of features but if you want the experience I intended when making it, then the best thing is to use zdoom or gzdoom. The features are subtle and most of you wont even notice them.

    Hint: Ammo is bit tight so try and find some or all of the five secret areas.

    Note: Jumping is intentionally disabled.


       (23 reviews)


  18. The Imp's Episode Starter Kit

    The Imp is back and this time, all the episode start maps have joined in. E3M1 from the previous standalone release is in this wad, refreshed and bugfixed. These maps are not the best, but they are certainly not the worst ethier. :)


       (11 reviews)


  19. Giulio Galassi Is Dead II

    There are several troll who flamed GG to his unrighteous death. You must kill them.


       (47 reviews)


  20. The Hazard Variation

    This is a map that was created in 2003 as "E4M1: First Gate" for the project "The Ninth Gate". However, as that project remained incomplete, this map was never released. Now that the maps from the project are being released individually, you can now play what would have opened that episode, retitled as "The Hazard Variation"!

    I actually made another E4M1 back in 2001 for the project but as that was too primitive, it was discarded and replaced with this. I am eventually planning to release an updated version of that map as well.

    This present map is one that I am really proud of. I think it turned out nicely in both the looks as well as gameplay department. It's quite an easy map as it was supposed to be the first level in an episode. Still, I think the pacing of the level is good and I hope you'll have fun playing it!

    Interesting bit of trivia: this WAD file's size is 666 KB.


       (21 reviews)


  21. Genesis of Descent

    A large map for the original Doom that uses a huge amount of scripting and ZDoom features while attemptimg to retain classic and fast paced Doom action.


       (55 reviews)


  22. High/Low 2

    High/Low 2 is a Doom Episode 2 themed level. Like High/Low 1, which was an episode 1 kinda level it is only meant to resemble the style, not to copy it. That is basically my general vision for this small series. The next level will resemble a Doom 2 level like Industrial Zone, Downtown, The Factory etc. For a bit more accurately themed Eps. 2 level, I suggest that you also play my "Rip it, Tear it Smash it!". Now that's good stuff! :-)

    UV is by far not impossible, but it offers the good player a fair challenge.


       (38 reviews)


  23. Gamarra's story: Part X "Final show"

    Finally the last part of Gamarra's story has seen the light of day. Are you ready for this episode? Here's an explanation of the maps. In E1M1 you have to fight in some offices invaded by hell. In E1M2 you have to fight in a strange base full of traps. This is the only map that contains special effects. In E1M3 you have to fight in some warehouses. In E1M4 you have to kill a virus that infests Gamarra's pc. In E1M5 you will know Wills' destiny. In E1M6 you have to disinfest a hotel occupied by monsters. In E1M7 you have to explore Gamarra's hell. In E1M8 you will know the truth about Gamarra. E1M9 is a secret. For more informations (level names, Easter eggs and notes) go to the end of this file.


       (52 reviews)


  24. Gamarra's story: Part IX "Pyramid of problems"

    The pyramid is a metaphor that represents the daily problems of our life. Help Gamarra to climb it. Two tips for you: a bfg is in a secret area nearby the start and a secret teleport leads you on the top of the pyramid.


       (33 reviews)


  25. Gamarra's story: Part VIII "Questions in front of a mirror"

    Gamarra must be ready for a class interrogation. He looks at himself in a mirror and he starts to make questions. Help him to answer the questions. Remember: if you open the incorrect door, you will die instantly; if you open the correct door, you can continue the map.


       (37 reviews)


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