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D9-2.WAD for DOOM II!

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About This File

D9-2! This is a 7 level mini deathmatch episode for Doom2!! This mini jobbie contains the first three levels from the original D9 plus four more for your killing enjoyment! D9-2 will put the fun back in funeral!

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Unknown date

These are deathmatch levels, so I have no idea what they're doing here. Anyways, the design is remarkable, considering these maps were made in 1994! They are all a little bare, but they look very, very good for their age, and they all share a common texturing theme: brown/metal/wood, a little on the dark side and almost exclusively set indoors, with lots of teleporters. It's hard to say how these play in DM, as I tested them in SP, but the level design alone is enough to warrant an average grade. --3/5

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Unknown date

It's criminal that these haven't been given more attention.. They're well above par for their age and look like they would still be fun for 8 player FFA today, or maybe even LMS. A little bare as mentioned, but damn, these are pretty quality. 4/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By kmxexii · Posted
      Do not play this in ZDoom-family ports. An incompatibility with Boom breaks progression in MAP01. There is a cool effect where a tech column barrier blocking the way to the red key basement is "disappeared" by what I believe is a short-lived scrolling floor effect; this should happen after handling the Hell knight teleporter chamber in the northeastern wing that comes off the main yard. I verified the correct behavior in Eternity after banging my head on the wall for at least a half hour if not longer; this is probably the source of the frustration felt in the comment dated 3/27/07 and the anonymous comment where the player knows where the red key is but can't access it.
    • By Bryan T · Posted
      This was fun.  Map19 was the highlight.  Map02 sucked balls.
    • By Rimantas · Posted
      I think it's made not for playing because it's unplayable.
    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      Does it have a lot of details and some creative Boom scripting? Absolutely. Is it actually fun to play? Absolutely not.