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Water Castle v1.0a

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About This File

This map is the sequel to Water City, and as such picks up where that map left off. I think I did a much better job with this map then the former, as the detail level is much higher and I've implemented a few cool traps and puzzles.

There are two crossbows right near the start, so that gives you a choice as to how you want to get your prized weapon. Some people didn't like fighting with the Elven Wand for long periods of time (as in Watercity) so I've 'corrected' that with this release.

If you play this level on Hard you're asking for trouble.. health is sparse, ammo is hard to get, you'll have to fight more then 150 enemies, and you may even be forced to use your staff! The challenge increases exponentially when you play on Hard, so don't say I didn't warn you..

There are several tunnels and teleporters which don't show on the map, and these are to enhance Deathmatch playablity. If you DM, I highly recommend you play this map with at least four players, as it's a fairly large area.

This map has no Maulotaurs, Undead Warriors or Weredragons. Expect to see quite a few Sabreclaws and Iron Liches however, and hordes of Gargoyles :)

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4/5 - BlazingPhoenix

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