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About This File

Level ripped out of an unreleased megawad named "The Twilight Zone 2 which was rejected by cdrom.com. So I'm going to release the levels as seperate wads as time goes on.

The Story (reviewers put this story into your review) "Oh no, I'm stuck in a lost base!, Help, Help!, Where is The HEALTH? I'm gonna DIE, well I'll try not to be Malcolm. Oh YES!, I have a PISTOL, and I will kill that Sarge, yippy a SHOTGUN, oh no I'm gonna get BURNT by those imps, 'no problem. Oh no I can't find that health! Oh owwh, Hell Knights, DAMN, Demons everywhere where is that Health there it is!, a SOULSPHERE I can't reach it because I have a weight problem, OUCH!, I'll get you Hell Knight, Whaaaaah!, The Marine Died. Will he survive another great battle? The End

All the Health is hidden except a berserk strength. There is not 1 health potion, stimpack or medikit in the entire level. All the enemies Are either "Lost Souls" or non bullet shooting enemies. It can be done. After grabbing the yellow key, the silver tower outside will create invincible imps to attack you, don't forget that rocket launcher! This is sort of an incredible blend of E1M7 and TNT level 4 and very well joined together. The level was NOT modified from other DOOM games.

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Unknown date

This is dated July 1999; the author is still making levels today. The level has an E1 feel. Despite the hype in the readme it's incredibly easy. You have masses of health and ammo (plus a BFG) against 83 mostly modest monsters. The weapons etc are hidden, but not very hard, and although the level is fun, it takes no time to finish. There's an odd switch that makes the whole level go wobbly, although I don't think there's a way of flipping it without using IDCLIP.

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Unknown date

It's a good level, but not as good as some of his later works. BTW, if you read this, Paul, I'm wondering: Why wereen't at least some of the maps in your Bella series really up to par with your other works from that time? I'm just wondering if there's a particular reason, so please make a reply on this page to tell me if there is and if so, what the reason is. Thanks.

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  • File Reviews

    • By SeanLeal · Posted
      Dear Doomkid,

      I was involved in the design and play-test of each of these levels. Please know these were created from *scratch* and we spent our time making sure the levels were as playable as possible. We were not terribly focused on texturing, other than to give players positional awareness in different parts of each arena.

      Map 6 -- Offices of Death -- Was intentionally designed to be as accurate a representation of the office we worked in as possible. Admittedly, playability was taken as a second priority. We did manage to create working "elevators" and "stairs" to give the illusion you were going up and down floors. I was pretty happy with how we did.

      Considering it was 1996, and no way to simply "Google" different ideas. Your best bet at the time was to jump onto the Usenet and hope you could find a decent board with active members. Other than that, it was pretty much all self-taught.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the other levels. Yes, they are old-school, big arena, style. We spent a LOT of time trying to make sure they were as balanced as possible, with escape routes, and required risks for rewards.
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      Excellent stuff for the mid-1990s. Lots of action, good layouts, pretty challenging on UV.    9/10
    • By Meril · Posted
      For 1995 design is ok. But is VERY short. 3 min in slow pace.  Map is easy af.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Square rooms, no details, ugly. Secrets aren't flagged as secret. Only for crappy-wad-lovers.
    • By Meril · Posted
      For 1995, not bad. Some ideas, are really cool, but they're mixed with dumb things. Texture misalignments are common. Overall I had nice time with this.