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Cataboom Reloaded

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About This File

A large single map of Roman catacombs, with a basically linear but folded progression. The theme is classical and funereal. It takes the author about 50 minutes at UV.

Intricate passageways link feature rooms and the atmosphere is sombre with some nasty suprises. Wandering monsters can turn up in areas you thought you have cleared. It starts quietly, but you wake up the dead as you go. There are new sounds and graphics; in particular imps have been recast as mummies, exploding barrels are replaced by exploding urns, and all switches are levers. There are no "human" monsters or futuristic weapons.

Being very large it is unsuitable for Deathmatch, you might never find eachother! Co-op is provided (but is not well suited to it).

There were earlier, smaller Doom 1 and Doom 2 versions of this level :- 1Catabs, Catadoom and Cataboom, which you may come across. CATABOOM RELOADED is a significant upgrade that supersedes all those. There are now more ammo, additional features and fights, less chainsawing of lost souls, and more directional clues.

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Bad King John

Big map, good Roman architecture, creepy atmosphere. Not a maze; it's complex but with pointers. Things tend to jump out of closets and there are some fights in claustrophobic places, not everyone's taste, but open fights too; gameplay could be better. Some neat devices, like Caesar's tomb. Took over two hours at UV.

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It's clear that a lot of effort went into this, and I guess you could say this level is objectively good, but I didn't enjoy playing it. The level is labyrinthine, and even when I knew where I was going it was monotonous to play.

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Bryan T

Very cramped. Not linear like the description says. I played for 10 minutes and closed it out. I just wasn't having fun.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Too many stations, amazing music and barrels.
    • By Denim Destroyer · Posted
      A puzzle focused wad that also contains action? Sign me up! That was close to my initial thoughts upon reading this file description. What this wad actually offers is long corridors and square rooms populated with enemies that are required to infight. That is the puzzle in every one of the five levels. How to cause infighting. This is more of a slaughter-lite level set than an actual puzzle wad so change your expectations accordingly.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Not canonically beauty from layout and some monster placement, but this map was a big fun for me! A level with some pretty mesmerizing places like the starting point, the raising pits, the really abstract techbase feel, the room lighting up a little when the player crosses some hidden lines in the mazes, the weird "theater" room that reminded me of Icon of Sin for some reason, the overall spooky feel, the final throne room... Great stuff. Things i've kind of disliked are the maze section (especially the skull walls one), some lift that doesn't work (the one where the... blue skull key is iirc and the one that leads to the red door) and the switch puzzle is pretty dull to understand, at least for me... the one with the numbers in the sector, then after one day i get that the numbers are correct order to solve the puzzle lol. Also that horrible teleport maze-like room after the yellow key, damn! Also, this map doesn't screw you around with the difficulty, as the previous reviewer commented this map can be compared to Deus Vult in that terms of difficulty and epic exploration, really. Just a raw 1996 version of it, but the comparison is all here imo.   Overall, a big and fun map to play for me. Cool stuff
    • By Lebsrostla Halabala · Posted
      My fave Skillsaw wad. Quite short, not extra difficult and gorgeous. 
    • By Maribo · Posted
      A haunting of the soul. Losing grip on reality and stumbling around your own home, lost in the gutters of your mind.