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The Tyrell Corporation

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About This File

This wad was made for Alex Adolphson, because me and him love to coop on doomserv. Coop was the main focus,but it is possible to beat in single player, and is sure to piss you off. The map size is quite large and detailed and there are 400+ enemies to blow away. Have fun!

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I sometimes find it fun to check out someone's map, especially when it's unknown. And in this case, it's almost a personal map from a friend to a friend.


It's pretty well made and there's a ton of detail for 1999. If I got such a map from my friend, I would've shit myself from joy!


While the beginning is a bit cramped, as is true of many early maps, there is quite a bit of variability and then the map opens into large areas with gameplay very reminiscent of slaughter maps. I actually finished the map and I have to say that although I'm not Alex Adolphson, it was a nice way to start this Saturday :)

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Starts with a very repetitive and uninspired "open a door and chaingun a few dozen monsters" routine of box rooms then leads to a large outdoor area with a hundred cacos, barons and arachnotrons and the obligatory Cybie for the even more routine in-fighting at which point I gave up and looked for a map that was actually fun to play.

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Unknown date

looks very good, plays very dull. btw, there is nothing of special zdoom features (except titlepic), so it's playable in doom2+

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Unknown date

liked, but you have to find the secret ammo stash at the start

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Got this wad while browsing randomly a Doom shovelware cd i own at home. Conceptually is a lovely map based a brutalist style architecture and simple, open layout, gameplay is pretty easy and messy, just a bunch of monsters small groups (like a group of shotgunners surrounding the building, lost souls in close rooms). Bleeding sectors and a exit hidden in a dark border area it's the cherry pie to all.
    • By fnord · Posted
      This is less than mediocre to begin with, but then it commits the ultimate in vulgarity - hitting you with pain elementals hidden behind cacos when you only have a single shotgun and pistol. This "trick" was annoying the first time it was pulled. Nowadays it's like fingernails on a blackboard and my only response is to quit game and file the map in the "not worth playing" folder for future reference.
    • By fnord · Posted
      New benchmark for pointless exercises.
    • By Nobody · Posted
      The architecture had a theme and it did well expressing the theme, methinks.  Simple, but effective. The details were small touches, and the ducts of blood were especially clever.   The texturing was similarly suitable.  If it meant a lot of brown and red, hey, that's what Doom supplied.  Also, it was thematically necessary.  Seek out other themes if you want something else.   Because I was looking at the textures, I saw a few places where the textures should've been varied a little so those mis-alignments could be hidden, but it was a first map and not everybody thinks of such things when they begin.   Thematically, It would've been better with different enemies, like hooded and cloaked cultists and mutilated monsters.  E.g perhaps try with pwads which copy enemies from Hexen or the like.   It is more about its theme than stuffing the map with enemies:  as was explained in the Read Me.
    • By VoanHead · Posted
      A fun recreation of Doom II's OG levels. Most maps are pretty decent, steps up more in the challenge, and gives a feeling of deja-vu in these reimagined yet familiar maps. I would dare say this is an underrated release that came out of 2017, a year that was really popping off in Doom content.   However, my praise of this megawad ends there. The reason why I didn't give it a higher rating is b/c even though the author of the wad says it's a boom megawad in the thread, some maps seem like they've been tested only in zdoom-based ports b/c some have some softlocks in certain areas of maps if you're not playing in a ZDoom port. The midis are awful, I went into SLADE myself to take em out b/c I couldn't stand em anymore.   Otherwise, it's an okie-dokie wad. Play it in GZDoom as a word of caution, maybe load in some mods if you wish to spice things up a bit, too.