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About This File

I have created this WAD file from scratch, just after making about 400 WADs that were messed up because I didn't understand exactly how things in DEU worked (this means that I used DEU 5.0 for this) This level is really designed to be played over a network or modem because it has all the weapons and lots of monsters and traps. If you have an editor, such as DEU, please don't look at this file in the editor until you gave gotten completely stuck, and can't find all the secrets, etc. The experiance is better when you don't cheat and look at the map.

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Unknown date

Fairly ugly level with lots of monsters, barrels, and some lethal traps. There is at least one HOM effect and most of the level is a bland mess of STARTAN. This level supports single play but is quite unsatisfactory for the purpose. I did not test multiplayer but suspect it is not much better there.

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