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About This File

This is a collection of 27 Doom1 wads which have been converted to Doom2 format usind WadCat and Wad1to2. They are deathmatch wads specifically designed for 2-player DMing. They are, in my opinion, the very best doom1 wads, both in terms of playability and design. The conversion process changed some things that could not be helped, and the various doom2 editors out do not seem to let me correct the problems with ease, so some levels, such as ledgesi, may be a little different than you may remember. Nevertheless, these wads are the very best out there. When I converted them I changed all the shotguns to super-shotguns. Make sure when you play them to use the -timer option; otherwise you will not be able to exit some levels.

They are, in order: madmax bigempty jhldth1 par-002c pueblo house myhouse tnplhome usqe1m1 kill church tourney hitmeinf ledgesi subway11 area8 joi-cm1 blob slapme butt trideath peace markroom phucked ledges4i markrm3 october

These wads look excellent as well as play well. Manyof the top ranked wads on the DM Wads ranking sheet play well but are designed poorly; not so with these wads. I have played hundreds of different wads, and when these wads were converted to Doom2, a very important and beautiful change took place on many. You first see it in the 4th wad, but you get the full extent of it in Pueblo wad. Im sure the author had this in mind when he made it. Some notes on each wad: Madmax: this is a new wad, but an excellent start- ing wad. The music is fitting; it is a pleasant surprise, seeing as how the sounds and music come from blob.wad. You will see what I mean. Bigempty:I made some minor changes to this, but it still remains an excellent shotguns-only wad. Jhldth1: This is my all time favorite wad. Its fun to play in, fun to wander around in, and any style of fighting can be used. Par-002c: I think this was named something else originally but Im not sure what. I got it out of another wad collection as I could not find it on the various sites. The background fits the theme well, but not as well as in... Pueblo: absolutely beautiful. Well designed, originally made for a pro tourney, but never used. Unfortunately the oven texture gets pasted onto the wall of the BFG secret room in ledgesi for some reason during conversion, and other places too, but its no big problem. House: A classic wad. Nothing but fun. Well made, with weapons placed strategically. myhouse: A very recent wad, but lots of fun. Goes after house perfectly. tnplhome: Another home, wad, I made minor changes to it to make more weapons. Check out the toilet and the stove. usqe1m1: This is a college Student Union I think, and its a lot of fun to run around in, although not quite in the same vein as with myhouse. kill: Another college building wad. church: I tried to add a missle launcher to this, but for some reason the editing program wouldnt let me. But I did add deathmatch starts (which it did not previously have) and some shotguns and other weapons. Remember, God does not like BFGs on Holy Ground. Tourney: A wad created for a tournament. hitmeinf: a good arena wad, lots of fun. ledgesi: The conversion process made minor changes to make this wad not as fun (it removed the missle launcher for some reason) but it is still the all- time classic wad. subway11:Like church, this wad was not originally for deathmatch play, but the minor changes I made make it a lot of fun. You will see why when you meet up with a guy in a tunnel. area8: This wad looks neat, and is fun to play, although the strategy level is not quite to the level its design would lead you to believe. joi-cm1: Oh Joi! A small castle wad blob: This wad is the largest in the collection, but you can still find frags pretty easily. Its a good hunting wad. This is where the funky sounds come from. slapme: Another tournament wad. butt: This one has lots of secrets, another classic wad. Trideath: a good set of arenas. The dark is fun. Peace: another classic. There is a secret here which will hand you the match if you find it. Watch the lmp for clues. markroom: the classic arena wad phucked: an interestingly designed wad, annoyingly fun to play in. ledges4i: ledges's big brother. markrm3: transporters can be annoying but also fun. October: another small castle wad, well designed.

When you play this wad, I suggest you put in a -timer 5 or 3 or 7 limit in it so you can go through all of them. Our floor will be using this for a tournament. Thanks to all the guys on my floor who helped with the selection process; you don't know how long it took me to weed through all the wads out there and combine them in the proper way.

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Unknown date

OVerall, these maps are quite bad, but there's 3 or 4 decent maps hidden away in there. The famous 'town map' from Dwango is there, as well as 'Ledges'.

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  • File Reviews

    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      Done with these settings:   - GLBoom+ - Ultra-Violence. - Pistol starts. - Saves every 10 minutes or no saving.   This is a funny memewad of concepts and tricks from the Boom engine. It's anything alike classic conventional Doom gameplay, ergo the chosen compatibility, and brings a specific gimmick in a satirical form for each map. Aesthetics are part of the idea too, by way of monotextured layouts of the simplest geometry, such as to find out which sector/linedef has an action, and mostly grey and brown as the predetermined colours, with a bit of green and red bricks in some levels. Besides, skies made of one resized texture, and music from TV series and movies, the ideal recipe for an experience in Doom one doesn't opt for everyday.    Concept-wise, it's much appreciable to experience each map on its own, even more when the idea of carryovers will only block your progress in survival maps: better leave in bad shape and restart freshly than carry less than 15 hit points and be eternally murdered by former human ambushes. This example is one of Pinchy's numerous parodies of unconventional/inconvenient situations we've all been through in Doom. Humping walls to find progress like in primitive maps, having the screen constantly tinted because of pickups, being harassed by incoming projectiles from monsters out of your FOV, that fear of eating your own splash damage because the door can close at any moment, these are just a few of the most hilarious cases I've seen here. It wouldn't be bad to say not all of the gimmicks were clear enough to me, still don't know what's the meme in map 13. Same in some of the later maps, they seemed to have less ridiculous and more serious content, or at least not something different from earlier maps, but if anything I support that seemingly passion for zombiemen hordes, which held up my enjoyment most of the time. Funnily enough, it wasn't until the very last map that I laughed out loud at doomguy's surroundings, and there was nothing else than THE END messages under a sky in fireblu. Guess I couldn't hold my laugh for too long.   Secret-wise, it's interesting to me that in a wad of this category the only existing secrets serve as a combination of the gimmick in question and helpful extras for survival. The second map's way to hide secret sectors is quite funny indeed. As for favourite maps, I found the concepts in map 02, 04, 07, 09 and 15 to entertain me more, last one because it tickled my fancy for exploration. Some of the rest like 05, 07, 11 and 14 woke my other feelings, not only they made me laugh but also feel tense, those imps and troopers could not beat me!... not more than twice...   Overall, even if not all of the maps made sense, or had strange concepts I didn't understand, the point was to laugh, and I believe that was achieved here. Because laughter is good for the organism, check this out. My rate is 7/10. 
    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      Not too shabby. Very intricate level with halls & rooms to explore taking up almost every square inch of the castle. You do have to look through pretty much the whole place to find the necessary keys, but you'll have fun in the process. Most of the gameplay is pretty simple run & gunning of mooks but there are a couple neat traps, like the teleporting/telefragging area and the exit. Despite the large and labyrinthine design of the level, it doesn't get boring or easy to get lost in due to the abundance of landmarks (mainly sector furniture) and high interconnectedness. Texture alignment is quite bad, but oh well. There are some replaced sounds which are a bit odd but not bad, which kind of encapsulates the whole wad.
    • By MTrop · Posted
      If you want something quick, fun, challenging, and a little nostalgic, play this.   Good job, Jimmy.  
    • By Zalewa · Posted
      If you want something that looks uncomplicated but fair looking, easy but not uninvolved, non-linear but small, somewhat blocky but still good architecture and very quick to beat without ever saving throughout all 9 maps then this is your WAD. I played it, I liked it. Design themes stray towards the original E4, but are not exactly the same.
    • By Copenhagen Bram · Posted
      This is the first non-Euclidean doom wad I've ever seen! And it's done right! That must've been some project. Well done.