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Doom Must Fall (Single Player Version)

   (7 reviews)
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About This File

This is a single-player-only version of the "Doom Must Fall" TC originally supplied as 1DMF.ZIP. DMF-SP features new monsters and weapons based on the game "One Must Fall" from Epic Software.

The original version only worked with the original Doom, it contained 22 files, and modified your original Doom .wad and .exe files. This version has been updated to work with Ultimate Doom v1.9. DMF-SP contains only 3 files (dmf-sp.deh dmf-sp.wad dmf-sp.txt), and is designed primarily for use with Doom Source Ports which can import DeHackEd patches and pwads containing sprite graphics; such as: Boom, PRboom, MBF, SMMU, PrjDoom, ZDoom, ZDoomGL, Legacy, etc.

See below for: a) a list of the changes made by Sparky b) a detailed description of running DMF-SP with 'Plain Vanilla' Ultimate Doom and various Doom Source Ports.

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Surreal psycho-robot salad. Love that frantic chessboard arena fight vs Cyberdemon. Slow moving rockets??

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Unknown date

Just awful.

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Unknown date

It ranks up there with Aliens TC and The Unholy Trinity.

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Unknown date

This game sucked... completely sucked...

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  • File Reviews

    • By StupidBunny · Posted
      I remember playing this ages ago when it was still a WIP.  I'm so glad to find it again, it's one that really stuck in my memory (thanks @00_Zombie_00 for bringing it up in the reviews!)  Such a neat atmospheric WAD, love the tower climb concept and the slow burn of action in the map.  It turned out great, right up to the end.
    • By 00_Zombie_00 · Posted
      very well designed, the dark atmosphere is very well achieved
    • By Darman Macray · Posted
      I just finished playing this with Final Doomer and Bratwurst, and it was great! It's easy to see why this is such a wildly praised and recommended megawad. I loved the episodic format, and the radically different locals that each section brings. The wad has such a nice use of color and the pacing of every map is so butter smooth. Every episode does a great job of riding the fine line of challenging without ever falling over into a punishing grind of difficulty.    Believe the hype. This is a must-play.
    • By printz · Posted
      Quite a trial-and-error map where you need to save often.
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      This IS NOT your regular Doom 2 magawad mapset.  Maps are small and very few monsters. The big difference is every map was created with a theme or challenge in mind, usually puzzle like, like using archvile jump in order to get over high steps or obstacles.  Even though I didn't enjoy it much, I recognize the effort put on it