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  • File Reviews

    • By vdgg · Posted
      MAP01-03 are not too exciting; room-corridor-room layout, not too pretty, not too ugly (OK texturing but too many dark areas), boring combat.   MAP04 got me and I actually said "wow". For some reason it is called "The Shotgun Factory"; it is long, much of it is even more room-corridor-room, and very sparsely populated; John Bye reincarnate? I was about to fall asleep, but the last few rooms are very unique and unorthodox.   MAP05 and 09 are weak; MAP07 joins MAP01-03 for being not memorable. MAP06 has cool music and it's maybe the best, with good grey/silver base looks and more "teeth" (monster density). MAP08 looks very nice and it's crazy about making the player revisit the same areas so many times (but it's short and easy). MAP10 is fine and MAP11 looks like a joke because of its simplicity.   After playing I realized there's one Tomi Rajala map here. All in all, don't expect stellar quality, but 04 (the ending),06,08,10 are worth checking. Tech base is the main theme.
    • By Jacek Bourne · Posted
      Excellent. Especially in the later maps. I actually enjoyed run from it which is odd considering other’s views on it.
    • By vdgg · Posted
      From the author of maps 20&27 of Memento Mori. Fort Hades(27) was excellent, Mount Depot (20) was okayish and I found this one even weaker thanks to a marble-walled maze, a hidden mandatory blue key and a nonsensical BFG placement. However, I would recommend giving it a try not only to die-hard old school WADs enthusiasts; it is the most brutal map of the three, and this difficulty is what is the coolest and most redeeming here.