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AAAIIIEEEE! Its Stuck to My Face!

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About This File

Well i was sittin' there and suddenly the darndest thought popped up in my head. What if i made a script which would change the light colors of a room when the walls were shot. BAMN the wad was born. But you cannot have a level with just a room so i threw on the other stuff. The anti grav room, for the longest time i wasn't so sure what to do with that space, all i knew was that i needed it for purposes of connectivity but i eventually made it antigrav with that bfg dispenser on a 40 second timer. I had polyobject doors but they bleed like all get out and were not nessecary so i just took 'em out and put in conventional ones. The midi, stayin' alive was a silly thing. I showed my roomie the script. He gave me that concerned look he often does and says "Is that disco doom?" I said no but that reminds me I got a stayin' alive midi in some forgotten dusty portion of my hard drive so i pulled out that midi and put it in the wad as d_disco note that this wad does not replace iwad entries like most wads do. To access this map it is listed as "aistmf". Either run zdoom with the command +map aistmf or type map aistmf in the console. If you want the classic map01 music you can type "changemus D_RUNNIN". Well actually it replaces one IWAD lump, DEMO1 its a zdoom 1.23 beta demo.

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Unknown date

Neat, the color changing room is best. 5/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Why the hell have I not been using this. Incredible, 5 stars.
    • By wolfmcbeard · Posted
      It was difficult for me, but I enjoyed it, a few more ammo pick ups and maybe some health too, but other than that it's a good level.
    • By wolfmcbeard · Posted
      I should've heeded the warnings from the other reviews...
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Horrible and unenjoyable, it's what I can say about this megawad.  Does it really need to be archviles and cyberdemons in every corner and tight corridors, ambushing with nowhere to go?  Yes, textures are very monotonous, and you got corridor after corridor with same floor/ceiling height.  It's extremely annoying to hunt for that switch that will let you continue, and, surprise!  They're hidden inside the walls without being secrets and no hints where to look for, even with ALLMAP cheat you get lost very easily
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Not quite as bad as some other comments said, for an old wad anyway. Playable but easy at UV. Some poor texture alignments, nearly all brightly lit, no atmosphere. New sounds are mostly cranky but I liked the machine gun. The voice sounds the same as in "Wild West Of The North" - WEST.WAD which was by Mike Lasota and which also has cranky (but different again) sounds.