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About This File

Hmn, don't know what to say about this one... It's just an experiment with gameplay. I have a love for arcade shooter games (Darius, Galaga, Raiden, Gradius etc) and wanted to see what would happen if I mixed Doom with arcade style gameplay.

So there are lots of things to kill, and each level is intensely hard. The levels intentionally do not fit together (to mimic arcade game style). I want the player to really, I mean really, work to beat this wad.

Intended to be played with doom2.exe Ports alter gameplay, and gameplay is paramount.

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Unknown date

Very cool invasion style map with multiple stages within it.

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Unknown date

This is dated August 2008, and it's good fun. You fight almost 300 baddies in a series of small mini-zones, each one packed with monsters. It begins by throwing you straight into the action. The first couple of zones aren't too tricky, the third is noticeably harder, then surprisingly it gets easier again. The final zone is one of those spawn shooter battles (confusingly, you can't kill Romero yourself - you just have to survive). I liked it.

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