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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      like a lot of maps before it, Jager 2 is notable for having an interesting an rough beginning before becoming easier afterwards. the base still looks amazing, and this time the gameplay actually manages to be somewhat interesting, although there were still a number of moments with nothing but shoot in front of you. some neat things like the air shaft and the escalator, and the map still got a nice modern-Doom feel. that's about it as far as it goes though.
    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      This one is a good megawad. It's indeed overpopulated with revenants (e.g = in map 12 there're 165/map 14 - 115, etc) but the authors give enough weaponry for deal with them then it's alright. The only complaint I have is some maps could use more monsters, as some maps have below 50. Play it only if you don't mind the overwhelming quantity of revenants in some maps.
    • By ReaperAA · Posted
      To the person who said "Better than Zdoom"   ARE U KIDDING ME??? I sincerely hope u are kidding because any port is better than this (and zdoom totally destroys it). Stop being a hater.
    • By Player Lin · Posted
      It's actually not a shitty WAD really, but I encountered some glitches stopped my progress and they seems randomly happens, like the door to the exit room in Map17 never open because the voodoo conveyor belt for open the door not worked. Also unable to go back and get stuffs I were not collected also not a good design to me(in the Map17 too). OK for those ST monsters and power-ups but invisible monsters are really PITA and sadly, the author like put them a lot in levels, that sucks. Tech levels just OK, Hell levels are looking cool and detailed but not fun of IoS battle, and this WAD using that about 2 or 3 times, even the Map30 has 4 of them...seriously?! I just god mode and noclip to finish them because I don't want to pain my ass for those nasty IoS battles.   3/5 is highest score I could give for this WAD, it would be nice for co-op but nah, not my cup of tea.  
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      what some people should note is that this is a jokewad. there's nothing here to be taken seriously, the gibs are ridiculous, the storyline involving the briefcase and the cops continuously after you are ridiculous, and Bob Nimwich is also ridiculous. that's what this wad basically entails. sure, there are some dumb moments like the anal sex and the poop level, but there's some other weird and actually okay levels mixed in. it ain't the best of the bunch for sure, but it's got some moments. Wills took the time to make the obituaries insult the player, but it should be obvious that these are jokes along with the maps themselves. also there's a "true ending" and a bunch of secret "impse" areas in many of the maps, so there's a bit of scavenger hunting here and there.