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About This File

A 32 level megawad for doom2. This megawad doesn't have perfect texture alignment, insane detail and fantasticly hard gameplay. Instead it focuses on small fun maps to blast through without much thought about defense. The difficulty rises steadily as you go through the maps and the last few should challenge even the best.

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Lol 6


I strongly recommend it. It's a fantastic well done megawad. It has good maps and it houses the few slaughter maps I love. It's also fantastic for coop. It also has very good music (well, stock music with custom music)


I can't stop playing it and I can't recommend it enough. 10/10

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Nice collection of maps. textures are ok. Starting maps are small with few monsters, but it's a bit challenging cause of low ammo on them.  Difficult increases as you progress in the maps, challenging you to be aware for a good number of ambushes when picking up goodies.  MAP26 - Fear is insane with the big load of monsters and last MAP30 is very hard with lost of monsters ambushing you.  Overall, entertaining WAD

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Clapping standing

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Worthy of the fame it garnered over the last 17 years, Scythe is an excellent megawad that you should definitely play if you are up to the challenge that the last few maps offer. Map28 (Run from it) was by far the worst map as it is damn near impossible to complete it without losing a fair amount of health, but the other 29 maps more than make up for it. 


Map26 was particularly fun.

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Scythe is probably my number #1 coop recommendation. Super fun, yet diabolically challenging in singleplayer as well! Absolutely loved everything about it. It's a classic.

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Ah, one of the classic WADs, and one that still influences mappers today, what with its style of combat and episodic structure that can be seen in works such as Valiant, Resurgence (kinda) and, of course, its two sequels.


What comes to progression and combat, the first 22 levels (secret maps included) are short, fun and, frankly, very easy, to the point that I'd say the original DOOM II is tougher. I like to think of the first two episodes as a more modern version of DOOM II, where easy, yet engaging and clever, gameplay are mixed with more detailed architecture (not quite as detailed as something like Alien Vendetta, but allow me).


The first episode can be played with your eyes closed. This is sort of a self-preparation, to get accustomed to the sort of map-size and enemy placement we're going to expect in Scythe.


Episode Two, in only two instances (Map11 and Map32), increases the difficulty, what with the use of an Arch-Vile and the last swarm of monsters respectively, but it continues the first episode's themes and structure, ending with a portal to, where else, Hell.


And then, there's the final episode. Here, Erik really throws us for a loop by ramping the difficulty up several notches, then some. While keeping the compact mapping, his choice of [completely] limiting armour and devilish monster placement really puts the episodes into perspective. It's evident that the easiness of Episodes 1 and 2 is to finally shock players with the third's sudden increase in difficulty.


The thing is, despite the fact that Episode Three's really tough, what I find interesting is the handling of weapons; for example, Map22 (the second in the episode) has the BFG, ableit a secret. This showcases, as mentioned previously, the smart placement, not just of monsters, but resources and secrets.


There are some hinderances, none more so than the whole concept of Map28 which, while certainly interesting, is frankly very poorly handled so as it becomes aggravating. Fire and Ice (Map30), thanks to new strategies I employed, wasn't quite as bad as I remembered, but it still a chore to sit through, and where the progression at times comes to a halt, betraying the earlier structure of the WAD.


Despite these two levels, this absolutely deserves its status as a classic. The interesting fast-paced gameplay, the mostly genius distribution of items, monster-usage and themes. Check this one out if you're new to fanmade megawads.


Best Maps: 08, 09, 31, 19, 23, 26


Worst Maps: 03, 28, 30

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Fair share? I'll ignore the fact I keep rage quitting because of map 28. 


Scythe is taking everything too much to the extreme. I liked the first 20 maps and from then on... Yeah. I played it even once on HMP and still 28 frustrated me. All because of one revenant. I'm not gonna say too much. 


It was a big dilemma if to give 3 or 4. But I'll give 4. Why won't I give 5: 


  1. Combat is unfair. Lots of monsters in cramped spaces aren't my thing. If you think it's the difficulty, read my HR and AV reviews. Seems like I can handle difficult stuff. In Scythe I simply don't enjoy it and it simply made me give up on megawads. That, until that infamous @Nine Inch Heels comment came as a slap in the face for me. On HMP it's at least more manageable. Not that much grinding and I can breathe a bit calmer. 
  2. It sems like short maps aren't my thing either. Also the majority are the player thrown in one arena and fight. That's not how I like playing Doom. 
  3. Lots of fighting must be done in a forceful way. Like in so many fights, especially map 26, the way to go is "use the BFG well or die." There are 6 other weapons. Let the player use them if they want! 
  4. Can there be more cover in a few maps? 
  5. Like I said, everything is taken to the extreme and I'm not a fan of extremism. 


But still, this won't make me give 3 in the end, because this wad doesn't deserve it. I'm talking on my behalf only. Some maps make me want to just go into another wad and simply go through a maze of corridors, just to take a break from Scythe. 


These are my two cents and I'd rather be banished from the community forever than playing this ever again! Erik, you had to take some lessons from Yonatan Donner if you wanted to make hard maps. He seems to be the best at that. Oh wait, @Andy_Johnsen actually is better. No matter, just get out of my head! 

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A classic, one big milestone in Doom mapping. Small maps with very consistent fighting, with the final maps evolving into big challenges. Also, the soundtrack is just so awesome.

One of my favorite megawads.

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Easy (UV) until the later levels that turn into slaughter. Also, when it says 'Run!', really, do RUN!

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Excellent wad. Excellent music. Excellent level design. Excellent theme.
Poorly made secrets - mostly.

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Scythe feels like two WADs merged together. First, there's short and easy techbase maps, and then there's slaughtermaps. The two parts seem to have no connection to one another. The first 2/3 of the WAD are very short and very easy, to the point that the maps just blur together. I could not identify any single map even if I tried, and at no point did I really feel threatened or in danger. Then all of a sudden it jumps into full-blown slaughter. The sudden change is jarring, but to me this is the high point of the WAD because at least each map feels distinguished.


Now, that's not to say that I didn't have fun. Despite the first two episodes being gone so quickly, they're still a blast to play through. The levels look nice, play well, and have good flow. The light difficulty means you can really gun through the levels quickly. On the harder side of the WAD, you have some well balanced slaughter. At times it requires frantic running and at other times requiring careful footwork. I will say that I really enjoy this type of chaotic slaughter rather than the more modern calculated style.


Overall, Scythe is best enjoyed as two seperate sets of maps. If you want something fun and quick to blast through, the first 2/3 of the WAD fits that nicely. If you want something challenging, the last third does that as well. It's also kind of cool to beat a megaWAD in one sitting, although I was getting pretty frustrated by the end. Worth a play if for some reason you haven't tried it.

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Fab co-op WAD. The later levels can only be done co-op.

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· Edited by Nems


Between the bullshit death exits and even more bullshit map 28 (I'm convinced the only people who like time limit segments in video games are the developers of those segments), this was just not a fun experience for me. I love a challenge as much as the next person but I don't think death exits or timed levels are a fair way to do it. Maps 26 and 30 of this megaWAD are what I consider a fair(er) challenge. I know I'm in a minority with this review but I really don't care. Those things really brought down the megaWAD for me.

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· Edited by Squiddington


don't remember starting a review, but decent wad

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· Edited by Agent6


So here goes yet another wad, still played through GZDoom's Software render like everything else before it.


What do I think? Well, compared to the other Doom wads I've played until now I must say that this was honestly the most fun and exciting of all of them. The levels have a great layout and good enemy placement. Although some maps, especially towards the end, appear to go full b*llshit with the enemy count at first sight they are still really fun to play, quite unexpected to be honest since the difficult parts in the previous wads I played had the tendency to be really frustrating and often unfun, but somehow that's not the case here.


Most levels don't rely on a large variety of textures but they're still pretty beautiful, and none of them drag on or are longer than they really should be, with easy to find secrets, some of them being out in plain sight and very easily accessible, which is a bit questionable indeed, and the most difficult levels seem to typically take place in red, hellish, cavernous areas. There aren't any maps that I dislike, probably because the gameplay is solid all the time, and they give you just enough resources, no war of attrition to be found here. My favorite level is definitely going to be MAP11 Sneak Peak, I've seen maps and areas that make punching fun and satisfying, but so far none did it better than this one, just pure joy to be found here, and the best part? Enough resources so the game doesn't descend into madness territory, or perhaps it does, in mad fun if you know what I mean. I must also admit, I did not expect to run into slaughter levels at all, but they were pretty nice and not insanely cruel, yet this stuff is way beyond my league. I managed to finish them after a number of failed attempts, but I'll likely not get serious about playing slaughter wads in the future, it's just neither my thing nor is it for me and my skill level. No shame in admitting this.


My only gripe would be with the last map. And I thought post-MAP24 levels in Memento Mori 2 were annoying with their enemy counts, but since this one is a slaughter level as well just like the few ones that came before, and unlike the typical Icon of Sin kind of final maps, it's full of waves of Revenants, Cyberdemons, Barons, and other strong enemies, a really, really difficult and tricky map which can be confusing and frustrating at times, but it doesn't mock you by giving just a few power ups and ammo and lets you die in agony afterwards. I'm just so damn glad to be done with it, I don't want to see something like this before me again, the horrors of hell will haunt my dreams forever.


I also think that forced pistol starting levels wasn't a bad idea at all but rather an interesting concept with great balancing, certainly much better than creating maps with crap encounters, tons of traps which often force you to take damage, scarce resources, and so on just to provide an artificial challenge to the player. They can be a bit difficult and tricky to finish, but you only need to be careful, and fast sometimes, they're very far from insane or unfair. The timed level Run from It was just as interesting in action, but I had to Google a little after I died a few times because I couldn't understand what's going on in this map and why I keep dying out of the blue.


The music is also fantastic, the midis playing on MAP19 3000 AD and MAP20 The Starport being my favorite of all. Bit of a shame that it doesn't feature a complete replacement of the vanilla Doom music though. Other than this, and to sum things up, this wad should definitely be considered a classic from my point of view, it's a fine candidate to the title, damn fun and solid and there's a number of lessons to be learned here, I loved it.

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Played on UV.


The Good

Short but fun challenging levels with nice architecture. The music in some maps fit atmosphere perfectly & the sky flat along with it.


The Bad

Last few levels are clustered with cyberdemons everywhere. With this many, it's a tedium to fight them. Not challenging at all. Just plain & simple borefest.


In summation


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Simply beautiful. Enemies are properly and fairly placed. Weapons are introduced slowly and casually. Map design isn't a bitch to player. 5/5 must have, must play, must play again.

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Maps are fun and quick.  Nice progression in difficulty.

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Awesome WAD, and definitely one that deserves its classic status. I've played it 3 or 4 times already. The only bad map is 28, but it's not too bad. At least it's over quickly. ;-)


Map 30 has become my gold standard of non-linear map design. When playing a good map, I always say to myself, "This map is really well laid out.... But is it better than Fire and Ice??"

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It is a good wad. I finished all its maps plus the secrets, except maps 28 and 30 (they are really hard). Overall, this wad is fun, starts simple and becomes more difficult in the later levels.

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Sick wad.

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Love it, get's harder over time, but still fun nevertheless.

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Great difficulty curve and detailing excusable for the date.

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Good wad with the exception of maps 28 and 30. 28 is "can you straferun for 30 seconds?" and 30 goes against Scythe's short and fun maps and gets overly long, boring and very annoying with its encounters.

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Fun WAD. Got brutally destroyed in the last couple of levels.

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  • File Reviews

    • By UnknDoomer · Posted
      Wad begins in a sense as a sample of the idea "let's do it as Id did" and, perhaps, analogs comparable to him in terms of such level will not be easy to find. In subsequent episodes authors deviate from this idea and it's already acquires his own style. Contain 4 episodes, each of which are lesser or greater extent copies the general bypass that was laid down in the extended version of the original Ultimate Doom. Revenants and elementals of pain here, respectively, will not available. Such an approach, on the one hand, will appeal to those who miss exactly "that very style", on the other hand, even supporters of such will face the fact that it was interesting "then" and today it has become anachronism thing in case of game mechanics and is objectively inferior to options which are typical for less "old-school" wads.   Settings and other:   * GzDoom. * Mod Complex Doom. * 38 levels, 6 of them secret. * The plot of E1-E3 covers events similar to The Ultimate Doom, E4 - Doom II. classic bosses - 2 barons of hell, cyberdemon, mastermind, which, in this case, instead of E2, is located at the end of E3. * Cunningly hidden secrets. For this reason I missed the bulk of those, as well as in general, in terms of knocking out numbers close to 100%, here I have made the least progress against the background of the previously reviewed creations. * As in the original Doom episodes are not loaded one by one. Each must be passed separately. * The monsters are also arranged according to the spirit of the original, even if you play with Complex Doom. For example in E1, until the finale, you will only meet ordinary zombies, imps and pinkies. * Difficulty - "Ultra-Violence". * There are false trap exits on a number of levels. * Plasmagun can be picked up on E2M1. To take it use the switch to the right of the exit - to the right of the place where the blue key was a section with a red one will open. This key in turn allows you to open the door which leads to the desired weapon. * Often a checkerboard black-and-white floor acts as a decorative element.   Secret levels.   ? 1. On E1M9: Quarantine Silos I did not find a way out, but judging by the video from YouTube it is nothing interesting. ? 2. E1M0: Tom's Halls. Also did not step in. It looks more interesting, but, again, nothing special. The name reflects the spirit of the map - many long corridors. * 3. E2M9. Castle of Illusion. You can get here from E2M5. To do this you will need to find the blue key in a small secret behind the wall, not far from the switch which is relatively close to the main exit. A red key can be found behind the blue door, which will lead to a secret exit. The main feature of the level, as the name suggests, is the fact that it is largely based on the idea of expanding the level from the same episode. * 4. E3M9. Lake of Fire. Oddly enough, the usual exit from the E3M4 leads here. The level is rather not a secret, but a bonus one. ? 5. Exit to E4M9: Vile Cross is on E4M2, but I have not figured out how to get there. Judging by YouTube the secret map itself is quite ordinary, nothing interesting. ? 6. Exit at E4M0: RGC Alpha is behind the exit on E4M8: No End In Sight (note: not sure about that it was the last level, perhaps forgot the right name), which is a huge complex map with a lot of masterminds and cyberdemon. I only collected 4 out of 15 local secrets and could not find a way to exit. E4M0 itself is a sufficient compact map, playing on the theme of mechanisms and gears.   Pros:   + The spirit of "vanilla". + E1M5 - Warehouse. A classic warehouse with lots of pitfalls to accompany a long-familiar melody. + E1M8 - Enigma. A direct reference to the E1 finale. + E2M3 - Contagion Engine. + E2M5 - Deep Storage. Wisely designed warehouse combined with sewerage system. + E3M9 - Lake of Fire.     + E3M7 - Netherworld Citadel. A huge complex map on which there are 747 enemies, many dangerous zones and switches, as well as as many as 20 secrets, among which there are notable ones, such as     what can come in handy after visiting a local attraction - cemetery.     Go down and the barons of hell will rise from the graves in an attempt to stop the player from entering the crypt, where the red key is hidden. Will you be able to cope with those by fighting the last battle on the level, or escape with the key, leaving the summoned demons alone?... I chose the latter, stopping the counter of killed enemies at 716/747 and collected secrets at 10/20. Even with the BFG in the arsenal dealing with around 30 barons proved to be a daunting task. As well as being able to contemplate the entire map, collecting leftover secrets can also be time consuming. + E4M3 - Square Zero. A compact location with a yellow key hidden in secret. Can assume that it opens an exit to the secret level? It's not - it's frees the cyberdemon.     + E4M4 - Wartorn Precinct.     + E4M6 - Sanctuary of Filth. + E4M7 - Vacuum Consortium. An arena with a large number of enemies, caves and cacodemones, an oval-like location with many barons, imps and lost souls in combination with extremely thin paths for movement, then a few more small arenas with different opponents in an abstract space. In my case, the counter froze at 541/546. It seems that not all demons were able to cope with movement in such kind strange structures.     + E4M8: No End In Sight. The last level directly refers to the epilogue of Doom II. There was also a place for two easter eggs, one of which plays up the last screensaver of the original.   Contras:   - Directly opposite to the first point from pros. If you are not a supporter of this then a significant part of the maps, especially in episode 1, will seem terribly boring for you, or, like they said, "boring as hell".
    • By Ofisil · Posted
      Great use of scripts to surpise you in all sorts of ways, and to keep you on your toes, and the detail is top-notch. Sadly, gameplay wise it leans more towards annoying rather than challenging, with rooms that leave little to bo breathing room, and a couple of encounters that are straight up unfair. Plus, the almost-way-too-happy power metal tune playing along feels completely out of place in here. The creator clearly has skill. This just isn't that enjoyable - at least for those looking for sth more closer to classic doom action.
    • By UnknDoomer · Posted
      Officially recognized but boring wad of 9 levels with large-scale maps. Nothing similar with original E1. The number of enemies grows as you progress - combinations of 200+ / 400+ / 500+ opponents vary.     Settings and other:   * GzDoom. * Mod Complex Doom. * 9 levels, 1 of them secret. * Difficulty - "Ultra-Violence".     * The exit to the secret level is on M3. You will need to find the blue key to open the door, which leads later to the secret exit. Before walk to another location, which opens with a secret red small switch.   Pros:   + M8. + Soundtrack.   Contras:   - Quite a standard set of mediocre maps. Nothing remarkable against the huge background of the mass of other wads. - Perhaps I missed something, but on the M8 one of the switches may not work and it will not be possible to enter the location in the south. So. Noclip. On the same map there is a strange separate square area with 2 mastermaydans in the west of the map.
    • By DoomShark · Posted
      - Old school map design from the 90s - Small maps - Easy to beat - Many unpleasant design features like uncomfortable narrow passages, many unnecessary switch flipping and boring repetitive actions,...      
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      To play this mapset properly on vanilla setting i use these files together: batman.wad vbatman.deh original molotov behaviour   I was a kid of around 9 or 10 years old when i first saw images of Batman Doom on some magazines and i rememer thinking ''holly heck, its surelly looks amazing and a Doom clone of Batman surelly will kick-ass''. But for some reason, when i finally got it on a bootleg wad CD-rom, i couldn't play it as intended as it was a break behaviour on vanilla, so i just played it on a source port, zdoom, like ten years after it original release. Be it the port, be it i didn't get much into it at that time, but i didn't enjoyed it much and i quit playing it just when i reach map21.   Now, i replayed it completelly. And certainly, this mapset is pretty advanced for 1999. Maps varies from being pretty short, to awe inspiring big. The texture work is amazing with tons of midtext usage for amazing effects. Every map has it merits, so i will showcase them a little:   -map01: we start on a rooftop, as our dark night is shown on every issue cover since it first appeared. After that, we jump to the street level and after taking some thugs, we take a subway to a different part of the city. The subway effect is just amazing, making you really feel like taking a train. After that we take down the gang leader and the maps ends. -map02: this is one of the most innovative things i've seen, especially made on a mapset from 1999, and this is non less than a Hub map. Yes, we see here the next objetive, take some health some ammo, a little secret, and then we go out onto the next crime thug on the run. Here start the episode of Killer Croc. More mapset needs something like this for awesome inmersion. Only other one i know that use something similar is Back To Saturn X made almost 13 years later, so yes, this was pretty advance for the time. -map03: we go down the sewers following the trail of Killer Croc, and we found some thugs down there, too. Theare are a lot of neat tricks in here. Thugs coming out of water and spilling it around, flowing water sound, raising water, some of the best looking fake 3D bridges. But there are also a few flaws, like an unobtaibale secret near the start, and some bumpty walk through the sewer area. -map04: is a Killer Croc's chase through some building complex and into the forest. Killer Croc fight is an outstanding moment, as it can really take the rocks from the ground and throw them to the player. Amazing dehacked work.   -map05 we returned to the batcave for the next mission briefing, and it seems Tally Man is on the loose. -map06: we are now in Chinatown and we are able to look at first hand the warring conflict between two gangs groups. It ends with a colloseum fight with two gang leaders. -map07: Tally Man is escaping on a helicopter and we need to find our way to chase him. There are a lot of verticallity in this map, and its quite awesome at the end how we board a helicpter and have to fight our way with a lot of minions on a really tight space. -map08: we reach Tally Man's hideout an its non other than an abandoned factory. The map is big and there are a lot of interesting sights for sure. The combat is tighter and difficult here, too, with not only hitscanners all around, but also incoming projectiles from different sides. The fight with Tally Man at the end is just awesome.   -map09: we are now again at the batcave, and we notice that the Penguin has a big criminal output. -map10: Oswal Cobblepot's casino is full of thigs and corrupt gaming, and after making some thugs speak, we found that the Penguin has taked hostage a whole hospital. We need to rescue them. -map11: but it was a trap!!! There is gas leaking on the whole hospital, and there are automated bomb penguins setting everything on fire as we move on. -map12: we finally found the trail of the penguin, but we reach to late to the rooftop, he already boarded the hellicopter. To our surprise, he challenge us to a fight. Exploding penguins around and a flying machine coming for us with only a thin spot to cover.   -map13: we return to the batcave after seizing the penguin, and we found that the Scarecrow is rampaging through the city tunnels. -map14: we are on abridge leading to the tunnels of the city, and there are TNT bundles all around, destroying walls, and a lot of deadly traps taht can kill you on the spot. Scarecrow certainly is making his trail hard to follow. -map15: we reached a house of fear, and the scarecrow is hiding on it, but he also take Mayor Kroll as hostage and we need to rescue him before its too late. There are really awesome dehacked trick here. Like firebreathing walls that hit really hard, and the final fight against the Scarecrow with the Mayor in the middle, if he dies we lose. -map31: We defeated the Scarecrow but as soon as we are returning to the batcave there is call for help. The scarecrow escaped and is hiding on the city. We need to find him, but he is trickier than the last fight, he spreaded his confucing gas all around and we are under his illusion. -map32: we fall under the illusion of the Scarecrow and we are now being attacked by strange creatures on a surrealistic landscape. Awesome sight for sure, but really short map. -map16: thats it, we finally snaped from scarecrow trick and we follow his trail through a cornfield. But at last, we finally seized him.   -map17: we return to the batcave just to learn that Two-Face has breakout from Blackgate prison and we need to stop him. -map18: difficult ramp from here and on, tighter spaces, island prison, new flamethrower enemy. The area is full of really neat sights, unfortunatelly we are late, Two-Face already escaped into the city. -map19: We arrive too late to the city, Two-Face already robbed a bank and go away with all the money. -map20: we are on the trail of Two-Face and we are up to catch him once for all. After fighting some thugs through the city, we caught Two-Face red handed and he face us with his rocket launcher. Fortunatelly, we made him explode himself.   -map21: the crime lords are getting tougher, and we found at the bat cave that the Joker is planning something big. We need to find out what.
      -map22: gigantic abandoned factory map, awesome sights, marvelous details, and an ending that just made my jawd drop. At the end, we have to detonate a TNT to cross, but the chain reaction is bigger than we though and we need to reatreat hastly before the explosion kills us. Just amazing use of the IOS explosion effect. -map23: the Joker seized a whole mansion and is having fun there, we need to stop him. -map24: We found that the Joker has taken a whole theatre for his own amusement, and at the end we fight him but we are not able to seize him as a lot of thugs jump into the fight to stop us. -map25: the Joker run away into the Gotham Cathedral, and at last we are able to seize him once and for all.   -map26: we return to the bat cave and found that Bane has breaked into an armory. -map27: the armory hit was just a decoy, we are now to late for the bigger treat Bane is planning. -map28: Bane break into the Arkham Asylum and let loose all the crime lords we captured, so we face Killer Croc, Two-Face and Tally Man on a rematch. -map29: we continue throught all the destroyed corridors of Arkham Asylum and we fight the Penguin, Scarecrow, and The Joker once again. -Map30: Bane break through our mansion, he knows who we are, and he challenge us to a final hand to hand combat. He is fierce and deadlier as a raging bull, but after a long fight, we defeat him.   From the description we can see that maps are mostly linear, but there are too many neat details and secrets that let us spend time exploring around that we doesn't feel at all the maps being linear. In fact, there are a lot of interesting details to look into that we can lose a good chunck of time on just one map, even when it is kinda short. The sense of adventure on this mapset is something that must be experienced. All the changes make for a total inmersion like just a few other mapsets offer.   After all, this is an amazing Total Conversion, and it surelly deserves to be among the best outputs from this community.