The Vilecore

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Darren Finch A.K.A: Doom_Dude

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32 New levels from scratch

Editors Used

DoomCad 5.1 / DoomCad 6.1 / XWE for merging


There might be some :p

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    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      With a great music track, excellent visuals and varied gameplay, Helpyourselfish is a must to check out. You might get a bit lost once or twice (hint: look for newly opened paths) but the overall progression is clear and the map flow is great. None of the fights feel unfair, on HMP the action feels rather tense at times but there's just enough health around to keep you going. My only gripe are the places where you can fall into lava and die without possibility of escape.
    • By Jayextee · Posted
      I had a dream once, true story, where I was playing DOOM and everything was kinda familiar but kinda not. Such is dream logic. Keys were the wrong colour, layouts were reversed or had new sections. And yet it still looked precisely like DOOM, the one I've come to know and love.   This is a set of maps that does the same thing; even some questionable choices like the damaging start sector of E1M5 add to the 'dream logic'; everything's familiar and yet, it's somehow wrong.   Definitely worth a curious look even if all you're going to do is get drunk and/or stoned and give it a shot to freak yourself out or something.
    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      I did a full run in UV-continuous for the DWMC. The maps don't follow a story so pistol-starting in a future won't be an issue for me.  The wad is great, plays fair all the time IMO. Visuals and music are excellent. There are a few HOMs in some maps and nodebuilder (as they call) issues in map 09. Overall, it gives you what it promises. For now, it's a 9/10 for me. 
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      The gameplay is dull, way too simple and repetitive (oh hey, three Hell Knights again. Yawn. And two more. And then, two more. Snore), with a lot of tiny groups of monsters in overlarge, mostly empty areas. The visuals are boring as well, with a lot of nearly indistinguishable areas. Pass.
    • By Cyberia-Mix · Posted
      Meant for people who know the game by heart and want to experience it differently. Fun concept, diligent texturing, uneven execution. The amount of variation from the originals ranges from pointless to almost new. As an E1 fan I found it disappointing (save for E1M7), but E2M1, E2M2, E4M9 and E4M3 in particular were great.