The Vilecore

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Darren Finch A.K.A: Doom_Dude

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32 New levels from scratch

Editors Used

DoomCad 5.1 / DoomCad 6.1 / XWE for merging


There might be some :p

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    • By valkiriforce · Posted
      Loved this whole set - I can relate to a lot of the ideas present in this wad. The interesting layouts and encounters were ringing all the right bells for me; not to sound arrogant but it almost felt like I was playing something I made from the future. My only complaint is that it came and went too fast - wish it had more maps but I found it to be a very solid experience for something of a mini-episode. It could be seen as a plus though since I guess it'd be easier to revisit something that isn't as long as most other mapsets that go up to 11 or beyond. Also great use of Sega Genesis/Megadrive music on the maps - really hope this author puts out more maps one day.
    • By valkiriforce · Posted
      This was like a nice modern take on something inspired from The Innocent Crew with strokes of Matthias Worch - all of which I know the author Brian Knox took inspiration from beforehand. The first episode didn't do a whole lot for me but it really started to pick up in the later parts leading up to episode 2 and onward. Great soundtrack from the talented John Weekley and a few guest maps to mix things up a little. I played on HNTR for a more casual experience and felt even there some parts of the megawad felt rather cruel - namely in the third episode. Overall I had a blast going through this wad finally after so long and was rather surprised to find a collab map between me and DeathevocatioN find its way into the mapset.
    • By Spie812 · Posted
      This is a set of nine solid maps. The themes are varied, mostly a mixture of KDitD techbase and hell. The maps are generally along the easy side (very Doom2-ish), but there are still some surprises to be found. The decorations in the maps are also very Doom2-ish in that they're simple but functional. Map layouts and progression are for the most part good, but there a few spots where progression is a bit obscure. The difficulty progression was also good, except TAB08 was disappointingly easy.   One random thing I liked was the continuity. If you end a level in a red brick area, you are going to start the next level in a red brick area. One random thing I disliked was that no door had its tracks unpegged. I know it can be a stylistic choice but it bothered me. Also, Gzdoom features are used to create a new selectable episode. Unfortunately, this means it won't run in most ports, which sucks because the maps don't seem to use any other Gzdoom features.   Overall, I'd probably recommend this to anyone looking for something easy and simple to play for an hour or so.
    • By trrobin · Posted
      An excellent re-imagining of Doom2 with quite a bit of difficulty progression and nice finely-honed map detailing, all while being reminiscent of the original game. This is definitely a favourite.
    • By SP_FACE1 · Posted
      Great medium size techbase and cave themed map. Good eye for texture combinations, nice detailing and most important of all fun gameplay! More please!