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BIBLIO1.WAD (for Doom2)

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About This File

You are the caretaker of a public library in a marginal suburb. An hour has passed since you closed the building for today, but you remember that you have left open the gas key of the toilet's water (!!). Praying for not having provoked a major fire, you run back to your jobplace and enter in time to close the gas key before any catastrophe could happen. You know you have done well because the electric installation is failing, but, why? You had turn off all the installation except for the alarm an hour ago. Who have turned on and broken it? You swallow saliva and walk to the iron gate hoping those rumors about "satanist skinheads" in this town were fake. Shit! In the hurry you have broken the key of the iron gate, and it's closed again by it's own weight. Your only way for getting out of here is to jump from the study room's window, broken recently by a hooligan, and fall safely (you hope) into the trash container below. You remember having hidden the blue keys of the study room in the electric installation room, but they aren't. "Satanic skinheads", you think, as you hear some steps in the distance. You take out your gun (it's a dangerous marginal suburb, after all), and you prepare yourself for wathever may come between you and the study room...

This single player one-level .WAD uses mainly wooden and brick/rock textures. There are few items but also few enemies (I think it's an easy map for the usual DooM player, except for the red key area :) ). I tried to make a "realist" level emphatising the library theme. I hope you like it.

The only "trick" used in this wad is the "sky window".

And sorry for any bad english. I'm not anglo-speaking :) .

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nice storyline according to atmosphere..its A compact map with dull combats...only 41 plainly placed baddies on uv...yellow key is little tricky to get...

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Unknown date

The library looks convincing. Getting the yellow key is harder than should be, and equals to revealing a secret. --- 3/5

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Unknown date

A nice little nightmare. I wish *my* public library was equipped with firearms, body armor, and a chainsaw.

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Unknown date

This is a quite large library on several flats, but with very few monsters only. So there's more running around than fighting, which makes the whole map a bit boring. As it doesn't look very special neither, I suggest you download something different. 1.5/5 -Milian

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  • File Reviews

    • By MTrop · Posted
      If you want something quick, fun, challenging, and a little nostalgic, play this.   Good job, Jimmy.  
    • By Zalewa · Posted
      If you want something that looks uncomplicated but fair looking, easy but not uninvolved, non-linear but small, somewhat blocky but still good architecture and very quick to beat without ever saving throughout all 9 maps then this is your WAD. I played it, I liked it. Design themes stray towards the original E4, but are not exactly the same.
    • By Copenhagen Bram · Posted
      This is the first non-Euclidean doom wad I've ever seen! And it's done right! That must've been some project. Well done.
    • By dylux · Posted
      *** PLUTONIA 3 - GOING TO THE SURFACE Review ***   I usually start off my reviews with "The Bad," followed by "The Good." This one is going to have "The Ugly." Ready?   The Good:   - Not a thing.   The Bad:   - Everything. For a more detailed reason, see TurrboAnklet's and/or GuyNamedErick's review (both below). I agree with 110% of every word written in both.   The Ugly:   - Duke Nukem music? Really?!?!?! - BFG9000 in second level. And enough plasma cells to virtually destroy the universe including any parallel ones.   **************************************************************************   In Short: I saw the PLUTONIA name, and I got fairly excited to play it. But, that's the gimmick here, isn't it? Reel you in with the name and then you open Pandora's Box. Freeware or not.   I played a few levels from start, then I IDCLEV'ed to a couple teen-numbered levels, then to mid- to later-twenty numbered levels to see if there was hope in the future for any chance of fun. Nope. It's as much fun as eating a generic-branded box of Mac & Cheese - with the box missing the cheese.   I am required to give this WAD at least 1 star else I can't post a review. So, for that reason ONLY, this "WAD" gets a star. There is no freaking way this took 3 years to build. I would believe it more, if it were 3 minutes. This clusterf*ck not only tarnishes the great PLUTONIA name, it insults the entire DooM universe.   Soooo not recommended. 0 out 5 stars.
    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      Gameplay is just okay, nothing especially interesting. But the level's theme and textures are pretty damn funny. Everywhere you look there's another little joke. It's worth playing just for amusement. I don't know what the hell these commenters are talking about regarding a "creepy atmosphere", IMO you'd have to be a pretty big weenie to get scared by a Doom level full of joke textures just because its a little dark...