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E1 MAP01

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About This File

The short version:

E1M1 done MAP01 style.

The longer version:

I'm not sure where I got the idea from exactly, but I decided I'd have a go at recreating the original Doom E1M1 in the style of Doom 2 MAP01. In that I think I've succeeded, although there is a little bit more detail in this than the original levels of either Doom 1 or 2, and I couldn't resist using a couple of new flats in places.

After I'd finished the layout, I realise I might as well have ago at improving the gameplay a bit. After all, I know it's the easiest setting, but a grand total of FOUR enemies on I'm Too Young To Die? Now there's 19 on this setting, 32 on medium and 47 on hard.

DM has also been given a fair bit of consideration, and you should find it plays considerably differently than Doom E1M1. Perhaps the most important difference is that the central outdoor area now serves as a crossroads rather than a dead end.

BTW, listen closely and even the E1M1 music has been slightly changed to more closely match the music from MAP01. Ditto for the sky.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      Playing this level brought up memories of playing Half-Life 2 with my GeForce 250 on ultra low settings what with the fullbright lighting. This level could seriously benefit from having less bright indoor/outdoor areas and some detailing to reflect that since as is this level has a rather basic look that is not complemented by the lighting. Each of the monster encounters are rather uninteresting with large groups of monster attacking all at once, however, these trivialized by ample ammo pickups
    • By dylux · Posted
      Titan II Review:   The Good:   - Big Maps - Lots of detail   - Loads of everything to keep you going   - Dogfighting galore – but not a slaughterfest   - Lots of secrets that are rewarding   - “New” monsters are great   - Minigun rocks!   The Bad:   - There’s no Titan III   In Short:   Whoever said that Titan II was better than Titan I was absolutely 110% correct! (and I loved Titan I as well). Much work went into this fantastic WAD. Every Map was excellent. Never boring. I had loads of fun playing this Titan II. Maps 07 and 09 were my faves. Bravo! Thanks for making it. :)   Solid 5 out of 5 Stars
    • By Memfis · Posted
      Good small relaxing techbase. The author shows a lot of creativity when it comes to the room shapes, and there are vertical differences between the areas everywhere. The final cacodemons seemed pointless though.
    • By Memfis · Posted
      Very basic level geometry. I guess it is somewhat fitting if you take the Egyptian theme into account, but it results in a lot of simple and repetitive encounters. At least you get a lot of plasma and rockets, so the fights don't take long.
    • By Memfis · Posted
      Way too many demons, cacodemons, and barons to kill, I got bored quickly. The design is clean and pleasant though, a little unusual even.