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Fear Complex (version 1.0)

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About This File

'Fear Complex' is a large single player/co-op map based on DOOM Episode 1 styling cues.

Episode 1 has always been my favourite, so this is my way of saying "thanks for all the memories!"

Being an E1-based map you won't find any cacodemons or lost souls floating around, you can't get the plasma rifle, BFG or certain powerups, and there aren't any cyberdemons lurking behind closed doors ;)

This is my first 'serious' attempt at making a DOOM-based map, and it probably won't be the last. I've pissed around with EdMap, WadEd, and DCK before, but that was around 6-7 years ago. I have done quite a bit of mapping for Quake and Half-Life though.

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It was fun not really that challenging though given its an E1 style map that is to be expected. It is rather huge but not too huge that you can get lost.

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Unknown date

From October 2003, a faithful recreation of the E1 style writ large, with 300+ baddies. It's spooky when you IDCLEV from E1M1 to E1M3, because the scene is so familiar. The gameplay throws a lot of weak baddies at you, and although it's not hard there's plenty of shooting. Plus an old-fashioned emphasis on blowing up monsters with barrels, which is still entertaining all these years later. Odd secret placement - some are after the final battle.

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Unknown date

Being a E1 tribute, this map only has E1 monsters and is too easy when played normally. Fast mode is a must to really appreciate this map and when played this way, the intelligent monster and item placement becomes apparent. Architecture is superb and one really gets the feeling of wandering around a huge "Fear Complex". Keys were used in an interesting manner. One feels that with a little work in beefing up the monster load, this map would be really memorable. As it is, it's pretty darn good.

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Unknown date

I found this map hugely enjoyable.

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Lightning Hunter

Unknown date

Not much of a challenge on this map at all, unfortunately. There was too much health and ammo. The layout is odd at times, forcing you to run across the entire map after obtaining a key to search for the door. There are no hints for the secrets, and most of them are at the very end of the map when you no longer need powerups. The detail and texture usage isn't bad, and there were no obvious technical issues. There just wasn't anything special or unique about this map.

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  • File Reviews

    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      Not too shabby. Very intricate level with halls & rooms to explore taking up almost every square inch of the castle. You do have to look through pretty much the whole place to find the necessary keys, but you'll have fun in the process. Most of the gameplay is pretty simple run & gunning of mooks but there are a couple neat traps, like the teleporting/telefragging area and the exit. Despite the large and labyrinthine design of the level, it doesn't get boring or easy to get lost in due to the abundance of landmarks (mainly sector furniture) and high interconnectedness. Texture alignment is quite bad, but oh well. There are some replaced sounds which are a bit odd but not bad, which kind of encapsulates the whole wad.
    • By MTrop · Posted
      If you want something quick, fun, challenging, and a little nostalgic, play this.   Good job, Jimmy.  
    • By Zalewa · Posted
      If you want something that looks uncomplicated but fair looking, easy but not uninvolved, non-linear but small, somewhat blocky but still good architecture and very quick to beat without ever saving throughout all 9 maps then this is your WAD. I played it, I liked it. Design themes stray towards the original E4, but are not exactly the same.
    • By Copenhagen Bram · Posted
      This is the first non-Euclidean doom wad I've ever seen! And it's done right! That must've been some project. Well done.
    • By dylux · Posted
      *** PLUTONIA 3 - GOING TO THE SURFACE Review ***   I usually start off my reviews with "The Bad," followed by "The Good." This one is going to have "The Ugly." Ready?   The Good:   - Not a thing.   The Bad:   - Everything. For a more detailed reason, see TurrboAnklet's and/or GuyNamedErick's review (both below). I agree with 110% of every word written in both.   The Ugly:   - Duke Nukem music? Really?!?!?! - BFG9000 in second level. And enough plasma cells to virtually destroy the universe including any parallel ones.   **************************************************************************   In Short: I saw the PLUTONIA name, and I got fairly excited to play it. But, that's the gimmick here, isn't it? Reel you in with the name and then you open Pandora's Box. Freeware or not.   I played a few levels from start, then I IDCLEV'ed to a couple teen-numbered levels, then to mid- to later-twenty numbered levels to see if there was hope in the future for any chance of fun. Nope. It's as much fun as eating a generic-branded box of Mac & Cheese - with the box missing the cheese.   I am required to give this WAD at least 1 star else I can't post a review. So, for that reason ONLY, this "WAD" gets a star. There is no freaking way this took 3 years to build. I would believe it more, if it were 3 minutes. This clusterf*ck not only tarnishes the great PLUTONIA name, it insults the entire DooM universe.   Soooo not recommended. 0 out 5 stars.